How to Drive High ROI from Email Marketing Campaigns

How to Drive High ROI from Email Marketing Campaigns

Every marketer strives to formulate marketing strategies and methods that are effective and reap the intended results. However, marketing efforts are worth their cost if they present businesses with great ROI (Return on Investment). And this practical fact holds good for marketing initiatives executed through email marketing campaigns – the number one digital marketing channel of today.

For email marketing campaigns to bring in the benefits that we expect, considerable time and thought must be invested into some of the important aspects of the campaign.

The below list will help you focus on the critical issues of your email marketing campaigns, which will help you drive high ROI from them.

  • Catchy Subject line

The subject line of your marketing email is highly important for it decides if your email gets open or not. A poor subject line will not keep your audience interested and not open your email in the first place. Hence, your marketing email must feature a catchy and crisp subject line. Too long subject lines will leave the readers impatient and may not pull them into opening your email. So, the first lesson is that your marketing emails have a catchy subject line.

  • Conversational tone

Nobody likes “talked to.” Everybody loves to “talk with.” Your marketing emails will be liked when read if they “talk with” the readers. Write your marketing emails in a conversational tone; rest assured that they will be read with interest. Moreover, a simple and direct conversational writing style makes the subject matter well understood. Avoiding too much technical jargon and embracing too much of a formal tone help bring your email readers close to you, your business, your products, and your services.

  • Add video(s)

Humans are visual animals, and nothing pleases our eyes than a beautiful photo or video. Incorporating visual elements like photos and videos in your email will help you garner your readers’ attention and attract them. Here, two things matter most. The use of the photo(s)/video(s) must be relevant to the core content of your marketing email. Adding the visual elements just for the sake of adding may lead to users’ disliking them. The second concern is overdoing videos/ photos may make the audience repulsive. So, judicial use of a relevant and right amount of video is advised for better results from your email marketing campaigns.

  • Personalization

For anybody, and everybody, the most important person on this planet is them and them alone. Right or wrong, we humans are always concerned about the self and think a lot about ourselves. It is intelligent to make your marketing emails address the unique self of your audience, catering to their personal preferences and choices. This factor warrants a detailed study of your prospective customers, which is worth the effort. Personalized emails based on customer data are bound to bring in the expected response from the recipients of your email marketing campaigns. Stats reveal that personalized emails result in 14% higher click-throughs and 10% higher conversions. Delegate your email marketing campaigns to an Email Marketing Expert to drive great ROI today!

  • Customized Offers

Buyers are invariably lured by offers and discounts. Rewards and promotions make them happy and satisfied with the purchase. It is a general tendency for the marketers to serve a “one-offer-for-all.” But buyers are different, and so are their preferences. One may like a flat discount on the price. Others may prefer free shipping. Some may want a gift! Some may want a price cut. Understanding this factor and crafting your marketing emails with tailored offers and discounts for prospective buyers will convert them into your customers right away.

  • Add a timebomb

Yes. You heard it right. Adding a ticking time bomb makes your audience react quickly and most favourably. Add an element of urgency to the content of your emails, such as limited time offers, discounts till stocks last, first hundred subscriptions, etc. This approach will encourage your audience to take a snap decision and make a purchase or avail of your service or contact you immediately!

  • Call-to-action

Your responsibility is to make your prospective customers act promptly by including a proper call-to-action button in your marketing emails. Personalized CTAs lead to continued customer engagement with your brands.

  • Mobile Optimization

About 60% of the emails are viewed on mobiles – and not on desktops! Optimizing your email marketing campaigns for smartphones is not a luxury anymore. It is mandatory indeed. It is a noteworthy fact that the emails which do not render good on mobiles get deleted instantly! Mobile-friendly email templates are the order of the day.

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  • Tracking & Testing

Measuring the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and making changes consistently improves efficiency. Open rate, conversion rate, and unsubscribe rate are critical parameters essential for email marketing success. Rolling down email marketing campaigns is not a one-time process. It is a continuous process of improvement.

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