Best Smartwatch for Internet Access 2023-Review And Buying Guide

The market is Best Smartwatch For Internet Access 2023 so it can be quite challenging to determine which one is right for you. Since the development of the smartwatch, these little contraptions have made communicating and staying connected easier than ever before.

You can respond to texts and answer phone calls with a smartwatch acting as a second screen for your smartphone.

With the increasing popularity of wearable technology, there are many different products to choose from on the market. Some of the best activity trackers will allow you to monitor your heart rate, the number of steps taken during the day and your sleep cycle.

But only certain wearables come with other capabilities, like a blood oxygen level monitor or an ultraviolet light detector that measures harmful sun exposure.

You will also need to consider square or round design, operating system (like Apple or Android), as well as what you would like to do with it. That, however, is simply the tip of the iceberg. Best smartwatch for notifications and heart rate monitors are standard in most watches these days.

In many cases, telephones have been left behind and contactless payments and cellular connectivity are used without them.

As a guide to help you choose the finest smartwatch for you in 2023, we’ve chosen the finest smartwatches on the market now. A new study is released frequently here with more choices of fine smartwatches as they come out.

Top 7 Best Smartwatch For Internet Access 2023

Our Top Pick Smartwatch For Internet: Apple Watch Series 3

If you are an enthusiastic Apple fan who loves to have the newest and most advanced technology, then the best thing for you is the upcoming LTE version of the Apple Watch.

It’s not exactly correct to say that there will be an Apple Watch without your iPhone – currently in its announcement, they planned to work with the iPhone models 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus. But still, it will be cool to have a watch that will be able to perform independently – even if you don’t own it with your phone.

Even though you can receive updates on apps and even phone calls in the event you leave your phone at home, you’ll still need your iPhone for other purposes. In addition to this, while you may experience less stress when wearing a watch, it isn’t completely invaluable—you’ll still have to pay $10 a month for cellular data.

However, in case of an emergency and your mobile device isn’t nearby, you can use the Speaker mode to hear the voice from your cellular network. And still, note that it’s a pathetic one. As it is, we live next to people who are on speakerphone daily and talking loudly on their mobile phones wherever they are.

Apple’s most recent release is its impressive piece of smartly designed wrist purdah that features dual-core processors, a new, brighter display and an immersive S3 chip. It also comes with a built-in microphone for Siri along with an improved speaker.

On the operational side of things, this translates to two times faster performance than its predecessor along with an enhanced heart rate sensor that reads electrocardiogram results.

Apple Watch Series 3 runs watchOS 4, which has many improvements over its previous version. The new Wi-Fi chip in Watch Series 3 allows you to connect to the internet wherever you are once it’s been activated and paired with your iPhone. If not used heavily, the improved battery life will last up to 18 hours between charges.

Personal Assessment

As a result, the differences are critical here. Series 4 ( and 5) watches have twice the processing power of Series 3 models, which makes a substantial impact on both the user experience and the watch’s durability. Quicker and faster CPUs are needed as we demand more from these devices.

Even as newer systems come out, the Series 2 Chipset is still a powerful chipset. Just like how the second season of your favourite TV show may quickly become obsolete, so too might some elements of this series take the back burner in favour of newer models? For example.

If I leave my phone at home, it’s not a big deal. Instead of lugging around my bulky smartphone, I can take a walk without feeling restricted. Even if you don’t care about fashion, there are still loads of reasons why you should have a little device tied to your wrist that solves so many troubles.


  • The screen is clear and bright
  • Fantastic features for staying fit


  • The latest versions have caught up to it a bit.
  • There is an additional charge for cellular service.

Runner Up Pick Internet Smartwatch: Fitbit Ionic Watch

Fitbit’s Ionic is the Best smartwatch for fitness tracker similar to the Versa 2. It features heart rate monitoring and GPS but comes at the expense of bulking up your wrist in addition to a higher price tag.

To get the most out of your Fitbit experience, you’ll need to be disciplined enough to not be distracted by other things like meeting with friends, going shopping, working on hobbies or even just conversing with family members who are there for you every day.

Ionic is basically the brother of Versa 2, with features that basically make it an upgraded version. As much as it provides better functionality than Versa, is it really worth it? The question remains. There are little antenna bars on the sides of Ionic’s body.

The watch has its flaws as no other product is perfect. But that hasn’t stopped people from purchasing it in droves. The average rating of 4.1/5 is showing how many people like the Respeaker 2 over certain other similar products on the market.

People are just looking for something better (even if they don’t know what that ‘something’ is) and we know the Respeaker 2 provides an attractive option which is why it’s selling well. If you still haven’t gotten your hands on a smartwatch, now might be the best time to do so.

