Online Casinos in India have grown a Lot in 2023

Online Casinos in India have grown a Lot in 2023 due to an amalgamation of various factors. From Covid-19 restrictions, the MeToo movement, and the crypto crash, one disaster after another pushed people to go online and search for safe spaces and like-minded communities. 

People started to look towards online casinos to get a semblance of their normal lives back. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why Online casinos in India have seen such a boom in 2023. 

Lockdown and ease of access

The 2020 natural calamity that befell the entire human race turned people towards online forms of human interaction and entertainment. As people were locked in for months, many became desperate for the presence of groups and communities. This was normally impossible to do, except online. Cue the rise of online casinos in India. 

Online casinos via Live games gave players a semblance of a community. You can play with other players from all over the world in real-time. It keeps everyone safe while allowing them to chat and converse as they would in a physical casino. 

Even when the lockdown started to be lifted, many places and countries even today have strict laws and procedures for being in public places. You might need a full dose or tests done before you can enter such places. 

Online casinos require none of that. This ease of access has made online casinos in India incredibly popular. You are not required to be in an uncomfortable, unsafe place just to have some fun. In a world that is unsafe, you can find a safe space in an online casino.

New technology

The best casinos always use cutting-edge technology. This is why, in 2023, many of them might be upping the ante. Facebook’s announcement of the MetaVerse highlighted how people are looking for virtual reality spaces that allow a sense of community. 

Virtual reality, virtual spaces, and related tech are all upgrading by leaps and bounds. This technology is being integrated into online casinos in India. 

This can potentially make the online casino industry far more interesting than brick-and-mortar casinos ever were. Maybe soon, you can sit on Mars with your best friend playing Baccarat- all made possible through VR. 

We talked to gambling experts from regarding online casino technologies that are transforming the Indian gambling industry at a great pace. They told us that the online casinos in India are very exciting places to be in.

Visuals for games are incredible, the safety features are top-notch, and all of this results in people feeling safe in an unsafe world while enjoying themselves to their hearts’ content. 

Live games are becoming another big draw. The new growth of AI and other technology is allowing games played with people and dealers in real-time to be free of fraud and fun at the same time. 

People can play in the safety of their homes but still have a community and interact with people in real-time without missing out on incredible graphics and background scores. 


The recent crypto crash in 2023 highlighted the issues with cryptocurrency. This meant that a lot of people were looking for a way to safeguard their money. Online casinos might have been one of the rare places that could do that. 

Since more and more casinos have started to accept crypto, it became a natural choice for many to deposit money into their accounts online. 

Even if the crypto market continues to crash, any user of an online casino in India can easily play using crypto and turn it into currency. This way, their money remains in the casino’s safehold without being touched by the crash. 

Eventually, they can withdraw the money, or transform it back into cryptocurrencies if the market stabilizes again. 

This also allows an online casino in India to become a market for crypto exchange. When the market crashes, it essentially means that more people are selling their assets than the number of people buying them. 

When a crash like the 2022 crypto crash happens, the first reaction of people is to panic and try to sell all that they have. 

However, for those who couldn’t sell it all in time, online casinos in India accepting crypto became a safe haven. 

Even losing a little money on games wouldn’t matter much. Since the RTP or return to player stats at Online casinos is extremely high, users can potentially get back more than 97% of their crypto price. If they were to wait for the crypto crash to end, seeing how it is already losing billions, they might potentially get back a lot less.

Casino Bonuses

Online casinos do not have as many upkeep fees as physical casinos normally do. This means that they can afford to give much bigger bonuses and free gifts than brick-and-mortar casinos can. They also usually have a much lower RTP rate than online casinos, which means that players lose less money over time at online casinos than they do otherwise. 

This, coupled with the job losses and economic issues caused by Covid, the crypto crash, and the Ukrainian skirmish, meant that people were looking for places to play that didn’t cost as much. Since online casinos also allow players to be part of games with very low buy-ins, they became a favorite of casino users. 

Online casinos are therefore overall much cheaper. Add to that the fact that transport costs are essentially nil if you are playing online, and people have a veritable jackpot in their hands.

Many people who have won online recently have done so at very small initial costs. Many games are also built to ensure that people can win big with smaller amounts. All in all, the low costs of the online casino industry have popularised it immensely at this time. 

Youtube and Internet

Though the internet has been around for a while, and gambling isn’t the newest game in town, youtube and other online portals have created the recent boom in the online casino business. Gambling was always seen as something done in dark and seedy bars, but with the onslaught of online and offline programs, the image is changing. 

PokerStars for example runs online tournaments that have become extremely famous in recent years. There are thousands of videos available of some of the best poker players and their games.

This allows players at home to pick up skills that were hitherto impossible. 

Moreover, very recently, PokerStars was also given an Ontario license. The acceptance of such channels and industry leaders into the popular and the legal, allows people to feel safe. The games are not only being legitimized through such moves, they are also being popularised and accessible for all.

Many of the tournaments also talk about women in the field. While tournaments till very recently were a male-dominated field, in the past decade, as more and more women are stepping up, gambling seems to be fast becoming a podium for the women’s movement. 

Since gambling needs a sharp intellect and deep pockets, these online tournaments and shows are standing up as an example that women aren’t lagging behind. 

Even losing a little money on games wouldn’t matter much. Since the RTP or return to player stats at Online casinos is extremely high, users can potentially get back more than 97% of their crypto price. If they were to wait for the crypto crash to end, seeing how it is already losing billions, they might potentially get back a lot less.

In light of the MeToo movement, and the recent social media trials, the issue is gaining more traction and so are online casinos as they are safe for all people, and allow women to log in from anywhere without dealing with the misogyny of the old world casinos. 

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