7 Methods to Expand Your Local Business With Digital Marketing

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Gone are the days when people preferred traditional platforms to get to know a brand and acquire information about a specific product. More and more businesses switch to online marketing to expand their brand and reach various audiences.

The advent of the pandemic, followed by lockdown, also showed marketers how ever-changing and evolving the digital arena is. Most businesses witnessed the rising trend of mobile searches and the massive influence of social media platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

This article will cover the importance of incorporating effective digital marketing methods to expand your local business.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

The main advantages of digital marketing are gaining traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness. This is especially crucial in the digital arena, considering local businesses leverage every opportunity they can find to strengthen their online branding.

You must prioritize attracting more potential customers with a substantial budget and resources if you have a local business. You need to engage in digital marketing to achieve that. You’re missing out on many marketing opportunities if you haven’t incorporated digital marketing strategies.

That said, this is the perfect time to include specific realms of digital marketing in your business strategy. Discover 7 ways to take advantage of digital marketing to expand your local business and guarantee fantastic results. Let’s delve into them.

1: Optimize Your Website Using SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been a crucial digital marketing tool for every local small business. Aside from multiple social media platforms, search engine optimization in Brampton will help bolster your business’s internet presence by optimizing your website. Your business can rank well in its local area with quality keywords and compelling content. 

The key to leveraging your SEO strategy is regularly posting on your Google My Business page and filling out the information section inside your Google My Business dashboard. These and Google review strategies will help you place your business on Google’s first page. This gives you an excellent opportunity to let your local customers know about your business’s products and services.

2: Ensure Personalized Email Marketing

Most customers tend to crave personal attention. Email marketing is the perfect solution to give them that. It is one of the most used marketing strategies for a local business and is a preferred tactic for customer acquisition and loyalty retention.

Another benefit personalized emails provide is building a bond with your customers, making your business more credible to them. For example, if you are a web design agency in Toronto, you can offer customized deals and coupons to your loyal customers based on previous purchases. Another option would be to build an email list of your customers or ask them to email their receipts instead of printing them.

3: Create a Social Media Page

A website provides your business identity, but social media is also helpful. It’s where you can actively engage with your customers, especially when you use it with a powerful strategy. With the right social media channels, you can boost your brand awareness and generate interest, helping you improve customer acquisition.

In connection with this, you also need to optimize your social media page. You can check where your customers hang out the most to create your business page there. It’s also essential that you post regularly and keep your page updated. Humanize your brand by posting content (e.g., images, videos, infographics, etc.) with customer testimonials, giveaways, behind-the-scenes, and more. It will show your brand’s personality and values.

4: Invest in Customized Content

Invest in Customized Content
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Nowadays, it’s not about hard-hitting sales; instead, it’s about telling your story so you can effectively market your products and services. For example, if you are running business of cannabis in Montreal; disclosing how safe and protected your product is. Aside from the mentioned digital marketing tactics, content marketing with the right keywords remains one of the most effective strategies for your small business using a brand-new approach.

Instead of convincing your potential customers how fantastic your product or service is, invest in explaining why they should purchase it to solve a particular problem or reach a specific goal faster. Finally, illustrate it with real-life examples and data. With SEO and top tools, such as Semrush, you can increase the value of your content and customize it according to what information your target audience seeks to consume.

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5: Engage and Listen to Your Customers

It’s also imperative that you actively engage with your audience to make them feel valued. Instead, you can respond to their queries and reviews or ask for their testimonials. Engaging and listening to your customers will strengthen your relationship and helps you understand your business from their perspective. With active customer engagement, you can also encourage positive word of mouth and gain new customers while retaining the old ones.

To optimize your customer relationship, professionally engage with them. Never compromise your expertise and professionalism over some negative feedback or review. Lastly, send regular emails regarding your latest deals, giveaways, and customized offers.

6: Consider Using Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing will not only benefit the more prominent brands. A powerful marketing strategy for small businesses, it can generate quality leads and grow brand awareness. Social media influencers can use their loyal fan base to spread the word about your small business and your products. You can find an influencer operating near your location that will attract attention to your niche.

7: Encourage Reviews

Research studies reveal that 93% of consumers read reviews before buying. Moreover, average consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from people they trust.

Encouraging product and service reviews helps you build trust between yourself and your customers. When prospects see that someone they know has already tried your offers and has been satisfied with the results, they will be more likely to try it for themselves.

One way that you can also encourage reviews is through discount offers. In exchange for leaving a review on your website, you can give these to your customers upon their next purchase.

Upon successfully completing a project, you can also ask for feedback about the quality of your service. Aside from helping you expand your customer engagement, reviews will also help you spot areas in your business that you need to improve. 

You can also send review questions over emails or during the final meeting with your client.

There are plenty of marketing strategies that you can utilize to build your brand awareness and expand your customer reach. However, since your business is unique, so should your chosen methods.

While most businesses use digital marketing strategies and tools to engage with their audiences effectively, you should also not neglect that conventional marketing methods like advertising posters and flyers can still be relevant and useful for some small businesses.

The listed digital marketing methods can help you set your business up for success, from optimizing your website to creating a social media page. Start expanding it today!

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