6 Benefits of LinkedIn Premium Business Plan in India – Complete Review

LinkedIn premium features benefits India, linkedIn is a great tool for recruiters or job seekers a way to really dig deep when looking for candidates and identify the right staff.

Will it help you in your role? In India, where the price tag is considered a liability rather than an asset, can you really afford 2400 rupees per month?

(Hint: NO!) Make sure that the things you do add to your life rather than subtract from it.

LinkedIn is a social media development tools. It’s not just a place to go for networking or fun, it’s also a great place to have your own newsletter just like the others on this list of free services.

Get yourself some followers and start building up a talented network of people you can collaborate with on any project at any time.

The Free plan is for all the LinkedIn users who have just started working with the platform, but still wish to reach out to hundreds of thousands of professionals on the site – because all the services are available in LinkedIn’s Free version.

But did you know that there are other Premium Business or Recruiter plans? If you have a larger organization and want to keep some accounts to yourself with no sharing, there is a plan for $499 a month with unlimited accounts.

If you’re looking to fill open positions, LinkedIn Premium can help you get your recruitment efforts off the ground.

You can view more information about prospective employees and research their background in a much more comprehensive manner than other free offerings could allow for.

You can get a LinkedIn Premium 1-month free trial here . It’s completely free and doesn’t ask for your credit card information.

In this post we are going to see 6 benefits of LinkedIn Premium Business Account in India. linkedin-premium-business-features 1

Premium Account Options

These plans are for those who use LinkedIn. They are based on your profile, but you need to make sure that it’s updated because that is what our team has primarily taken into account when creating these approaches.

There are also specific things to look out for as well that I want to remind you of, such as having a well-rounded introduction or background story and using the full potential tools at your disposal when updating your setting or making new account connections for example. linkedin-premium-plans-in-india 2

Taking advantage of all the resources Premium Business has to offer will cost you Rs 2400 a month.

That includes everything from access to valuable business insights and advice, a team of professionals working hard behind-the-scenes just for you, basic training modules on how to best utilize your account and much more.

LinkedIn can offer you a ton of features. Among other things, they include unlimited access to the networking website’s job postings section.

Insights into InMail messages and salary information, LinkedIn Learning courses, and career-related business tips.

Plus, with post-paid membership plans offered through LinkedIn, LinkedIn premium features benefits India you’ll receive unique social media features like the ability to bookmark your favorite pages and keep track of recipients who view your profile using your “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature.

Sales Navigator Pro comes at a cost of Rs. 4,900/- per month. It’s ideal for sales professionals looking to grow their pipeline and generate leads by sending out messages to prospects’ email ids.

Furthermore, there’s the Premium Business Plan which includes advanced search filters to help you find leads and candidates as well as note-taking capabilities within their personal profiles.

Salespeople have a lot of additional features and tools that make their lives easier, like it or not. Some of those include sales spotlights, lead recommendations, saved leads and accounts, as well as email integration options. linkedin-premium-sales-navigator-plans 3

Recruiter Lite is a cost-effective tool that has been specifically designed to make the recruitment process easier and hassle-free.

Available for only Rs. 6,000 per month, Recruiter Lite includes 30 In-Mails that you can send out each month at no extra charge.

The Sales Navigator tool is different from the Sales Navigator Pro. The Pro-version gives you multiple tools to assist your business on its sales mission. Depending on what you need, you have access to guided search, smart suggestions, saved searches and projects.

Recruiter Corporate is a very resourceful product that we would like to offer you. LinkedIn premium features benefits India It comes with a hefty payoff at the end of each month.

With the LinkedIn Recruiter product and the various features it offers such as 50 saved search alerts and full access to LinkedIn’s network, you may be just seconds away from finding that perfect business partner or employee, who can both help growing your company.

This can all happen if you sign up for a free trial in order to test out this very resourceful tool.

You can send a personalized InMail to up to 150 members at once.

You can also send a collaboration request to multiple team members at once and there’s also the option of setting up a custom workflow so that your team or hiring managers can quickly take care of issues before they become too much for you to handle.

LinkedIn Premium Features

The following features are available with a LinkedIn Premium Business account.

  • 15 InMail’s per month
  • Who’s viewed your profile
  • Business Insights
  • Job Insights
  • Unlimited people browsing
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Open Profile linkedin-premium-features 4

Support is always there to help you if you need any help with your account. They will guide you through the process and make sure everything works for you.

InMail credits.

Once you connect with a LinkedIn member, LinkedIn premium features benefits India you can have private discussions with that person by using the messaging application.

But you may also encounter those people online that do not respond to your messages.

You can also have users on your website who don’t seem to be paying attention to what messages you’re communicating through email newsletters or even social media.

If you have a business proposition to someone whose contact information is available online, then you can tailor your message and adjust them accordingly, particularly if it’s going to be addressed directly to their name.

You can help each other out by linking up if we don’t know each other because this could benefit us both. If we do, but are unclear about the project, then a short introduction will solve that issue. I love great pictures.

InMail’s are a confidential method of communicating with someone on LinkedIn who is not already connected to you.

To craft an InMail, you should: visit the person’s profile, select the More… option in the bottom right-hand corner associated with their card and then choose the message icon which will appear alongside it.