Personal Assessment

Raising my wrist to activate the raise-to-wake feature was more difficult because the touch screen was slow. This isn’t ideal in cases where one is working out, for example; but I have found these sidekicks to be reliable and smart enough to track activity, monitor your daily habits or remind you of a meeting.

The SpO2 sensor, which measures the oxygen in the blood, and the built-in GPS are pleasant touches. There’s a Dexcom G5 Mobile sensor that you can use with the Fitbit Ionic that will allow you to keep track of your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes.

The Ionic is bulkier than other smartwatches we’ve compared it to, but it does make up for this minor flaw by including GPS and notifications from apps like text messaging, phone calls, and social networking services.


  • Excellent for physical fitness
  • Battery life is excellent


  • Slow
  • A limited selection of music
  • Design that’s a little bit up for debate

Editor Choice Android Smartwatch: Fitbit Versa 2 Health

According to Forbes, Google is interested in purchasing Fitbit because Fitbit has come up with a new fitness tracker called the Versa 2. Google believes that this watch is better than any of its competitors’ Best budget smartwatch 2021 because it comes closer to the matching style and functionality offered by Apple’s watches.

Those who seek a watch that’s fit for fitness as well as is smart may find it in the Fitbit Versa. It features apps and other features found in smartwatches, but it will also aid with your personal health and fitness goals and help you to achieve them.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is an intelligent watch that tracks daily activity, records heart rate and can also track sleeping patterns. The body of the watch is created with an aluminum bezel around a black or rose gold coloured face.

In day-to-day use, we have found that the battery lasts longer than advertised if used as a normal watch: it easily lasts more than 4 days before needing to recharge using its included wireless charging dock.

The Versa 2 has some subtle cosmetic differences such as a lack of metal casing, but it also has some minor hardware differences e.g. screen resolution and battery capacity.

Despite these, the Versa 2 is truly comparable to the Apple Watch 5 in all aspects because they are both still in their first generation of being on the market; therefore, consumers can expect a lot more from this device in future updates to come.

Personal Assessment

The Fitbit Versa is a popular fitness tracker among men and women of all ages. The device has three buttons on the original model as well as purely touch screen functionality with one back button – also just like the original Muscles shirt with 3+2 for extra versatility.

In fact, you can perform any task on the Fitbit Versa using two simple buttons in different ways whether that’s swiping through a display or pressing down to get more info from your device.

Personalize your watch face with a variety of customization options for Garmin Connect. The app includes more than 200 free watch faces to choose from. Among the fun features that you can include on your desired clock face are.


  • The battery life is excellent
  • AMOLED display with a built-in sleep mode
  • Exceptional sleep monitoring tools


  • The Global Positioning System does not exist
  • Google Fit or Apple Health connection is not available

Customer Pick Best Apple Smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch 4 was widely regarded as one of the greatest devices available at the time of its release, if not the best. It went by quickly. It had a lot of uses. In addition, it was a ground-breaking concept. That was, of course, before the Series 5 was released. So why don’t you just go with the newer Series 5?

If you can fork up the extra $95 to have an Apple Watch 5, then it is the better option for you. If you are concerned about where to store your other watches, simply put them into a closet or sell them off for cash. Shown below are the similarities and differences between these two smartwatches.

There are so many different types of vehicles on the road today, and they all seem to run pretty similarly. If you look at the average SUV, it has a few similarities with a pickup truck or an RV for example. All SUVs have about eight cylinders under the hood; all pickup trucks have about four.

Everyone seems to wear seat belts, which is good because those can stop them from crashing into other cars or getting hit by a tree, That’s fun right? But kids shouldn’t start driving until they are 100% ready. Driving can be really dangerous if we don’t take it seriously and think of the consequences first.

The Series 5 has new and exciting features. Some are more minor than others, but when it comes down to using your Apple Watch on a day-to-day basis and comparing the two models, both products could be equally great for different people depending on their needs.

There is no doubt that the lack of a compass in the Series 4 smartwatch is a slight letdown. However, it’s generally not significant enough to impact high-performance athletes because they are only slightly less precise than their Series 5 counterparts when running or riding outdoors.

The watch can track your geographic location without relying on GPS, but it cannot tell you in which direction you heading (which would be a big letdown to hikers and mountain climbers.

Another disadvantage of the Series 4 is that it lacks an Always-On display which means that users need to wake the device to see its contents. The Series 5 is a worthwhile investment since it comes with an Always-On Display and other perks, in my opinion.

