How to Fix HDMI over Ethernet Problems – Solution Guide

Audio/Video devices have been increasingly using HDMI connections in the last year. Some examples of these devices are Blu-Ray players, DVD players, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, projectors, and laptops. Plasma TVs are also using this type of connection.

The problem with using High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) technology is that you often need to look for special cables, like coaxial or CAT6 cables, or wireless extenders for connection lengths greater than 50 feet.

To fix issues with HDMI over ethernet, it’s important to compare the various types of cables and figure out which one will work best for your needs.

In the image below, we can see that the cheapest way to extend the HDMI cable for lengths between 50 and 300 feet is to use HDMI over Ethernet. How to Fix HDMI over Ethernet Problems This is technically a loose term, and the more accurate word would be to use CAT 5e, 6, 7 cables or HDMI over IP. solutions-to-hdmi-extender-length-problems 1

Have problems with your HDMI interface or connectors when you’re trying to get a high resolution like 2560×1600 or 75hz/1600p? Here are some common issues and how to solve them.

  • No picture even with an extension like CAT 6 balun
  • Low-Resolution error than specified
  • The Complex cables running through the house for an HDMI home theater system
  • No video on your HDMI TV
  • Seeing flashes, dots, or blank screen on your Display device like Smart TV, Plasma TV, Projector
  • Getting pictures but no HDMI audio
  • Multiple Display devices, with one device not working
  • Using in-line HDMI booster, but still no picture
  • Lack of hi-speed HDMI 1.4 rated cables that can handle 3D, faster speeds, and Ethernet
  • Connecting HDMI to analog TV with DVI etc.
  • No Audio, No Video when connecting through HDMI to DVI cable.

How to Extend HDMI over 150 feet without losing signal, audio, and video?

For example, you have a standard PC. You want to connect to two TVs, a Smart TV, and a projector using an HDMI splitter. But you still want a strong signal. Since the distance is so great, you might want to consider using an HDMI or CAT cable.

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For shorter distances, up to around 150 feet, you can use an HDMI cable. How to Fix HDMI over Ethernet Problems However, these can be expensive. A cheaper alternative would be to use a CAT5e or CAT6 cable. But for greater lengths, over 150 feet, it’s better to use the latter option.

Possible Solution

You might be thinking that you can use an HDMI Extension cable with a Cat 5/6 RJ45 Extender adapter, but that’s only going to work for up to 200 feet. Plus, you’ll need a power adapter too.

There are two DVI-HDMI adapters in this product. The “sender” connects to an HDMI input, and the other connects to an HDMI output. Both have slots for connecting to CAT 5 or CAT 6 cables. hdmi-through-network-cable-extender 2

DDC is often used by product managers to communicate with graphics adapters. The main issue with this type of arrangement is that it can be very slow.

  • For lengths, greater than 90 feet you should be needing a shielded Ethernet cable.
  • It will not work through an Ethernet switch or router.
  • And sometimes with particular brands, you may not get a picture.
  • It may not work the distance.
  • Initially, they may work, but later they may fail
  • The specifications mentioned with the product may not be proper

Best Solution

If you’re looking for the next best alternative to using HDMI extenders, try using a single CAT 6 Ethernet cable from Cable Matters. This brand is reputed and suggested by a reader on Reddit.

The units are present in the following arrangement.

  • -1x HDMI Transmitter
  • -1x HDMI Receiver
  • -2x 5V DC Power Adapters
  • -4x L Mounting Brackets
  • -16x Mounting Screws Arrangement-of-HDMI-over-ethernet 3

Use a Media source with an HDMI connection to the HDMI transmitter. This is powered by the AC power adapter that comes with the product.

The CAT 6 cable can be connected to the HDMI receiver using an AC power adapter. The length of the cable should be around 150 feet. typical-HDMI-over-CAT6-extender 4

The device allows you to display content at resolutions up to 1080p, with 24-bit color, and with uncompressed 2-channel audio such as LPCM.

The issue with Apple TV using HDMI over cat 5?

You may face resolution problems and distorted image conditions if you use CAT 5 cable to connect a new projector to your Apple TV using Ethernet, even if it’s for a short distance of 60 feet. The main problem with this type of signal is that it’s not very strong. How to Fix HDMI over Ethernet Problems You might want to try using CAT 5e or CAT 6 cabling to see if that improves the signal.

The issue with PC to Smart TV using Ethernet Cables for Gaming purposes?

With this setup, you might run into the following questions.

  • Will the signal be proper?
  • Will I have the correct resolution and proper framerate?
  • Can I have a 3d SIGNAL?
  • Will there be lossless compression of signal to the standard HDMI connection?

The solution to all of these problems is to use the HDBaseT standard.

If you have this particular setup, you might find yourself asking some of the questions that we’ve listed below. This standard eliminates the need for a lot of cords and wires. Big brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Valens support it.

How to connect 50-inch Plasma TV to Small Entertainment Center (PS3, Cable Box, Yamaha Receiver) – 12 feet away?

You can use HDMI extension cables with Monoprice or any other brand. HDMI cables can be a pain to work with because they are difficult to cut and bend. CAT wire, on the other hand, is much easier to work with and can be cut to the exact size you need. Monoprice is a great place to find hardware for your purposes. You can get an HDMI cable that is just the right length and an adapter to fit the 90-degree angles when you need it.

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