Tips To Find Free Interior Design Courses Online

If you’re interested in learning interior design, you can find free online courses through several places, including MIT,Home Design Institute, and Udemy. You can also find these courses through MIT’s Skillshare. The Internet is a rich source of courses, and if you’re determined to get your degree, these resources can be invaluable.

Home Design Institute

If you’re an Home Design Institute fan, you probably love all things home and design. You might have a passion for home design, and you may be interested in becoming a professional designer. You’ve probably been watching shows like Fixer Upper for years, and you probably know the difference between chevron and herringbone. Then, you may be interested in finding free interior design courses online.

The Design 101 section of Home Design Institute is a goldmine of free interior design courses. It contains recommended articles, videos, slideshows, and photo inspiration. These free online courses are also great for gaining inspiration. You can also use sites like Pinterest to learn about home decor and design.


If you’re interested in learning about interior design but don’t have the time to take a traditional course, Udemy can help. The site’s interior design tutorials are available in different levels and cover everything from basic concepts to more advanced topics. There are even free courses for beginners!

Interior Design 101 is a course that teaches the basics of interior design. It covers topics such as color palettes, style mixing, and sourcing unique pieces. Because the course teaches a broad overview of the subject, it does not cover every detail in great detail.

Free interior design courses don’t necessarily require prerequisites, but they do require a computer and some specific software. Many of the free courses allow you to download the software before enrolling. These courses are available at a variety of levels, from beginner to intermediate.


Skillshare is an online platform where you can learn from the expertise of other designers and experts. The site has more than 24,000 courses to choose from. Some of these courses are available for free and others are subscription-based. The courses cover topics such as decorating interiors, choosing a colour palette, and accessorizing. Students learn through interactive projects and discussions with fellow students. Some of the courses also include hands-on experience using design tools.

If you’re looking for an introductory course in interior design, Skillshare is a great place to start. There are tons of courses on the site, including free courses. A free membership will give you access to courses for two months. However, you can always buy a subscription to get continual access to courses. The site’s instructors are experienced interior decorators who share their techniques with students. You can also post pictures of your projects in order to get inspiration from other students.

While home design is important, the finishing touches are just as important. With a free interior design course, you’ll learn the finishing touches that make the difference in a space. You’ll learn about different color schemes, furniture styles, and accessories. You’ll also learn how to do simple repairs and make your home look beautiful.


MIT offers a variety of degree programs in Interior Design, including the Master of Science in Interior Design. The course is extremely comprehensive, covering both historical and theoretical knowledge of interior design. You will also gain valuable experience in working with design software. Students are taught by professionals in the field, and the materials are easy to follow.

The MA in Interior Design program is specifically designed for emerging designers who want to learn more about the industry while developing their critical thinking skills. The program focuses on interior architecture theory, associated advanced techniques, concept and design development, research, and innovation, and uses digital and traditional media in the program. The curriculum will prepare you for a career in academia, industry, or business, which may lead to employment in the field.

The Bachelor of Design (BDes) in Interior Design program is a four-year undergraduate degree that combines practical thinking and creativity. Graduates are able to apply their skills in the field, find jobs, and pursue further studies. The opportunities are endless.

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