DIY – How to Identify PC HDMI Port Problem and Fix it

My pc HDMI port not working, the audio ports, HDMI ports and power ports all tend to be connected to the APU/GPU (Accelerated Processing Unit/graphics processing unit on your computer.

You need to insert that memory card into a place provided in the computer case.

For example, Dell XPS 15 laptops may include the AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card running Windows 10.

APU is an abbreviation for an Accelerated Processing Unit. The APU was invented by AMD and it includes the graphics processor as well as the central processing unit. An APU is a hybrid of CPU and GPU.

In that situation, it is possible to connect your HDMI cable directly to the motherboard where the port is present.

Generally this is not visible to the outside. You just see an HDMI port on the back of your computer.

So you connect the HDMI cable to your TV’s HDMI port in order to transmit video and other forms of digital audio.

Sometimes when the HDMI cable goes bad, or maybe it’s just not compatible with your graphics card, you might get a “No Signal” error.

The reasons could be many but we have outlined some possibilities like experiencing problems with the HDMI port on your PC.

However, if your PC’s HDMI port is not working, the first thing you should check is your GPU card (Graphics Processing Unit).

Open up your rig’s case and take a look at whether the green lights on your card are illuminated or not. Sometimes you see a red and green light instead.

This could be because of loose cables which connect to the HDMI port on your GPU card and run to your monitor.

Another reason why HDMI ports fail to detect secondary monitor devices like HD TV or LCD TV, is due to faulty drivers.

Some of the graphics cards that are having trouble with updating from Windows 7 to 10 or older versions like Anniversary Update include

  • AMD ATI Radeon HD 4200
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000
  • AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470
  • Dell Studio XPS 8100 with AMD Radeon HD 7570 graphics card
  • Toshiba L500-1ZP (2010) with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5165

The main reason is that the default driver for GPU in Windows 10 isn’t compatible with the newer graphic cards. For example, if you use AMD then you need to install the latest version of CCC – 15.7 version or higher.

This supports WDDM 2.0, DirectX 12, Cross-Fire Free Sync for gamers etc.

How to Test if PC HDMI Port is Working or Not?

You don’t need any super expensive equipment to check an HDMI port. These tips will tell you all you need to know about making sure your HDMI connections work properly.

  1. PC or laptop with HDMI port.
  2. HDMI cable
  3. Monitor or HD TV or LED TV.

Out of all these, make sure that your cables are working properly. If not then the problem is probably with your PC’s HDMI port.

There are different methods used to connect a monitor and computer; you will find it more beneficial to purchase a compatible video cable.

For instance, VGA to HDMI adapters and cables are some of the old methods.

Similarly, you can use a DVD adapter and a DVI cable. However the configuration that we’ve provided will provide you with a better picture.

If you see a signal on your computer screen, it means your display device is working.

But if the desktop you’re seeing is “No Signal or blank or handshake and then no signal,” first try unplugging your PC, wait five minutes, then plug it back in.

Sometimes, your HDMI port might be working but the audio and video signal go missing. If a particular device isn’t displayed in the Device Manager, try checking if it is enabled as a Plug and Play Device in the Device Manager.

For example, if the sound is not coming out properly when you screen sharing, then using the Sound option of the Control Panel, you can check it.

In the Playback tab, you’ll see the HDMI output device if the port is working fine. It’s just a matter of enabling it by default sometimes.

Sometimes, a video might not come on the display device. When this happens one can go to nv control center which will help you resolve this issue.

You may need to select the right settings, such as whether you want to use hardware rendering for use in studios that rely heavily on an OpenGL system of some kind.

Always make sure your graphics card is compatible with your problem.

Problem with Multiple HDMI Ports

For example, many a times when you connect a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), it has the option of more than one HDMI output ports.

If this problem still persists, try substituting the HDMI cable to bypass the faulty display device and plug it into a different port on your television.

If a PC port works, then that particular patch was not necessary.

Then you need to take it to a hardware technician to check the connection is proper with the GPU or on-board graphics card such as Used graphics card. hdmi-output-device-visibile-in-control-panel-options 1

Compatibility Problems

Sometimes, the HDMI port on your PC may not be compatible with your OS and graphics card.

Sometimes when you plug in your HDMI cable to connect a monitor or TV to play a game, it’s not that simple. Sometimes when you have old hardware it doesn’t work with the latest technology.

Take for example, Windows 10 which requires the right drivers and control panel based on the graphics card. It may also require an adapter or the right driver connecting your HDMI port to GPU.

Fix PC HDMI Port not detecting Secondary Display with AMD Graphics Card

Even with updated display drivers, if you still have problems, you should take a look at your Device Manager. check-display-adapter-fix-pc-hdmi-port-problem 2

  1. First, unzip the unpack the legacy GPU driver for AMD devices.
  2. Select the Browse option to select the location of the driver and find the right .inf (eg. C7156445.inf) and select open.
  3. Get the model from the list corresponding to your GPU hardware and install it.
  4. Now install the Catalyst Control Center App using the set up at this location in Windows 10.

Fix HDMI Port not working for Windows 10 PC using Compatibility Mode

Now we know that your PC HDMI port may be working in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, but not working after upgrading to Windows 10.

First set up or install the troubleshooter. Then right-click and select “Run as Administrator”.

After a few screens, you can see two options requiring your attention.

  1. The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now
  2. The program requires additional permissions.

Now select the Windows version, such as 7 or 8, that this HDMI port worked on. hdmi-display-device-no-signal-fix 3

Fix HDMI Port not Working with AMD Catalyst Control Center settings

Sometimes the settings in the above app need to be adjusted before using a HDMI port to stream properly. It’s all fine but it could work, if connected through a HDMI with the app.

  1. Detect whenever AMD Catalyst Control Center is opened.

This means that it will detect or pick up secondary devices automatically.

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