How to Identify PC HDMI Port Problem and Fix it – Detailed Guide

Many people don’t know this, but most of the time PC HDMI ports are connected to graphics cards. This graphics card is what’s responsible for a lot of the image processing that we take for granted on our computers. The correct way to install your new graphics card is to insert it into the hardware slot provided in your computer cabinet or laptop case.

For example, the Dell XPS 15 Laptop with Windows 10 may have the AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470 GPU present. The term APU was coined by AMD and refers to a processor that includes both the CPU and GPU on the same chip. These types of processors can be thought of as hybrids.

In that case, you connect your HDMI cable directly to the motherboard. The HDMI port on the back side panel of your computer cabinet is generally not visible from the outside. So, you connect your HDMI cable from your PC to the required HD TV or Smart TV. The receiving port on the TV will allow you to use a cable to connect the two devices. connect-laptop-to-tv-using-pc-hdmi-port-cable 1

You might see a “No Signal” error on your screen when there’s something wrong with the HDMI port on your computer. We listed some possible reasons for this error in our article “Fix Windows 10 HDMI problems.”

If you’re having issues with your HDMI port, the first step is to take a look at your GPU card. You can open up your computer case to check if the green lights on the card are lit up. If you only see a red and green light, it might be because the cables connecting your GPU card to the HDMI port are loose.

One of the reasons an HDMI port might fail to detect a secondary monitor device is due to outdated or incorrect drivers for the GPU. To fix this, it’s important to first identify which drivers are causing the problem and then update or reinstall them. Sometimes, unplugging and re-plugging the HDMI cable into the port can also help.

Some of the GPU cards which are experiencing problems while updating from Windows 7 to 10 or an older version like the Anniversary Update are.

  • AMD ATI Radeon HD 4200
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000
  • The AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470
  • Dell Studio XPS 8100 with AMD Radeon HD 7570 graphics card
  • Toshiba L500-1ZP (2010) with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5165

The main reason you might be experiencing graphic card issues is that the default driver for your GPU might not be compatible with your new graphic card. For example, if you use an AMD GPU, you need to install the latest AMD Catalyst Control Center App (at least version 15.7).

How to Test if PC HDMI Port is Working or Not?

To test whether an HDMI port is working, the best way is always to use a multi-meter or signal tester.

  • PC or laptop with HDMI port.
  • HDMI cable
  • Monitor or HD TV or LED TV.

Of all of these, it’s important to test that the last two are working properly. By running this process of elimination, you can determine if the HDMI port on your PC is the root of the problem. dvi-adapter-to-connect-to-pc-hdmi-ports 2

There are a few different ways that you can connect your PC to your monitor with an HDMI cable. One way is to connect the HDMI cable from your PC directly to the monitor. Another way is to use a DVI to HDMI adapter.

One example of how to connect a computer to a monitor is by using an HDMI to VGA adapter, a VGA cable, and a monitor with a VGA connection. You can use a DVD adapter and DVI cable, etc., but you’ll be more certain of success if you use the configuration above. Now if you get a signal on your display device, it means that your HDMI port is functioning properly.

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If you’re trying to display something on your computer and all you see is a black screen or a message that says “No Signal,” there might be something wrong with the HDMI port on your PC. Sometimes, your HDMI port may appear to be working but you’re not getting any audio or video signal. In these cases, you’ll need to check the Device Manager to see if that particular device is being displayed.

If you’re ever having trouble with the audio, a good place to start is the Sound item in Control Panel. In the Playback tab, you can check to see if your HDMI output device is set to default. Oftentimes, all you need to do is enable it and the audio will start working again.

Sometimes, images or videos might not show up on your screen. How to Identify PC HDMI Port Problem and Fix it If you have a GPU from NVIDIA or another company, you might need to check its Control settings.

Problem with Multiple HDMI Ports

For example, when you connect a GPU, it often has the option of 2 or more HDMI ports. To find out the cause of the issue, simply plug the HDMI cable into the other port. This will help determine whether the problem lies with the cable, display device, or port.

If a PC port isn’t working, then that could be because the game itself hasn’t been updated to work with the latest operating system. After you’ve completed the software installation, you’ll need to take your computer to a hardware technician to ensure that the connection to the GPU or onboard graphics card is secure. hdmi-output-device-visibile-in-control-panel-options 3

Compatibility Problems

You might run into issues if the HDMI port, OS, and graphics card aren’t compatible with each other. While every computer is different, Windows 10 usually needs the appropriate drivers and control panel based on the graphics card. Sometimes, you may need an adapter or driver that connects your HDMI port and GPU.

Fix PC HDMI Port not detecting Secondary Display with AMD Graphics Card

If you’re still having problems with your display after installing the latest drivers and Catalyst Control Center App, you’ll need to install them manually through Device Manager. check-display-adapter-fix-pc-hdmi-port-problem 4

  • First, unzip the unpack the legacy GPU driver for AMD devices.
  • Then Select the Browse option to select the location of the driver and find the right .inf (eg. C7156445.inf) and select open.
  • Get the model from the list corresponding to your GPU hardware and install it.
  • Now install the Catalyst Control Center App using the setup at this location in Windows 10.

Now turn the computer off, unplug the HDMI cord from both the computer and TV, How to Identify PC HDMI Port Problem and Fix it then re-plug it back into both devices. Turn the computer on. The HDMI port should now be detected under your playback device options.

Fix HDMI Port not working for Windows 10 PC using Compatibility Mode

Ever try to connect your PC to a TV or monitor, only to have the connection not work? You’re not alone. In fact, it’s a pretty common problem and one that can be frustrating to try and fix. One potential solution is to check if your HDMI port is working in Windows 7 or 8.1. If it is, then the problem may lie in upgrading to Windows 10.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the setup files. Once you have them, right-click and select the “Troubleshoot compatibility” option.

A few screens in, you’ll come to a page where you need to select both of these options.

  • The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now
  • The program requires additional permissions.

Select the version of Windows in which this HDMI port worked, like 7 or 8. hdmi-display-device-no-signal-fix 5

Always test your program before setting it to a certain version. This will help ensure that any changes made won’t break the program and cause unforeseen issues.

Fix HDMI Port not Working with AMD Catalyst Control Center settings

The settings in the app may need to be changed for the HDMI port to work right. How to Identify PC HDMI Port Problem and Fix it If everything looks good but the option in the app isn’t selected, try changing that and see if it works.

  • Detect whenever AMD Catalyst Control Center is opened.

This will automatically detect any secondary devices that might be present.

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