Casino Strategies that New Punters Can Use 

Learning anything new can be daunting and a little overwhelming, but even more so if your own money is on the line. The information available online is endless, not to mention the variety of games available, the bets, odds, side bets, RTP (Return To Player) and don’t even start on the betting systems you can use for different table games. 

This article contains several casino strategies that any beginner can use to improve their gameplay and start enjoying their games. Best of all, they can potentially increase your chances of winning, and who doesn’t love to win? This all starts with one question: 

Are You A Generalist or a Specialist Casino Gambler?

The majority of casino players can be divided into two categories. They are either focused on one specific game every time they gamble or a variety of games. Almost all casino players have one thing that ties them all together: many of them tend to lose more money than win. This rings true for every group. 

However, this is not meant to discourage prospective gamblers. You can play many games and win many times. It is just the path less traveled because it is slightly more difficult.  becoming a specialist, on the other hand, is a route that is more preferred if you want to win. 

It makes perfect sense, right? Spending all of your time concentrating on a single casino game is the quickest way to learn it. You must still select the appropriate game. However, mastering a game will take longer if you divide your focus between many games.

 The next thing you should learn is how to apply some easy math to improve your casino gambling skills.

Let’s Talk About Math 

The majority of individuals dislike arithmetic, and some people despise it completely. Casino gambling is nearly entirely dependent on mathematics. One of the key reasons why casinos are so successful is because of these two factors. 

As a newbie, the most essential thing you can do is understand how to use a few basic mathematical concepts. The good news is that these ideas aren’t difficult to grasp, even if you dislike math or don’t believe you’re particularly gifted at it.

To begin, you must first understand what the return to player percentage and the house edge is, and then how to apply these figures when gambling.

Every casino gaming activity has a house edge and a return to player percentage. These two numbers are inextricably linked, and will always equal 100% when you add them together. The implication here is that knowing what one number is will allow you to figure out the other one fairly quickly. 

The proportion of your stake that is returned to you is known as the return to player percentage. The proportion of your stake that the casino keeps is known as the house edge.

The house edge in a game with a 97 percent return to player number is 3 percent. Return to player percentages or house edge can be used to easily compare casino gambling activity. In most cases, a casino game with a greater return to player (RTP) is preferable. Thus, a casino game with a lower house edge is better.

Shortcut Your Strategy 

Many casino games are influenced by single-player tactics. To put it another way, if you play particular casino games in a certain way, you may alter the house edge.

Every casino game you play requires you to master the optimum approach. You can also make use of a simple shortcut.

You can acquire a strategy card that tells you how to play most strategy games in the best manner possible.

Several video poker app versions and Blackjack have the most popular strategy cards. For instance, baccarat and craps have a simpler strategy and hence do not require a strategy card.

The most essential thing to remember is that you must first determine whether or not the casino game you’re playing includes a strategy component, and if it does, you must then learn how to utilize the optimum method. Learn everything there is to know about strategy for the casino game you choose to play so you may always have the highest chance of winning. 

Blackjack is the Way

Blackjack is the easiest game to play for beginners. You can find out how to play it step by step, what the rules are, play in a way that affords you the best RTP and figure out the best strategy for you. 


In these days of modern technology, online casinos are your best bet. You can practice your game for free at many of them before you decide to use real money, and learn about strategy charts and betting systems while you play.

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