As an authorized Apple store, we aim to please our customers’ every need. We carry Macs that are new and used as well as iPads – for anyone who can use a computer but wants something more portable.

Furthermore, everyone who purchases an Apple product from us gets the full protection plan. An extra year of breakdown coverage comes standard for any device that is purchased from us.

Series 5 has the option of checking your heart rate every two hours. The watch begins to test your heart several seconds prior and will then notify you if any irregularity is found.

Personal Assessment

I’ve had my Apple Watch Sport for only a few days and it has dramatically improved the way I work out – and therefore live. With the built-in heart monitor, I am able to keep on track with my goals of losing weight.

Apple’s health integration platform, allows me to track the number of calories I burn throughout the day, as well as let me share with friends and family how far along I am on my fitness journey, Bonus: you can even send hand-drawn emoticons depicting your mood or how you are feeling when they call or text you.


  • A large screen
  • A high-volume speaker
  • Lightweight


  • Batteries that don’t last
  • Tough to track down

Best Seller Android Smart Phone Watch: TicWatch E2 Smartwatch

The E2 Pulse Fashion Heart Rate Monitor is made of a reinforced polycarbonate housing and has no additional logos, simulating clean lines. We do understand that some people prefer their tech to be a little more exciting.

But – as our good friends in fashion say – less is more! And in the case of this model, it really shows with regards to its sophistication. A simple round face adorns this gadget which comes in black only, or white if you select the Z model.

It’s a one-button device making use of Press-And-Hold technology and an LED display that shows three things: The number of steps you’ve taken since last syncing your E2 with your mobile device, the number of calories burned, and how many minutes that have passed by since you pressed the button on your watch the first time around.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an affordable smartwatch to fulfill your  Christmas wish, you will not find one with the same level of functionality as the E2. Users will be able to enjoy one of the most popular platforms on the market thanks to Google’s Wear OS.

The SnapDragon 2100 in this device is a true makeover. This chipset took the world by storm, but now it’s time for an upgrade in order to keep up with current features. It may have increased response times especially for high-capacity apps you might be accustomed to using already.

The move by Google from Best smartwatch 2023 will still be supported in the future for the more widespread availability of smartwatches. Therefore, even if it may not have the same performance as you, it can still handle most daily tasks.

The battery life of the E2 is a day and a half. That’s not long enough for wearable gadgets, like Fitbits, that require sleep tracking to be useful. However, wearing the E2 throughout the day and charging it at night is a feasible alternative.

We made the TicWatch E2 expressly with a fitness-curious crowd in mind. At no added cost, the sleek smartwatch includes a heart rate monitor to help users accurately measure their progress and engagement as they strive to reach their health goals.

Consequently, some workouts were left out resulting in incomplete data sets. For example, the watch primarily focuses on running, cycling, swimming and yoga.

These are great exercises but there are also other types of exercise that users might do that shouldn’t be overlooked like bodyweight training or a high-intensity jog. Since there isn’t a way to monitor strength training and high-intensity exercise outside of “other,” it was hard to see progress or make apt comparisons across days.

Nevertheless, the watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters or 170 feet. If you accidentally swipe when swimming in the pool, the screen will lock itself until you press power again to reactivate it.

As long as the length of the pool does not exceed 100 meters, one has the option of setting just about any distance from 50 m to 400 m. Like other apps, you can additionally specify the duration and a number of lengths.

A Japanese developer adopted swimming-specific technology and integrated it into a mobile app that targets more ways to drill down information specific to people using wearables favoured by athletes.

so they could look back on their swimming stats given their performances in a day as well as how many meters they swam after installing this innovative smartwatch app that goes into a real-time mode for everyone to see how long it takes them to reach different lap lengths.

Personal Assessment

This watch is one that I would definitely recommend for people who want to implement smartwatch features into their everyday lives but aren’t sure if they’ll continue to use it. It has all the basic features you would expect from a technical wonder piece and has a very practical and straightforward design.

The interface is easy to navigate and simple to get around, and the fitness monitor is one of the most accurate ones on the market. However, there are some issues with the strength of the screen — in humid weather, you might have issues with accuracy despite how many sensors are present in this watch.

Before I tell you what I think about the E2 watch, let me just say that there are quite a few benefits to purchasing this piece.


  • The lifespan of lithium batteries is extremely lengthy.
  • Swims and surfs can be tracked.
  • Inexpensive


  • There is no NFC, which means that payments are nearly impossible.

Best Smartwatch For Internet Access: TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

Newcomer Mobvoi TicWatch has entered the market after one of their products won a design award last summer for its sleek style.

