How to Choose a Pay Per Click Agency

Finding a Pay Per Click agency can be time-consuming. You need to consider several factors before deciding on a service. The best agency will have a proven track record of generating results. They will be able to help you improve your website’s traffic. They can also help you increase your conversions.


While search engine optimization (SEO) takes some time to set up and ramp up, pay per click advertising is a fast and efficient way to generate new business and brand awareness. A pay per click agency will do the legwork for you by monitoring and optimizing your campaign and keywords. They also run split testing to ensure that your ads, landing pages, and entire PPC funnel are performing as efficiently as possible.

One of the most crucial steps for a successful PPC campaign is to understand your target audience. A PPC campaign can be geared towards a certain group or the entire population, depending on your company’s needs. The end goal is to increase traffic, conversions, and sales. A good PPC agency will have a great reputation in the industry and can help you maximize your marketing dollars.


If you’re looking for an agency that knows how to get results with PPC advertising, then you need to look no further than AgencyPartner. This hyper-focused digital agency has over 40 experts who know how to optimize landing pages, websites, and more. Their expertise and 5-star ratings are testaments to their dedication to their clients.

The agency prides itself on being a progressive Internet marketing agency that values ROI. Their innovative approach to digital marketing combines experience with agility to create a unique strategy for every client. AgencyPartner’s employees are passionate about their work and believe in the power of personalized communications. As a result, the agency employs some of the best minds in the search marketing industry. They share their expertise with clients without hidden agendas and value collaboration.


Smec is a highly-rated pay-per-click agency with a team of dedicated PPC experts. It offers ample support to its clients and is known for using proprietary market observer software to monitor key performance metrics. The company also closely monitors the e-commerce industry. Another leading pay-per-click agency is Directive, which specializes in PPC for SaaS and B2B companies. It works with clients of all sizes, from the smallest startup to large multinational companies.

Smec’s founder Tom Bailey has an impressive track record working with big technology companies. He spent eight years in various digital marketing roles at Google and Microsoft. He has also held executive roles at mobile startups and has lived and worked in China for the last two years. He currently heads the corporate sales team for Microsoft Advertising in the DACH region.


Oamii is a South Florida-based digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, and SMM. The company works with local and North American clients to help them increase ROI through digital marketing. Its goal is to help clients reach their target audience by providing targeted traffic. The agency’s team of highly-experienced PPC experts is dedicated to their client’s success.


When looking for a pay-per-click agency, you should consider hiring a team with B2B experience. This is where Directive can help. They specialize in performance marketing for software companies, focusing on paid media and organic search to help companies surpass revenue goals. According to the company, their clients have seen 148% conversions and a 147% decrease in Google Ads CPA. The company’s team of marketing experts also creates reports to track metrics and ensure a measurable return on investment.

One PPC campaign management tool that Directive uses is TrueClicks. By connecting a new client’s Google Ads account, Directive is able to see which ad campaigns need improvements, and then prioritize those improvements. This helps them achieve immediate results for their clients.

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