How People Win And Lose At Online Casinos Because Of Bugs

Bugs in online casinos happen, non uk regulated casino are an example of this. Some players go after such situations, seeing them as a way to get easy money. However, this is not exactly a profitable solution, as any gambling operator has rules under which they cancel all bets in case of software bugs. And players, who deliberately use these errors, are considered abusers.

The opposite situation could occur when you play without violating anything or have already won fairly, but the casino malfunctioned and you lost your money. In that case, the casino is obliged to pay you back, but not all of them do, so it is important to choose only the most trustworthy sites before you start playing.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable examples of how bugs affect your gain or loss when playing casino games.

What are the casino bugs in favor of the player?

Visual errors

It happens that a player has the wrong image on the screen, and it seems to him that he won, when in fact it’s not. In such cases, the casino checks the data on the rounds played. If it turns out that the server provider has generated a different result, the incident is considered a visual bug, and the casino is not obliged to accrue anything to the player. The real result will be the result recorded on the server provider.

An example of a visual bug is the case of the Wild Swarm slot from Push Gaming. In the summer of 2019, a Play Fortuna casino player reported that he was not credited for a prize line of four wilds and one symbol. When Push Gaming checked, they confirmed that there was no prize combination and there was simply a visual bug in the slot.

Online casino games like jet x are now a popular form of entertainment. Casinos have found that they can attract customers with games that are easy to learn and they have the potential to put money into the pockets of players.

In fact, the line did not contain four wilds, but three. And after the first two wilds, there was one regular symbol first, followed by another, and then the third wild. Therefore, there should have been no payout.

Real bugs in online casinos

In addition to visual bugs, there are more serious bugs that can really damage the casino and not just displease one player. One example of such a bug was the Videoslots casino scandal in June 2019.

Then, due to a technical error, Edict slots accrued winnings but did not deduct betting amounts from the balance. It turns out that for 48 hours players enjoyed the (ราคาบอลไหล) absolutely without any risk. Played for free and received real payouts.

As a result, some players managed to collect a considerable payout and withdraw funds. Such players were asked to return the withdrawals, and those who did not have time to withdraw were written off accrued winnings since all games during this problematic period were canceled.

The actions of the casino were fair, but an unpleasant residue left the fact that at least in one case, customer service threatened the player with the police if he does not return the funds withdrawn. Of course, not all of the funds were returned, but the casino never took any decisive action.

Bugs in casino tournaments

A striking example of such bugs is an example where one of the players talks about how at the expense of the slot Max Quest from BetSoft, he won in casino tournaments. A simple entry and exit from the game is displayed in history as one bet the size of the player’s full balance and the same winnings. In fact, there were no bets and the player’s balance was not credited anything. The fixing of actions allowed to gain points in tournaments and win them without expenses.

Mistakes in the game itself

A guy accidentally discovered a way to win without making mistakes. Tried it out in practice and in three hours, starting with $250, brought his winnings to $15,000. After that, he thought it was too good to be true and the lucky man decided to contact the technical support service. The casino promised to sort it out, but in the meantime disabled the guy’s ability to withdraw the earned money. After a while, the site administrator contacted the honest player and thanked him for the signal. He also said that the scheme found was a bug, so the casino considered it correct to withdraw most of the winnings, which by that time had reached $38,000. The guy was left with $6,500 and kept all the points he had earned during the game.

What are the bugs that deprive the player of money?

Visual bug

In the history of casinos, it is not uncommon for casinos to visually cancel players’ accounts. Of course, users were not deprived of money, but the accounts were temporarily frozen, and the proceedings took more than one day.

Real Bugs

Real bugs in casinos are often represented as situations in which the casino bans players’ accounts, allegedly for non-compliance with the terms of the user agreement or for suspicious activity (this occurs quite often due to betting on casino sites), then players lose all the money, and casinos remain clean, if not taking the situation into account. Bans in such cases are based on too frequent wins.

Often, during the game, you can bet a fixed amount, but from the account will be written off the full amount in the account. Another case could be when you’ve won a bet but the casino simply gives you a message about losing.


Everything in our world is not perfect, just like the operation of some systems, including online casinos. Bugs have existed, exist, and will continue to exist in casinos, as well as the players who will be happy to get the opportunity and steal from the casino or those who will report the problem and return all funds. Similar things happen the other way around: the casino has a bug and the player loses all funds. To avoid encountering any of the above situations, use only trusted sites, then you can enjoy a pleasant, reliable, and unhindered game, which will give only the best sensations.

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