Make a Fake: Create Fake Screenshots for Almost Everything

Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything, did you know that you can easily create fake screenshots for the purpose of pranking others? If one believes everything one sees online, it’s time to be careful.

There are generators online with which one can generate fake Messenger chat, WhatsApp conversation, text message, email, Tweet, Facebook post, newspaper clip, magazine covers, and even hotel receipts.

While most people make fake screenshots just for fun there are still some who do such things to mislead, cheat, and defraud others.

Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything

Below, you will find many tools which can help you design and create your own fake screenshots and videos.

One of the best options you can use to create a social media profile is Social Dummy, an app that allows you to make fake posts which you can share with others to have fun.

It also has a wide collection of templates for creating good-looking captions immediately on plain white background.

Create Fake Tweet Screenshot

If you have a Twitter account, you should always keep an eye on it in case your account is hacked. No one knows what might happen to it.

You can recover if someone steals your password (that’s if you set a strong password) but if they may gain access to your account because of some other reason like using the wrong link provided by someone else…

That’s when you’ll really be sorry. We suggest that whenever something strange happens with your Twitter app or any other social media app you’d better reset the password right away – just so that nothing gets out of hand and everything works out perfectly.

Tweet Gen

With all the fake tweet generators I’ve had the chance of trying, Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything Tweet-Gen is by far my favorite.

It’s a simple-to-use and free service that supports bright, dark and dim looks while you can customize almost every element of your fake tweet.

For example, you can choose the date and time input formats (such as U.S. or European styled datetime), the number of likes or retweets in addition to which Twitter username will appear on your screenshot (if there’s some special hashtag you’re promoting for example).

You can also upload a custom image to add to your content or create a border around your picture through Tweet-Gen’s built-in designs. fake-tweet-screenshot 1

To make your tweets stand out, you should make use of text formatting. Here is how to make text bold, italic or strikethrough on Twitter for mobile and web.

Zeoob – Fake Tweet Generator

If you run a social media campaign and need fake tweets, then look no further than Zeoob! Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything This powerful web app offers the ability to generate custom made, industry relevant content that is almost too good to be true.

All the text fields like name, policy, date time and more, enable you to portray your message in a compelling way.

Additionally, images are generated in 256 colors so it truly looks real. So if you need fake tweets for your next marketing campaign or corporate brand try Zeoob for free now. eric-mitchell-porat-fake-tweet 2

Other Fake Tweet Generators

Below are a few more worthy alternatives that you can try, if you don’t want to stick with Twee-Gen and Zeeo.

  • Fake Tweet Generator
  • FakeDetails
  • Dizwa – Generate Tweets

If you are an Android user, there are fake tweet generator apps available for Android users. I still recommend the online generators though instead of fake tweet apps because they’re more trustworthy.

Fake Twitter DM Generator

Generating screenshots for a Twitter direct message is an easy enough task to do, but if you’re looking to use them for pranks or imitations of actually existing conversations, you’re probably better off using one of the many generators that are out there like Dizwa, Simitator, Zeoob Twitter Chat, Twitter Chat Generator.

Fake Facebook Post Screenshot

Facebook has pretty strict rules when it comes to copyright infringement, so if you make a lot of fake posts with copyrighted photos using Facebook Auto Poster, Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything the company might take action against you.

Therefore, it is advisable that you upload only public domain images that do not infringe copyright or license terms in any ways.

If those images happen to be your own original work posted on your Facebook account that doesn’t violate any of the points mentioned above, then it ‘ s available for use.

This way you can edit your photographs if you want and turn them into a great poster which will soon become viral among your friends. fake-facebook-post-screenshot 3

I have created the above screenshot using Zeoob Facebook post generator. Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything There are other online generators similar to it that can be used as fake Facebook status creators as well. Besides these, there are some even better relationship status generator tools available.

  • Simitator Facebook Post Generator
  • Prank Me Not Facebook Status
  • Fake Detail Facebook Post Generator
  • Dizwa Fake Facebook Status Generator

When you’re done creating your fake Facebook post, check out how to archive old posts that were on the page.

Fake Messenger Chat Screenshot

You can make fake screenshots of an imaginary Facebook Messenger conversation by using one of numerous methods out there.

