How to Share Google Photos with Family – Explanation Guide

Google photos partner sharing, google Photos is an application used to store pictures and videos of your family. It is a web and mobile app that can be accessed with a Google account.

A shared library is a fun and simple way to enjoy photos with family, friends, and anyone else in your circles.

Take advantage of the Photos app’s AI engine, which helps you organize your photos into relevant groups. Here’s how:

Additional storage can be attained with Google One membership. Google experts will provide help if necessary.

Members get a lot of benefits including discounts at local businesses and special offers via newsletters. Storing photos on the hard-drive is risky with adware, malware and ransomware.

Google Photos Partner Sharing not working

Share google drive but that is not a good idea since you need to secure your files from hackers.

Your partner’s photos are always saved and added to your Google Photos account, that means you can always search for them.

It’s easy enough to recover photos once they’ve been deleted from your phone.

You can always download all your photos. You are required to have a Google account to upload them through the shared library.

Partner’s photos are visible in your account. The menu will contain all the options.

Photos are a mixture of images relating to weddings, family gatherings, celebrations, and friends.

You can share the entire library.

How Google Photos Sharing with Partner Works ?

When family members share their photo library, “everyone” may see the photos. Some options are greyed out. You may not be able to order or set star ratings on the photos.

Family Group Google has added some new updates. You’ll now be able to see animations and important information about events happening in your life.

Using the Google Photos app, you can access your saved photos offline.

Your partner can see the new photos. Gmail creates an album automatically and limited by the size of storage and image quality.

You can not just share links in your family group on Google. The sharing of pics is quite easy to do. The range of dates will make it more obvious as to what has taken place.

How to Share Google Photos with Spouse

If you have removed your partner from your family group, the person will no longer be available to see any photos that you or the other group members post to the shared Google Photos account.

Add partner account Google photos of you and your wife. The original copy will still exist in your library.

You can register for an account on the Android. Once you have logged in, you can upload photos using Google Drive’s backup and sync feature.

Google family groups is a membership benefit among parents and their children.

Google Photos and Family Sharing

We have several members in our family and neighborhood.

The Google Photos app allows you to have your photos stored and easily accessible for later use. Sharing a link to your Google drive means that other family members can see a lot more of the photos stored on your Cloud account.

It includes parents, kids, relatives and friends. And anyone you give access to your Google account and they can’t access photos in Google Photos on the web or mobile app unless you remove them from your Family Group on the Family Gallery’s main page at any point.

Google is offering free cloud storage and along with that, 15GB, which happens to include all your Gmail messages and Google Drive documents.

They are also offering extra storage for those who want it; up to 85GB when you subscribe to a monthly plan.

Google Photos Share All Photos

Each member of your family who uses Google Drive or Backup & Sync will need a Google account.

Managing your Google Drive files can be hard since it is an online service.

You can share your pics and videos with members of your family, or even with friends if you like the idea.

You should not give sensitive information like your Google account details to other people.

It is for security reasons . It also minimizes the chances of having an information overload.

Google provides different access levels when it comes to sharing photos through Google Photos.

You can now share entire Google Photos with only one person.

Google Photos Partner Sharing Settings

  1. Open in your Chrome or browser. Sign in to your Google Account or Gmail.
  2. On the left side, click on google-photos-utilities 1
  3. Add partner account is visible on the right pane.
  4. Click Get Started. add-partner-account-google-photos-utilities 2
  5. Enter the partner’s Google account email id or select from the list of contacts. select-partner-google-photos-sharing 3
  6. Click on Next and select the All photos google-photos-partner-sharing-settings 4
  7. Other options are
    1. Photos of specific people
    2. Only show photos since this day
  8. Click on Send Invitation. Your son or father has to accept that request. send-invitation-partner-sharing-account-google-photos 5

That’s it. Your family member’s Google account can now see your photos.

An easy way for parents to manage their accounts is through Google One subscription. Members of families can keep track of their credit cards history and invoice information.

Share only relevant photos. You can restrict the visibility of certain photos so that they do not appear on your profile.

How to Share Google Photos with Family on Android?

Here are some tips on how to optimize your Redmi phone or any other device released with the Android operating system.

  1. Open your Google Photos app and tap on the account profile photo of your Google account.

(Note: I hope you have already have added your Google account to your Android phone).

  1. Tap on Photos Settings. photos-settings-google-photos-app-android 6
  2. On the next screen, tap Sharing > Partner Sharing.
  3. Tap on getting Started. share-library-google-photos-android-get-started 7
  4. Select your partner from the contacts list or use the input field to type an email address. select-partner-for-sharing-google-photos-library 8
  5. The same options on the desktop are available here. Tap on Next.
  6. Tap on Send Invitation. partner-sharing-google-photos-android 9

Other family members have to accept your sharing invitation to view the photos and videos.

How to do Google Photos Partner Sharing multiple users?

No, that’s not possible. The current partner account needs to be removed first before adding a new one.

While adding multiple users to the same tab is possible, only 5 users can be added at this time.

Google Photos allows you to share photos with a single person.

On the other hand, you can make multiple albums from your existing photos and share them with multiple family members.

Google Photos Multiple Users

The only other option for adding multiple users to your Google Photos account is to subscribe to the Google One plan.

You get to add 5 more family accounts to your account. They’ll be able to access ALL the photos & videos that you uploaded.


Even though the photos you have shared between family members or partners is paused, it’s not possible to search through or face tags.

Some features, like selected face groups are not available with the shared option. Instead because the owner has to save all the images to their own account before using them in their project.

If someone doesn’t accept your invitation, they will not see your feeds. With images shared, creation of photo albums may not be possible. Approved viewers only.

Once they start saving the photos, they’ll surpass the 15GB storage limit, and any images exceeding this 15GB limit will get deleted.

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