You can enter details like Subject, message text etc. before clicking Send.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile

When you click on the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ button, the users who have viewed your profile will be displayed. linkedin-premium-feature-who-viewed-your-profile 5

The total number and time period of views you’ve received in the past 90 days are shown.

Specifically, LinkedIn premium features benefits India what’s shown is whether or not a viewer was a first-initiated connection or someone who reached out to your profile after you followed them back via a direct message.

Also indicated is which jobs you’re eligible for so that you can choose the best ones from suitable candidates.

Based on your profile data, LinkedIn Premium recommends the top % of the applicants. You can also see commonly asked interview questions here. These include

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What is your greatest strength
  3. What is your greatest weakness
  4. Why should we hire you. interview-questions-categories-from-linkedin-job-insights 6

It depends on each category and your profile data. You can get relevant questions in other category fields like – Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Sales Development , Relationship Management etc.

Thanks to AI powered feedback, you get more accurate information about your health and how to improve in real time when you record a video.

Business Insights

you can get exclusive insights into 350k+ public and private companies on LinkedIn. LinkedIn premium features benefits India Companies are added to LinkedIn from the major web browsers or by company feeds.

You can view public data for some public companies but you must have a subscription to view private data for those companies. linkedin-premium-in-india-business-insights 7

Take informed business decisions by following the latest trends in your niche. You can follow competitors, market leaders and starters to see how they are doing it right or wrong.

You can also analyze growth and hiring trends to determine where companies are investing resources as this will give you a better indication of future opportunities.

The premium features include

  • Total employee count
  • Number of people hired from your school
  • Employee distribution and headcount growth by function
  • New hires
  • Notable company alumni
  • Total job openings

 Job Insights

If you’re looking to find an opportunity in your career, LinkedIn premium features benefits India don’t miss out on these LinkedIn Premium tools which can help give you insight into everything from the companies you want to work for, to the salaries that are being offered linkedin-premium-in-india-job-insights 8

You can compare your skills to the qualifications required for open jobs.

How you compare against other applicants. Notice how the rewrite is shorter and to-the-point without requiring much effort? That’s because we removed a lot of redundant, unwieldy words and phrases.

You can use the following information to help you create a successful resume and help you prepare for an upcoming interview.

The premium feature includes jobs where you’re at the top of a hiring queue. You can see when the job was posted and can apply to that post with a single click by utilizing our easy-to-use interface.

It also shows how much of your desired role (out of all applicants) you’re able to achieve which helps reduce your stress level during this important time.

Unlimited people browsing

As the largest professional community, LinkedIn is an excellent resource for decision makers, LinkedIn premium features benefits India company holders, job seekers, and recruiters alike.

You always need to be ready at any given moment. There are many influential connections that take care of things for you.

You can see the profiles of third-degree connections (i.e. friends of friends) up to 3rd connection and possibly beyond on an ad-free basis.

You can search for jobs using the premium feature view job postings and resumes for area

For example, if you are in the market for an SEO Manager based in Mumbai, you can simply open up Google and search for SEO Manager in Mumbai using the search bar. linkedin-premium-business-in-india-search-job-profiles 9

You could get as many as 20,000 results for this search. LinkedIn premium features benefits India And then you can filter them by geography and filter out the ones who work at specific companies your startup doesn’t do business with or is in direct competition with.

Another thing we really like about Google Analytics is how they also offer other cool features. linkedin-premium-business-search-people-filters 10

LinkedIn premium features benefits India, you can search for your ex-colleagues.

You are able to filter which connections you look at based on their titles and the industries they work in – but there are so many options that some of our new users get overwhelmed by this.

For example, when I searched for a friend who works in IT as a network architect there were just too many results. search-results-for-unlimited-browsing-of-connections-linkedin 11

Since I know that he is my ex-college mate and lives in Australia, I have added relevant filters.

Where do I apply for services?. LinkedIn premium features benefits India When I look up keywords and then limit the search results to 2 applications. But when I choose his undergraduate school in the filter, it also shows my ex-classmate’s business connection.

You can either recognize her profile picture or InMail her as a premium member. If she doesn’t respond, you can even send a Wall-Post.

Open Profile

This allows for other members on LinkedIn to see a full profile of yourself, which further enhances your brand.

It will also allow other connections to find you, LinkedIn premium features benefits India even without InMail credit. This setting can always be adjusted via the Premium Profile settings page.

This feature will allow you to display a badge on your profile and next to your name in search results. You can toggle this feature on and off. Premium members may also choose to display their status publicly for others to see by checking the “Let others know I am premium” option when turning the badge on.


LinkedIn Premium was created so that you can reach out to more people in sales and in jobs, LinkedIn premium features benefits India with 30 of the latest features, being made available to you as a LinkedIn Premium subscriber.

Recruiters can search multiple platforms simultaneously by posting their job listings to multiple third party platforms and recruiters get access to resumes matching the jobs they post.

On the other hand, job seekers can contact the HR team directly.

LinkedIn premium features benefits India, premium has the additional benefit of finding relevant remote workers and bloggers based on filters.

You can also look at who’s viewed your profile, which is not available in the free version. This will help job seekers to know if any recruiters are interested in their profiles or not.

In all, at a cost of Rs 2400/month, you can reap benefits as an employer or employee when using these services in the right way.

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