As you can see in the screenshot below, everything looks pretty close to a real Messenger conversation with neat little extras that could be faked, such as counter timestamps or eye catching colors for the text. fake-messenger-chat 4

I created the fake messenger chat screenshot using This online online Facebook Messenger chat generator is easy to use, and you can create a fake chat in seconds.

If you have an Android phone, try the apps Fake Chat Conversation and Messenger Chat. Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything I like these more because they don’t force upload a photo, allowing you to choose any profile picture instead of just one that’s forced on you when using this free version.

  • Fake Detail Fake Facebook Chat Generator
  • Dizwa Messenger Chat Generator

Fake WhatsApp Chat Screenshot

WhatsApp is one of the most popular texting and chatting app. In case you are seeking an Android app or online tool that lets you create fake WhatsApp messages, screenshot, WhatsApp statuses etc., there are several online tools on the Internet that facilitate fake WhatsApp screenshots.

You can make fake two-way chats and upload genuine images for your chats or statuses. Once you are done with making a conversation or status; you can share it with your friends.

Android users can try the following online WhatsApp chat generators: WhatsMock, Fake Chat Conversations, and WhatsFake. Moreover, you can also try the following mobile and/or online WhatsApp chat generators:

  • Zeoob – Generate WhatsApp Chat
  • Fake Whats: Chat Generator | Send Message from Fake Number
  • Fake Detail WhatsApp Chat
  • Dizwa WhatsApp Chat Generator

Fake Email Sender and Screenshot Maker

It’s easy to get your prank on, but do your friends really deserve it? As an entrepreneur who is the owner of the company or project, all the work and money that you put forth should not be taken for granted by others.

Keep this in mind when sending out fake emails so that you don’t waste much time and resources on other people’s account transactions.

It’s easy to spoof an email address when sending out fake emails from sites like YAEC (Yet Another Email Constructor). fake-email-screenshot 5

This website lets you send and receive fake emails. Visit our site to create an email and enter the recipient’s email address.

You can also add a subject line and choose a delivery date which isn’t too far from your chosen time zone, so that there isn’t any confusion about when exactly it was sent.

Also, as you might’ve noticed also gives you the option to create spy emails or what we like to call ‘honeypot’ emails, which are crucial for any business owner since they act as fake versions of your own communications but with important changes that other unscrupulous businesses won’t be able to discern until it hits them right where it hurts.

For example add the word ‘hire’ into the domain name in place of ‘contact’, or perhaps use corporate language like legal speak instead of how you normally talk; basically, make sure your honeypots make sense but aren’t ever personalized.

We have seen more and more scams on the internet lately. We have put together a list of all of the best sites for email spoofing and fake emails, as well as a few other essential tools we use in our business.

  • Anonymailer
  • Dead Fake

There are some apps and programs that will help you spice up your social media accounts in order to keep them from being flagged or banned.

Whether it’s something fun like sending a silly GIF or throwing up an emoji, or something more serious like posting from another location – we have all the details you need here.

Fake Instagram Post and Chat Screenshot

There are a number of web-based service that lets you create fake Instagram posts including profile photos, text content and user comments/reactions.

These services will then let you take screenshots of these “fake” posts and save them to share on social media to prank your friends.

To create a fake Instagram post with comments, head over to Zeoob, Instalized, FakeDetails, or Dizwa.

As a user, you have several options when it comes to generating fake social media interaction.

There’s the mobile app Funsta which will let you create fake Instagram chats or DMs along with its partner app Direct Prank which will let you make your own “fake friends”.

As well as websites like Zeoob and FakeDetail which let you upload images into custom scenarios allowing you to make them look like they’ve been sent through your favorite social media platform.

Fake iPhone Text Message Conversation

iOS8Text, FakePost Generator, FakeDetail, iFakeTextMessage, Zeoob, and Fake iMess are all great websites that allow you to create fake iPhone conversations with ease.

The process is quick and simple. Alter text within the boxes, Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything insert a name under ‘name’, choose a carrier under ‘carrier’, write the message under ‘message’ then click on your screenshot.

The screenshot will correspond to what you wrote in the boxes and depending on what information you enter into the fields; it will look realistic.

Remember though that even if you get everything right; things like font can still ruin your chances at making it seem authentic.

