How to Scan and Remove Malware from Your Router?

Many people do not even believe that their routers could be affected by a virus or malware. Yes, it is true that your router just like your computer or any other device can be affected by the virus. Then, is there any way to identify that your router has been affected? How can you also remove the virus if identified? First of all, the two common viruses that are found in a router are VPN filter and Switcher Trojan. Do you know what is the major threat to your router? It is your weak password that allows access to strangers to your router. Many people forget to change the password of the router and keep it as set originally and this becomes an easy entrance for trespassers. 

How can you find out that your router has been infected? 

  • When you click Google search and type some websites that you want to visit and as soon as you click on the link, you end up on some other website that you never intended to, this means there is something wrong. Your router has been infected and this is the cause for you to land on some other website. Attackers are ready to steal your information from the other website that you visit. 
  • When your Internet starts to function very slowly and it seems very unusual for you then there is reason to ponder. If you are not able to troubleshoot the real reason there may be chances that your router is affected by malware. This will start controlling your access to sites and also limits the efficiency of your router. This way the connection of the router with the server is limited and it starts to function slowly. This should be taken very seriously since whatever you transmit over this is seen by strangers. 
  • There are chances that your data is locked up by ransomware. Ransomware is a virus that is deliberately planted and then the victim is threatened that all the data would be leaked in case he is not paying the ransom demanded. In most cases, people are forced to pay the ransom amount since they don’t want to compromise their sensitive information. 
  • The computer programs that you access can crash randomly. This is because the router has been infected. An affected router does not just damage the device alone, rather it affects the connections that are made through the router. This means that the programs you access from a server with the help of this router can be compromised. This leads to the crash of these programs. 
  • Whenever you visit any website or whenever you are working on your system you may get a message that your system has been affected by a virus and it needs to be removed immediately. When a message comes from the legitimate antivirus software that you have installed you can believe it and go ahead. But if it is not so it may be a random fake message. This is a trap for you to click on that link and thereby plant a virus. 
  • When your connection is compromised, it may happen that unknown toolbars or software are installed in your system. When you had not authorized the download of these but they are present on your system indicates the presence of malware that is operating from the back. It is an indication that your system has been affected. 
  • So many advertisements begin to appear forcing you to click on them then you visit the website. You may not have experienced this previously and so this may mean the presence of a malware. 

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Here are ways to scan and remove any malware that has crept into your router. 

  • You should check your DNS settings to find out if your router has been compromised. To do this first log into your router’s settings. If you do not know how just read the help document. 
  • From your router menu, you have to check the DNS settings. 
  • Check whether the DNS configuration is set to automatic. If it is so then it means that it is functioning properly because it is acting as per the directions of your Internet service provider. In case you have said the DNS settings as for your preferences do check that they have not been changed. 
  • If you find a change from the ones that were originally set up then it definitely means that there is a mess up with your router. There are chances that it may have been affected by a malware. 

You can also check the status of your router by doing an antivirus scan. It is always for your safety that you should install antivirus software on your device. To begin the scan, you should first open the antivirus software that you have installed on your computer. From there select the network inspector and allow it to scan the entire network. Once you have done this your antivirus software begins to scan the entire network. After a while, it will give you the results. The results will display all the devices that are connected to the network. This includes the routers, the laptops and the mobile phones that are connected to the network. By selecting a particular device, like for example the router you can know whether it has been affected by malware or not.  

Read along further to know the steps to remove malware from your router. 

  • You can install a strong antivirus: you should install a strong antivirus that can detect the presence of malware on your router by doing regular scans. Whenever you are using a network this antivirus will ask you whether you are using a public or a private network. If it is a public network then it knows very well that it is unsafe and protections will be in place. It can help scan and remove the virus then and there.
  • Sometimes due to the presence of malware, you could lose important information from your device. This can be avoided by doing a regular backup. Once the data backup is done it is stored in the cloud or a separate drive. You can remove the malware after doing the backup. 
  • You could alternatively choose to do a factory reset to your router. A factory reset means that it is set to its original position before its first use. When you do this any malware that has been sitting on it is also removed. So, after the factory reset your router is free of any viruses and is ready to use again. Factory reset is normally done by pressing a small button at the back of your router. This is a very simple task but can help you in a great way. 
  • Update the password of your device. This is one common mistake that many people do. They fail to change or update the password frequently. Not changing the password can give easy access to strangers and they can easily hack your system. This can be another important way to remove malware from your router. Once the password is updated it takes time for the hacker to get access to the router once again. 

Make sure you take the help of an expert to help you out of this situation. They can help you install an authentic antivirus solution and get can get rid of the virus that has affected your router.

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