How to Get a Good Chair to Avoid Neck Pain

Neck pain has a direct relation to computer and laptop exposure. Whether you are using it for entertainment purposes or your work, headaches and neck and back pain are common issues that you have to deal with.

But you can’t let your tasks go undone; sometimes, your work demands 12 to 15 hours of constant work. So, how should you deal with this neck pain problem?

The answer is simple; you need the best office chair for neck pain, one that ensures safety and comfort. How can I get one must be your next question. So, let’s discuss.

How to get a good chair to avoid neck pain

There are many ergonomic chairs in the market but finding the right one is difficult sometimes. But I am going to discuss some points below that will be helpful for you in making a decision.

Things necessary to have in the best chair for neck pain

So, even though you have been using a conventional chair for a long time, it’s time to switch to an ergonomic chair because it offers great relief from neck and shoulder pain. But to get these benefits, you must be careful while choosing one. Many things must be necessary to have in your chair; let’s discuss them.

Adjustable seat height:

The highly recommended feature is seat adjustment. If the seat is not compatible with your height, it may cause serious health issues. But simultaneously, it’s not easy to find a suitable one for you. In this situation, the pneumatic adjustment lever will be the greatest help. With the use of it, you can adjust the height; therefore, it is beneficial to you since it enables you to work in a position in which your feet are level on the floor, your thighs are horizontal, and your arms are at an equal height to the desk.

Dimensions of the seats:

Any person can sit comfortably on the seat if it is wide and deep enough for their needs. Despite the necessity that the seat should be able to be tilted forward or backward, the dimensions of the seat also matter. Chairs with 17 to 20 inches widths are common as they fit most people.

The depth of the seat, measured from front to back, must be sufficient to allow the user to sit with their back against the chair’s backrest while still having approximately 2 to 4 inches of space between the back of the knees and the chair seat.


The material also matters. Sitting on the chair for extended periods demands a comfortable material as it seriously affects your back and neck. Instead of some hard, the fabric should be breathable and comfortable.


Armrests are not standard equipment on all chairs, but they should be included in contemporary chairs. You must keep your wrists level with the desk and elbows at a 90-degree angle. So, what do you think about adjustable armrests?

They offer great comfortability. It gives your shoulders, elbows, and arms time to relax despite working for ours on a computer or laptop. Ultimately it doesn’t put stress on your neck.

Rotating feature:

You will see this feature in many ergonomic chairs. It helps you do your task easily and offers 360-degree movement, allowing the user comfortably access various workstation parts without stretching.

The Final Thought

I hope now you can understand what you must keep in mind while choosing a good chair that can relax you and eliminate neck pain. Remember, you need a comfortable chair to enjoy great comfort during extended working hours without hurting your neck.

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