Bulk SMS Marketing: How to Grow Your Business

Due to the increasingly competitive market, growing a business in today’s world can be quite difficult. However, if you use the right marketing methods and track your business processes properly, you may overcome the difficulty. The appropriate marketing plan will not only assist you in connecting with your target audience but will also aid in the long-term growth of your company.

Yes, marketing is necessary because, without it, your firm will not succeed since it will not be noticed. There are numerous complex marketing methods that, while efficient, may not be the greatest option for your organization due to a variety of factors such as a limited budget or the fact that your target demographic does not use that platform. This is where SMS marketing comes in to assist you to address your difficulties and increase your sales, and consequently your earnings. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of SMS Marketing Software:

Open rates are high

When compared to emails or phone calls, one of the biggest advantages of bulk SMS marketing is that it has the highest open rates. 98 percent of text messages are opened, making it a boon for businesses looking to provide rapid and effective customer support. Furthermore, we all know that today’s age likes texting to calling, so this is a bonus.

An improved conversion rates

Despite the widespread use of instant messaging via applications, SMS marketing offers numerous benefits. SMS, for example, has a higher conversion rate than all of its competitors. Consumers are more likely than with any other marketing method to visit a company’s website or store and take advantage of promotions or deals given via SMS.


SMS marketing is a very cost-effective method of communication. We at Whatso provide Bulk SMS alternatives via SMS API, allowing our clients to communicate with thousands of people in just a few simple clicks. SMS marketing is more cost-effective than other forms of marketing such as billboards, television commercials, or magazines.

A wider target audience

SMS marketing has become a gold mine as the use of mobile phones has expanded. Furthermore, because SMS marketing does not require any internet activity, it allows firms to reach out to even those who do not own a smartphone. Businesses may make use of the ability to reach consumers directly at their fingertips, allowing them to reach a broader audience.

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Opt-in/Opt-out is simple

Though bulk SMS marketing has a high level of regulatory compliance, the consumer obtains several benefits, one of which is easy opt-in and opt-out. The answer is immediate, and firms can set up simple keywords so that customers can respond quickly. This improves customer happiness, allowing businesses to go another step toward gaining customer loyalty by giving a way for customers to opt-out of receiving notifications from the company.

Visibility of campaign success

How will you determine whether your marketing campaign is meeting or exceeding your expectations? Every business, no matter how big or little needs to know whether their marketing approach is working or not, so they can plan their SMS marketing techniques and target the correct demographic to get more attention.

Use a variety of languages to communicate

India is a diversified country with a large number of languages in which to interact. Businesses must ensure that they communicate with their customers in the language that they prefer. Whatso assists its clients in communicating with their target audience in their favorite language to build a stronger relationship with them.

At Whatso, we provide real-time data and insights to our users, including the number of messages delivered, the state of the message, timestamps, whether the consumer has read it, geolocation, the browser used to visit, and much more.

High ROI & Low Cost

Other forms of advertising (television commercials, newspaper ads, and other forms of outdoor advertising) might be too expensive for small enterprises. Bulk SMS Marketing, on the other hand, is significantly less expensive than the other options. It has very minimal setup costs as well as low pay-per-use rates. For example, for less than $100, you may target more than 1000 customers in minutes.

Retain existing customers

You have the option of targeting interested audiences with the use of SMS. Customers’ approval is obtained through opt-in and opt-out elements in SMS marketing. Once you have this authorization, you can send them messages regularly to keep your company top of mind, present them with offers in an attempt to persuade them to buy new products or services, or remind them of what they have purchased from you to promote the product usage. It’s a fantastic method to build a strong consumer relationship. SMS is a wonderful marketing technique since consumers check their phones so frequently.

The Bottomline

SMS can be used to increase income by alerting clients to special offers or just informing current and prospective customers about new products and services. Free samples, Buy one, get one free, or high-percentage-off bargains are usually the most effective. Because each sector and business are unique, determining what would work best for your company may require some trial and error.

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