The business was started in 2013 by a former Googler who wanted to introduce technology that blended seamlessly with people’s lives. The Mobvoi TicWatch E and S are the company’s premium offerings to date, which can be purchased at your local Best Buy or either online through Amazon.

Artificial intelligence voice technologies were the first product feature created at Mobvoi. When the company first started out, it had a focus on China’s untapped market for voice-activated devices.

Their next venture involved creating products that could act as assistants for everyday activities like managing your home, or even the camera on your phone.

During the initial stages of their development, the Mobvoi team put a lot of thought into creating products that would provide high-end specifications, but that didn’t come with an expensive price tag.

This was because it was one of their main design philosophies to make sure they were making quality products without charging customers too much money. In other words, they were willing to accept lower profit margins in order to provide consumers with more affordable alternatives to existing solutions offered by other companies.

While it’s easy to simply be impressed with the TicWatch Pro’s battery life and accuracy, one of the most interesting aspects of this smartwatch is the built-in “Power Reserve” mode that allows users to extend the remaining battery power for up to 10 days. To do so, you only need to switch Power Reserve mode on and turn off all other functions.

Say goodbye to worrying about your battery life, The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro is a smartwatch that can last up to two full days without being plugged in, which is made possible by its hybrid display (which is another first for the smartwatch industry).

It’s capable of lasting this long because it doesn’t have an LCD display: the top layer uses E-ink, just like e-reader devices, and all the information has to be loaded from the watch’s storage.

Personal Assessment

The Moto 360 Sport is one of the best electronic gadgets I’ve purchased in years. The watch has lasted me for more than a day.

This gadget makes me feel like I can do anything and everything, because it tells me if my heart rate is high or not if I’m stressed and at peace, not to mention its precise tracking of my steps is impressive. #Motoguy #Moto360Sport.


  • It has a very long battery life (in Essential mode)
  • Exceptional style
  • The screen has seen a lot of innovation recently.


  • Inability to connect via LTE
  • A mediocre showing
  • Batteries that don’t last (in Smart mode)

Best Smartwatch For Android: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch

Yes, the Active 2 does have some changes over the original Watch Active. The software has been tweaked quite a bit (though it’s not as different as the S10 Plus), and the battery life is different in that it lasts almost twice as long.

However, what you might be surprised to learn is that they are actually the exact same size – something that rarely happens with a “ sequel ” to one of Samsung’s smartwatches.

The Active 2 is one of the first smartwatches in the market that has an always-on display, making it a direct competitor to the Apple Watch.

Samsung’s built-in technology for fall detection, electrocardiogram (ECG), and stress tracking are also stand-out features of this device. The Active 2 contains two physical buttons, one on each side of its watch casing.

FDA permission is required before launching their product, which they anticipate to receive by the end of Q1 2019. This premium smart watch’s audience is centred on physical activism and fitness.

However, the Active 2 comes with an impressive built-in GPS. This feature is designed to track distances travelled both accurately and with few interruptions.

The only downside is that when using the Active 2 for long-distance runs, it tends to overestimate steps and distance which can sometimes be distracting especially for those who are used to measuring distances by counting their own footsteps.

It’s a good choice for tracking activity in general without necessarily training for a specific event given its capacity for tracking multiple sports (toning, running and swimming).

Unfortunately, you may find that this watch is not giving your average times as accurately as we’d like, but it can still be used to track your progress during your training.

For example, if you are training for a half-marathon, you will most likely be flabbergasted to find out the race isn’t two miles but instead a full 21K! And if you are one to go by averages, you may notice that your calorie burn is significantly lower than what you would expect.

The Galaxy Watch shares a lot of features with the Gear S3 but has some things under its belt that the older version doesn’t have. One really cool feature of the watch is using the virtual bezel to navigate apps. It’s a great way to quickly swipe through apps without actually rotating a physical crown to do so.

The watch also has haptic technology in it so when I squeeze the screen like I would if I were turning a real on an actual piece of technology, it feels natural and intentional. The Galaxy Watch is far superior to what came before it as far as aesthetics go, making it even better than Apple itself.

Some consumers may be put off by YouTube, Twitter and Spotify not being available through the Active 2’s app store. Still, these apps did help extend battery life by increasing the amount of time between full charges.

Using this app, users will be able to listen to their Spotify playlists while working out in the gym on stationary bikes, treadmills, or anywhere else where they might need music.

Additional functions such as tracking your sleep during the night (with an option that dims your screen so you can rest) and keeping track of water intake, food consumption, and caffeine will help those who are looking to stay accountable even if they aren’t training for the New York City marathon.

