6 Important Traits of a Video Game Translator 

Video game translation services can not be executed by any ordinary translator. The translators who can pull off the translation of video games need to be proficient, not only in the languages but well versed with all the technical aspects of that particular video game too which requires translation services. The process of translation deals with the translation of content and changing it to game packaging, manuals, and other assets. The localization of the video game may require cutting some particular sections due to cultural inappropriateness and slang.

So there are a few top skills and traits that a video game translator should possess in order to nail the translation of video games.

1. Analytical and research skills

A translator who works on the video game and business translation services has to be an individual with an advanced level of research and critical thinking skills. It helps greatly to deliver a premium translation. Translators can understand the product and pick every element to get fit a new audience’s level better, particularly for game translation services. Detailed and in-depth knowledge of the product can only come with sufficient research. Wrong or fake information about the product can be fuming for the target audience offending them and can also confuse the customers so clarity is important which comes with the knowledge.

2. Having Empathetic approach

This skill is crucial yet important for good video game translation services. The translators should be empathetic and sensitive enough to realize how the needs and differences of the target market are more important and need to be prioritized. Therefore, he should consider cultural and religious differences and their implication during the process of translation. Emotional intelligence is a must-have skill to experience things by putting themselves in the shoes of the target audience.

Nonetheless, a good and professional translator is one who understands the importance of consumers’ preferences and further molds the content to make it fit in according to the needs. This skill is extremely beneficial to reap high-quality outcomes. Translators get connected with their target audience accordingly.

3. Managing the time well

Time management is one skill that every individual regardless of the field should possess and practice. It keeps the people ahead in a fast-paced world. Lacking time management, delaying the projects, and not meeting the deadlines can make the individual miss out on the great opportunities of life. Therefore, the translators should ensure that they are delivering their work within due time and are meeting the deadlines. Managing time in a balanced way is an essential skill in the field of translation. Delaying the projects not only puts the translation agency’s reputation at stake but also risks the translator’s future. Hence, for delivering professional translation services, translators should be good with time management.

4. Having creative skills

A translator is a creative person by default. Translation cannot be executed without being novel and creative. Also, a translator has to take the liberty of playing with his creativity to bring quality content himself. Creative translators can work to propose different alternative words to the terms that seem difficult otherwise. They can also work on reducing the character length and translation by adding something better and more precise. Thus, a translator with the best creative writing skills is unmatchable and can boost the quality of business translation services

5. Familiarity with technical tools

Technical aspects of the translation should never be overlooked. Every factor and feature matters in the translation. Many times translators have to encounter issues that create problems due to technical glitches. The familiarity with the automated machine tools is also a part of the translator’s job. Computer-aided translation tools are quite common now in the translation and localization industry and translators are expected to be proficient in these tools. They should be tech-savvy and should have technical knowledge so that they can use these tools effectively. It helps to deliver precise and consistent translation products.

6. Having a textual insight

Translation and particularly localization exist on a lot of steps and processes in video and professional translation services. Insightfulness and attention to detail help in great ways. Translators can come across the translation of scripts, packaging, marketing, and advertising content with many more formats that require translation. In order to accomplish the tasks nicely and not promise the quality, the translator should pay detailed attention to their work and the requirements. This helps them excel in their field and get professional who knows the solution to every problem. Small details with the context in mind overall help to deliver the right product which goes well with the expectations of the client.

Final words

Professional translation requires the team of translators to be well proficient in both languages, have technical knowledge, and detailed knowledge with minute observations regarding their field. A translator with these traits can excel in any kind of translation service. 

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