Most in-demand SAfe certifications


With the growing need for professionals in various sectors, there is a strong demand and value for certified ones. While there are a lot of certifications available today, there are few which are more sought after than others. SAFe certifications have a high value and will increase your worth in the global market. It speaks about your ability wherever you go. These agile certifications benefit you in your career growth, providing you with an agile mindset. Let us know some top SAFe certifications and why are they demanded.

Top SAFe certifications

  • SAFeScrum Master Certification Training:

SAFe Scrum Master Certification Training aims to equip you with the correct understanding of a scrum master’s role in a business organization. You will learn how to plan schedules and adopt agile practices for your project. It includes an introduction to DevOps for beginners as well. Even professionals and business analysts are recommended to take CSM for a strong scrum understanding.

  • SAFeProduct Owners/Product Managers

Scaled Agile frameworks Product Owner Certification is the most recommended course for product ownership. SAFe product owner certification will help you to imbibe a wide understanding of a product owner’s role. It solidifies your concepts and lean agile frameworks. If you want a clear and expert product vision then this course offers you the best management techniques. It helps you adapt to agile changes and formulate a strategy process for your development team.

Giving you the best expertise in stakeholder approaches, this training helps you to stay ahead of your market. You will be seen as a certified product owner who masters the art of agile approaches to increase the demand for a product.

  • Leading SAFe Certification

Leading SAFe certification also known as SAFe Agilist is an excellent choice for competent individuals. It makes you aware of why it is important to adapt to agility in business management and the software industry. The key benefit of Scaled Agile Certification is that it drives the demand for you in high organizations that require agile professionals. It will make you proficient in implementing lean agile practices in complex projects with ease. The income gain is one of the promising attractions of this certification. Certified Scaled Agile Professionals gain a 25% increase in their salary than those without SAFe Scaled Agilist Certification.

  • SAFeDevOps Certification/ Practitioner

SAFe DevOps training is not for beginners. You must have basic knowledge of what DevOps is all about. In a disruptive market, the basic need of an organization is to deliver valuable solutions to the business for outgrowing its success. Professionals require a DevOps mindset for this even if they are from a technical background. It helps technical as well as non-technical people to collaborate and work together efficiently to enhance their value perfectly. As a DevOps certification candidate, you will learn why DevOps is important in every industry and role. It will help you to develop a work process that is curated to strengthen a workflow providing security and continuous testing. Only experienced professionals are recommended to enroll for this certification to learn a clear understanding of the DevOps framework.


Agile frameworks and methodologies are nothing new in the present-day industry. The IT sector is way ahead of its usual technologies, which increases the need for professionals who can operate the complexities with ease. This has increased the demand for agile professionals. Owning this certification will verify that you are skilled with agile knowledge and can add value to your company’s success.

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