How to Increase Customer Engagement for Your eCommerce Business

Customer engagement has become an incredibly important aspect of eCommerce business today ever since the customers expect more from businesses than ever before. In fact, customer engagement will be one of the top eCommerce priorities in 2022 and will help determine whether you succeed or fail as an eCommerce business owner. Your eCommerce business can’t succeed without loyal customers, and they won’t be loyal if you don’t give them compelling reasons to stick around and continue to purchase from you.

Keeping your customers engaged with your brand and what you have to offer is the key to boosting customer loyalty, which will be especially important in 2022 as eCommerce grows in popularity with customers and retailers alike.

One of the most important parts of running an eCommerce business is the kind of relationship you build with your customers and more specifically with your potential customers. That’s why, when it comes to your eCommerce business, it’s essential to have a customer engagement strategy in place: one that involves listening to what your clients have to say and actively responding to what they need and want from you in order to keep them coming back time and time again.

So, if you want to keep your customers coming back, take a look at these following tips to increase customer engagement for your eCommerce business in 2022.


Gone are the days of marketing that primarily consisted of buying & selling in the medium of offline. But In today’s world online social media is not only just a buzzword, it’s an expectation and has become an integral part of all consumers’ online experiences. Social media touches everything from purchase to post-purchase. As a result of this digital shift, brands must embrace social strategies that align with their business objectives and strategies in favor of their customers.

That is why, a business should incorporate this strategy : “Be Found by your customers, Don’t Find Customers by yourself- meaning that do such marketing that you “become found” automatically by your customer of your niche, not that you go find your customer yourself through a hectic old process. Because it is now the era of social media and we can grab attention of our customers so rapidly.

So, the first step is to identify what you want your audience to do. In addition to that, make a world class website at minimum cost where there will be a hidden command of “CALL-TO-ACTION” for your customers to press with an ease. An eCommerce website should not be filled with unnecessary details or description of your products or services, rather it should focus on the USP of your services that explains how your products or services can provide a fully maximized solution to the problems faced by your customers.

Digital presence and having a digital software is very crucial in e-commerce business. There are many single vendor e-commerce CMS in code canyon. Their unique modules and easy to use features will help you boost your e-commerce business. Some of them are Zarito, eshop, Hexacom single vendor e-commerce app.


By building an email list, you can increase customer engagement for your ecommerce business because when people sign up, they’re giving you permission to send them information. With permission marketing, you can create targeted content and run promotions that are more relevant and personalized than any other digital channel.

The best part is that once they sign up on your website, they aren’t going anywhere! That’s why email is so great: It’s like a direct line of communication with customers. And guess what? People love it! According to a survey by HubSpot , 89% of consumers prefer brands that offer newsletter or email subscription options over all other types of digital communications (like social media). They also report high levels of customer satisfaction with brands who use email frequently.


People love to get deals. They love it even more when they don’t have to pay extra fees for it. Another great way of increasing customer engagement with your ecommerce business is by giving them discount codes or coupons! When you give out a coupon, people will want to make sure that it’s valid and still applicable before buying from you. So consider how you can up-sell them, after providing them with a coupon! You could even offer a VIP access or subscription service that would benefit your customers for a long time.


Having an excellent product is a major step toward encouraging your customers to leave you positive reviews. If a customer has a complaint or is unsatisfied with their purchase, however, it’s important that you respond quickly and courteously.

A quick response not only communicates that you’re listening and working hard on improving your product, but also might encourage more people to leave good reviews. On social media, reach out directly via Facebook messages or tweets and mention any steps you’ve taken in response to your customer’s complaint so others can see how seriously you take user feedback.


Time is money and that rings especially true when it comes to responding to customer emails. Research has shown that you can save anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 in potential profits per customer by providing a response within 30 minutes of an email being sent versus a response within 24 hours.

Fast responses provide two key benefits: Firstly, they are reassuring because it shows customers you are aware of their issue and care about helping them resolve it. Secondly, by responding quickly, you position yourself as reliable and competent.

These two characteristics every customer seeks in their business partners. And if there’s one thing customers hate more than anything which is feeling like they’re being ignored. So it should not be an experience of having a problem go unresolved, rather it should be a satisfying and happy customer experience who gets his problem RESOLVED.


When it comes to getting customers excited about an e-commerce store, few tactics compare with free shipping. The process of buying products online can sometimes feel impersonal and inconvenient, which means that shoppers are on high alert for anything that makes their experience easier or more pleasant. That’s why providing free shipping is such a great idea — it’s not only a way to attract new shoppers and keep existing ones coming back, but also serves as a kind of seal of approval on your business. After all, if you can get something delivered for free, clearly it is going to be a good quality of your business and its impression.


One study showed that, up to 92% of customers who viewed videos about a product bought that item, whereas only 1% purchased without viewing a video. By making short & informative product videos available on your website and social media channels, you can increase engagement and conversions for your ecommerce business. Even a 30-seconds clip can influence us to buy a product if displayed well with your commitment & brand value.


Because buyers have so many questions and want quick answers, having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on each page is a simple way to increase customer engagement. It’s especially important on your product pages where shoppers can easily see all of your product details and order information at a glance.

An FAQ section allows customers to quickly see answers without needing to contact you directly or start an additional conversation in email.

The goal of FAQs is usually preventative, as it helps you avoid inquiries from current and future customers who might not find their answers elsewhere online. For example, if you’re selling shoes, you might include topics like: What are these shoes made of? Are they comfortable? How do I care for them? Do they run true-to-size?


One of the easiest ways to engage with your audience and reward your most loyal fans is through giveaways. Offer your readers a chance to win something (free product, signed book, cash, etc.) in exchange for sharing and commenting on your social media posts or interacting with you. At first it may seem strange asking people to invite their friends, but don’t be shy!

The more people who get involved in something you’re doing (for example- free stuff), the more likely they are going to remember you and come back. Additionally, by giving away samples or pieces of content on a regular basis, you will create a community around your brand who will look forward to what is next from you AND that helps keep them coming back even after the giveaway ends.


So before we end up, the bottom line remains that, customers will always be engaged with a brand or an eCommerce business as long as how that brand or businesses make its customers feel about their products and services together with touching their emotion of the buying process. As a result, customers become all-time-loyal consumers of your ecommerce business.

That is how eCommerce businesses should focus on the customer retaining process by building an ENGAGEMENT in relation to the future growth and only an existing satisfied customer can become the loyal customer who helps in the growth of your business by his word of mouth marketing by acquiring new customers that ultimately can bring 10x growth in your ecommerce business.

And by building loyalty among your customers in the end, it can ultimately help in the growth of 3 things of your eCommerce business-which are: Customer Engagement, Brand Awareness and Generating Prospects, because the more the customers become loyal, the more they become engaged in your growth. 

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