Stick to adequate text sizes and avoid unprofessional fonts or colors that might stand out… unless of course you’re going for that look too.

If you own an iOS device, then you’re in luck! There is an app you can use called Fake Messages Pro that will let you create your own fake conversations.

Fake Android Text Message

An Android app called Fake Message creates the perfect screenshot to fake a text message. Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything After entering the message, select the time format and hit ‘create’ to save the generated image.

The text message will be sent automatically after one hour to one of your contacts! Android Fake Message also has an app for creating fake text messages on your iPhone.

As with Fake Message this tool automatically sends out your simulated SMS after a certain amount of time. So you have even more time than before to take an appropriate screenshot.

Fake Flight Ticket

The Ticket-O-Matic is a simple way to prank your friends for a laugh. Simply complete the form with details of the person you want to trick.

Where they live and traveling from and where to, choose the airline name and click “Done!” Your ticket will be displayed shortly thereafter you can forward it onto any email or download. fake-air-ticket 6

Key Flight is a fake flight ticket created through Expedia. Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything Key Flight allows human beings to create a new kind of travel ticket under Expedia.

As Key Flight is becoming more and more popular, there are really many people looking for key flight codes to book tickets quickly at their fingertips.

Newspaper Clipping

Fodey is a slick way to share your stories. Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything Shock your co-workers, friends and family with an all new story in the newspaper.

To generate a fake newspaper clipping simply enter the name of the newspaper you wish to have, choose what date it will be published on (it can also be in the past) and add both a headline for your story as well as some nifty copy about what you’ve got to offer.

If this isn’t enough than why not add in some shocking details that only you would know – maybe there was something very important that happened on that particular day in your life…

Fret not, Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything dear reader, we have done our fair share of research when it comes down to fake news and bogus newspaper clippings so we have 6 websites which are focused around Faking newspapers:

Fodey, Gadget Fake News Online, Newspaper Corpus, and Newspaper Generator. For making homemade gifts online there is

Breaking News Generator

Prank your friends by sending them breaking news articles or fake stories that you have created on TBS Daily.

You can also create a fake article to trick people into thinking it’s an article from the news with Fake News Generator, or if you want to fool anyone into thinking that you’re the real author of a story.

You can use sites like Plagium – and apps like Break Your Own News, Photo Funia, and Class Tools. If you want to make memes in general, there are apps available for Android as well such as Fake News Meme Creator.

Fake Magazine Cover

Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything, there are so many things you can do to help bring media attention to your product or project.

One way is by securing a spot on the cover of a professional magazine and while these opportunities might cost you just like they did with the free web application “Magazine Yourself” in my example, don’t give up hope just yet.

There are still plenty of other opportunities available to put your product in a magazine that awaits you online and at no cost either.

So go ahead and check out services like Your Cover, Poster My Wall, Foto Jet, etc. In addition to any others you want to consider too.

Fake Certificate Generator

You can create a fake certificate to prank your friends and family. Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything Here’s more info on how you can use Visme to create your own fake badge .If you’ve got money set aside for such things, consider using Canva instead. fake-certificate-screenshot 7

Fake Bills, Receipts and Invoices

There was a time when I used to work for a company. Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything Whenever they sent me out of the office for official business, my employer demanded all bills and receipts from all the businesses listed on my expense report or reimbursement form, or bill.

Since I could not keep up with the amount of paperwork being requested of me, I kept losing money in the process by claiming expenses that I had never actually paid myself.

It doesn’t matter how much you trust your employees’ honesty – there are always some people who’ll be tempted to claim expenses they never even incurred in the first place if they don’t have proof that they actually paid themselves.

And since these people are often serial offenders, Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything it takes a lot of hard evidence to catch them.

When you’re looking for an invoice that can help you make GST invoices online, Invoice Generator, Invoicely, Free Invoice Builder and Online Invoices are all great options to consider.

Fake Name and Identity Generator

Many websites that offer so many ways to stay in touch with people by using online forms require users to fill in all their details including an email address, name, full address and even a date of birth.

In today’s age where privacy and safety are so important, many savvy users don’t want to compromise the safety of their personal information when surfing the internet.

Whether you’re choosing to use a fake name generator or faking your identity for any other reason, Make a fake create fake screenshots for almost everything be sure to do a little research and make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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