One of those devices to hit the fitness scene is the Vívoplaymate. This activity tracker does more than just monitor steps.

it also provides a breakdown of your workout statistics so that you can see a mile-by-mile (or kilometre by kilometre) breakdown of exactly where fat is being burned, your rate of speed and can even tell you how fast you’re going at any given moment.

The Vibram Five Fingers offers several features that can help keep an amateur athlete on track to his or her fitness goals. A smaller watch face might be more appropriate for those training at the high school or college level, but if it helps them achieve the goal of staying active and healthy for years to come then I say all power to it.

Dual-core Exynos 9110 is employed to enable you with ultra-fast performance that is apparent in the Active 2’s processor which offers great performance in Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable.

Featuring 768MB of RAM, the Active 2 can quickly switch between high-performance apps so that you can enjoy seamless multitasking capabilities.

If you opt for the LTE model, you’ll get 1.5GB of memory not found in most other wearables. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a classic round face and a range of colours to suit your style. For a little higher price, stainless steel models come with replaceable bands.

Personal Assessment

The procedures are correct, too. In the Samsung Health app, I can see my steps. I love this watch’s bezel function and all of the things it can do for me. For example, I can use it to go through my other apps, play music, and more on the watch when I’m away from my phone.


  • In addition, the on-screen tactile dial control is excellent
  • Minimalist style at its finest
  • In concerns of battery lifetime, it’s in the middle of the pack.


  • Few third-party apps are available

Best Smartwatch For Internet Access Buyer’s Guide

When Purchasing A Smartwatch, What Considerations Should You Keep In Mind?

There are some considerate flaws in smartwatch tech. For instance, the charging docks sometimes make it difficult to charge certain watches and other times they only accept certain mobile devices. Check out the most expensive smart watch in the world.

What you should be looking for while buying a smartwatch mostly relies on your personal preferences. While you’re out and about, keep these things in mind.

  1. As far as comfort is concerned, a good smartwatch should not be difficult to put on or take off. Both Apple and other similar companies are making larger and heavier smartphones today, some of which no one would want to wear.
  2. Battery Life: Even if a smartwatch has less advanced technology, certain models still last up to a week assuming that most of the features are being used on it.
  3. You want to ensure your smartwatch is capable of seamlessly operating even in water. If you’re swimming with it, you need to make sure it can track those kinds of activities and is rated for 64 meters or more so the particle motion sensor doesn't get clogged by dust and dirt.
  4. Charging: Charging, while important, is all a matter of personal preferences. Some users prefer wireless charging while others prefer charging over the wire. To each their own. For those who prefer to charge over wires, we have the following information.
  5. When you're considering purchasing a smartwatch, you might want to assess what kind of functionality it has. Find a smartwatch that has the sensors necessary for a healthy lifestyle, such as heart rate monitors and GPS for tracking your steps and distance run every day. The best smartwatches come standard with these features.


There are many benefits to owning a smartwatch, but also a few drawbacks. While certain models now sport full smartphone capabilities and others are more commutable than ever before, there are still other factors to be taken into account when deciding which is the best choice for your lifestyle.

We hope that this article has provided you with all of the information you need so far about the Best Smartwatch For Internet Access that you will use to make an informed decision on which smartwatch model is right for the activities you enjoy doing most in your everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I connect my smartwatch to the internet?

Smartwatches are used for receiving alerts and notifications such as incoming calls and text messages. Other features include fitness tracking, Bluetooth pairing with smartphones, storing music from a phone and accessing information from apps like Twitter and Uber.

A smartwatch can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or with a 3G or 4G smartphone data plan.

Is there a Wi-Fi-enabled smartwatch?

The LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch gets updates about 19 minutes faster than the Wi-Fi-only version. However, it is twice as big and twice as heavy as its little brother.

The extra 41 grams may not be an issue for you, but if you want your smartwatch to blend in with your outfit, consider settling for a lime green version instead of black or rose gold.

When choosing a particular handheld GPS device, consumers should look for one that has the option of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Such technology enables the user to wirelessly connect to the internet and send information directly to a linked smartphone or PDA in real-time. An advantage of this is that users are able to view maps without needing a PC or Laptop – provided they place the handheld device within proximity of such devices.

Why are smartwatches dependent on the Internet?

Smartwatches have features similar to smartphones, but there are also differences. Smartwatches usually have smaller screens than a smartphone and can be difficult to see in sunlight unless they have touchscreen displays.

Most smartwatch screens act as standalone devices that make calls, check social media and calendars and stream music without needing constant pairing with a smartphone. Sadly, this extra independence means they often aren’t featured prominently by carriers (and thus don’t come cheap.

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