5 Tips For New Bettors

Sports betting is gaining massive traction lately due to relaxed laws in various countries. The vast market attracts every kind of sports lover globally. It’s a medium to earn a few bucks for fans through their game’s knowledge. However, betting on sports events takes a lot of work. You must refrain from risking your money on any betting event that catches your eye. Ask any seasoned punters, and they won’t agree more.

As a novice, you must understand various parameters to predict a winning outcome. Follow the expert-recommended tips and strategies to shape your sports betting journey.

Understanding Betting Odds is a Key

Odds are the foundation of choosing the best bet event with more potential to beat the house. Bookies set betting lines or odds for every sports matchup. It represents the winner and loser for a particular game.

A negative number indicates a favorite that shows a team or player more likely to win the match. On the contrary, positive odd represents the underdog, i.e., a losing team or player. Thus, a successful bet depends on your ability to read the odds accurately.

So how do you use it in your favor?

Suppose the betting line on an online sportsbook is

Favorites -125 

Underdogs +120

Your $125 bet on favorites will give you a profit of $100 plus your original stake. On the other hand, a $100 wager on underdogs will offer a $120 profit plus your original stake. Your payout will be high on the dogs as their winning probability is less. However, the risk value on underdogs is more than favorites. (Note: You can always scale the bet amount up or down based on your budget.)

Besides, the odds for every sport varies based on vig added by bookmakers. It’s a profit margin that a bookmaker keeps on sports betting events. So shop around to find a sportsbook offering better value on your bets. 

Find an Ideal Bet

Online books don’t just feature a vast sports market but also various betting options. However, you can’t pick any bet type you like. Every form of wager follows a different methodology that you must learn to boost your winning odds.

Check out a range of bet types no ID sportsbook hosts during match events.

  • Moneyline: Simply place a stake on who will win the game – Team A or Team B. 
  • Three-way: An upgraded version of a moneyline bet where you can also punt on a tie.
  • Over Under or Total: A bookie will set a combined total score for both teams in this bet option. You’ll wager on over or under of that line.
  • Proposition: It’s a fun bet type based on luck. You’ll place a stake on ancillary in-game events, such as the color of the Gatorade, the number of penalties, or which team will sing the National Anthem first.
  • Future: As the name indicates, you’ll bet on sports events of the next season.
  • Parlay: Create a single bet by merging two or more wagers to win a greater payout. However, all betting events should have winning outcomes.

Use Bonuses and Promos

A bonus can enhance your winning chances or reduce the risk of losing a bet. E-Sportsbook operators release various promos throughout the year to suffice their active gamblers. You can scroll through the site’s promotion page to find the best deal for you. 

It can include a Risk-free Bet, Match Deposit Bonus, Crypto Welcome Bonus, Reload Bonus, and others. For example, you won’t pay anything for losing a wager by applying a risk-free bonus. However, there’s a catch.

You must meet the rollover requirements to redeem your winning amounts hassle-free. There can also be a bonus code, validity period, or deposit limit based on your chosen bonus. So reading the terms and conditions is crucial to claim those promos successfully.

Start Low

A newbie should always place low stakes to play safely. Since you’re still learning, focus more on how to improve your results. This strategy will help you get the hang of the sports betting format. 

So look for online bookmakers that allow low betting limits. A sportsbook with a minimum deposit value range between $1 and $10 will be ideal for low-stake players. 

Besides, set a daily or weekly bankroll budget. Don’t go overboard with your bets, neglecting your limited bankroll. At this stage, your goal should be to lose less than to earn more. 

To wager smartly, you can also apply a flat-betting approach. This sports gambling technique for beginners will allow you to risk only 1% – 5% of your bankroll per game. For instance, bet only $2 on every matchup if you want to risk 2% of your $100 bankroll.

Stay up-to-date

Sports betting is a mix of luck and skills. Indeed, the bet’s result relies on the players’ performance. However, your prediction can have a higher probability of winning when you know the right strategies.

Winning a wager is more than your love for a specific sport, team, or player. As an ardent sports fan, you must pay attention to past, present, and future market stats for improved match prediction. You can also follow industry experts to know the betting trends. This way, you can find the most valuable team or player to plan your bet against the house. 

Besides, pro punters frequently use data analytics software to gauge a better winning outcome. You can also use these online algorithm tools to plan an ideal betting strategy.


1. What are payouts?

Payouts are the amount you win after placing a bet on sports events.

2. What is a bankroll?

A bankroll is the betting budget you feel comfortable depositing on a sportsbook account.

3. How do you bet smartly?

Make sure to bet on the sports you know inside out. A beginner should always start with a low betting budget. Moreover, only start punting when you understand different betting strategies, odds, and bet types.

Final Words

Remember, the house edge is for real. After all, sports betting is a business for bookies. Beating the house is a long journey that requires patience and a learning curve. 

So playing smartly, strategically, and responsibly is the road to a rewarding gambling experience. 

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