Is Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room?

Here we start off with an article that does a great job of giving people  Is Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room an idea of whether or not a Sonos sound system would be the best choice for them. It takes you through some of the leading options as well as gives specific examples of smaller room spaces and what might blend well in those.

Is Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room

Guide On Is Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room?

This room is very alive. It was painted yellow, then red, and the colour of the walls doesn’t seem to lend itself to electronic components.

You may feel that painting your room white or black is a bit too drastic because you don’t want your living space to look dull, but did you know that this interior paint colour has a huge impact on sound-absorbing capabilities?

When the first sound bounces off of the walls, it can take a long time for it to be absorbed — even when new sounds enter the fray. Unlike humans, they remain in a state of being completely disoriented. The reverberations that come from this are sometimes called echoes.

When it comes to decorating a room, what many people think and overlook is the drapes. Don’t get us wrong, they are very important when it comes to covering those windows but what really makes the room look and feel cozy is the carpets.

When you go the extra mile and purchase yourself an expensive carpet with a long lifespan what you’re also doing is purchasing yourself quality time in your own room with less hassle of having to change or repair any of your carpets or drapes anytime soon.

Is The Sonos Arc Good For My Room’s Size & Shape?

Sonos Beam offers the right amount of coverage for a room that’s slightly smaller than 8 by 10 feet – so we recommend it to you if you have a TV with a screen size between 37 and 55 inches. However,

if your television is larger than 55 inches, we suggest that you consider purchasing the Sonos Playbar instead because its sound quality will be more noticeable to listeners in larger open spaces.

Sonos Speakers: A Quick Guide

I use Sonos speakers in my home every day. I love how high-quality they sound, and how easily they connect to other devices across the room. My favourite features include.

  • Simple Setup: Creating a new system or adding loudspeakers to an existing one is made easier with the Sonos speaker system. You’ll find a speaker system that makes it so simple to link numerous speakers together or stream in separate rooms of your house while maintaining excellent audio synchronization at its finest. Besides Sonos, you might also consider other alternatives such as Google Assistant loudspeakers.
  • Easy Streaming: Spotify can be used to connect to yourSonos on the Sonos app. There are lots of different uses for the device, like listening to music or watching movies in surround sound using apps that are compatible with Sonos.
  • All Major Voice Assistants: While there are many great brands of smart speakers available, the best choice for the highest quality speakers is Sonos. While the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices can both be connected to other internet-capable devices such as TV screens and streaming services, Sonos speakers work with virtually any sampling device or service in existence.
  • They Sound Fantastic: the rich tones of the sound produced by Sonos speakers create a unique sound experience. We must say that it is nice to not only enjoy the sound quality but be able to identify where exactly things are coming from in terms of the structure chosen for indoor speaker placement.
  • Spotify Voice Controls: Alexa and Google Home speakers can be linked to Sonos One and Beam. It is easy to set up the default music service. Whenever you happen to ask Alexa or Google Home to play some music, it will play your preferred Spotify playlist right away.


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We picked matte-black and glossy-white colour options for the same reason most people do: to match your room’s decor. A major renovation has taken place as compared with the Playbase.

The shade of the soundbar remains continuous from end to end, making it appear very modern. The elliptical shape allows it to fit neatly under most TVs without looking unsightly. It’s also able to deliver a better performance as a result of its cylindrical shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sonos Arc may be too large for a tiny space?

But, the less-than-optimal room, which was smaller than ideal for Dolby Atmos, made me waffle on my decision. I’m glad that I did eventually go with it though because I can still hear great sound quality when I watch movies in a smaller space. However, you may opt to try an alternative like the Beam that just needs your TV and no additional speakers.

Is the Sonos Arc suitable for rooms with a lot of furniture?

We were surprised how big the sound of Sonos’s first Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar was, thanks to two advanced digital signal processors and six amplifiers that keep driver technology in perfect sync – even when streaming audio signals. The Sonos Arc is an ideal fit for big living rooms or home theatres, with its big sound and nearly foot-long design.

How far away from Sonos Arc should you be?

By the way, my viewing distance is 1.5 meters and I live in an apartment block which means that my living room is relatively small. In my extensive research, it appears that soundbars should be placed at least 30 centimetres below the screen, but not more than 60 centimetres.

Does the Sonos Arc include a subwoofer port?

NO! The Arc and the Amp cannot be combined into one. If you combine any two objects, they are no longer able to receive a signal. To make this happen,

one of the objects needs to be replaced with a speaker filled with an object that differs from its current contents. The Arc room will be converted to stereo (left and right channels) when combined with the Amp Room in order for it to work.

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