Remove FRP Lock on Samsung with Combination File (Odin) – Guide

Remove frp Samsung combination file, FRP or Factory Reset Protection is a security feature on Android handsets and tablets. This can be activated whenever you set up a brand new handset with an email address and password.

By default, your new device will have the factory reset protection feature enabled so that in case it gets into the wrong hands, Remove frp Samsung combination file it will be wiped clean of any data and information so as to not pose a risk to any sensitive information stored on your device amidst potentials risks to your personal identity.

Wiping such details from a lost or stolen phone gets rid of all sensitive legal data too like messages and calls, etc.

Remove frp Samsung combination file

If however, you’re trying to restore your Galaxy Tab or smartphone after losing or forgetting its unlock pattern or PIN code but want to bypass FRP lock in order to do this and get full access again.

Remove frp Samsung combination file, there is an option for this using Odin by flashing combination file which allows one to copy needed firmware .tar file onto device’s flash memory.

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When the FRP security feature is enabled on your Android device and you perform a data factory reset (also known as Google Factory Reset Protection, Remove frp Samsung combination file or GRPR – no not Gaper Resistant Protection!).

It will be locked until your Google account signs back in. If this happens to you, you will know because you’ll see the following message immediately after rebooting:

This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device – or create an account if you don’t already have one.

The steps to enroll in the program are: Remove frp Samsung combination file you’ll be asked to enter your phone number and email address to verify that you’re eligible for this limited time offer. samsung-galaxy-s9-frp-lock-screen 1

However, if you reset your device using the Settings option and proceed to factory reset your device through its settings section, you can ensure there are no issues with formatting it in the process.

Removing FRP on Samsung with Combination File

Many people think they can bypass or remove the FRP Google account lock on Samsung Galaxy by flashing stock firmware. Is this true? Yes and no.

FRP lock Google account protection on the Samsung mobile phones can be tackled by installing a stock firmware but not just any kind of firmware can do that because you need to flash the Android version of your Samsung phone as this will include all installation files available for it.

Below, I’ll be describing the way that to flash combination firmware on Samsung gadgets to remove the FRP lock.

Download Samsung Firmware

We need to update or install Android OS binaries on your Galaxy device. Each handset comes with its own operating system, Remove frp Samsung combination file so you will need to visit any of the following places in order to get the right firmware for your particular device model number.

  • Download Samsung Firmware with Frija
  • BL+AP+CP+CSC binaries for Odin
  • Download Firmware on macOS and Linux with Sam-loader

Create Samsung Combination File

Okay, now that you’ve downloaded the correct firmware for your Samsung Galaxy (yes, it is different for each product), Remove frp Samsung combination file it’s time to combine it with the bootloader and unlock code files in order to unlock your device.

If you want to create a custom firmware flashing file using the regular firmware, follow these steps:

  1. Extract the downloaded Samsung firmware Zip file. You can use a Zip archiver like Win-Rar, 7Zip, Power Archiver, etc. for this purpose.
  2. Open the extracted folder and you’ll find 5 firmware binaries including AP, BL, CP, CSC, and Home_CSC.
  3. Make sure you can view the .md5 extension of the files. If you see only .tar, click on the View tab on the Windows Explorer window and check the option that says ‘File name extensions‘. view-file-extension-windows 2
  4. Now, right-click on the firmware file that starts with AP in its name and select the rename option and add a .rar extension after .md5.
  5. Then select the BL file and change its extension to .rar too. rename-ap-and-bl-firmware-files 3
  6. You can now extract the AP and BL zip files.
  7. Open the AP folder, copy the boot.img.lz4, and system.img.lz4 files and paste them into a new folder. samsung-combination-file-frp 4
  8. Similarly, open the BL folder and move the file names sboot.img.lz4 to the same new folder. samsung-frp-combination-sboot-firmware 5
  9. Open the folder where you saved the boot.img,lz4, sboot.img.lz4, and system.img.lz4 files. Select all three files and pack them into one file by selecting the Compress to “New folder .rar” option from the Windows context menu. create-samsung-frp-combination-file 6
  10. Now, change the Zip extension of New folder.rar file to .tar and rename it with the firmware name as shown below. samsung-combination-file-frp-1 7

Remove frp Samsung combination file, you have successfully created the Samsung combination .tar file to remove FRP on your Galaxy device.

Reset Samsung Device and Enable USB Debugging

Before you proceed to install your favorite apps over at the Google Play Store, make sure to perform a Factory Data Reset.

When it comes down to resetting your phone, there are two ways in which you can do that – but if you want an easier way.

I’ve got a tutorial about accessing your device’s “Factory Reset” option via both the Android operating system and also via various Samsung devices.

  1. Once you get into the Android Recovery menu screen, select the Wipe data/factory reset. You can use the Volume up/down keys to navigate and the Power button to confirm the selection.
  2. Perform a data/factory reset and then select the Reboot system now option.
  3. When your Samsung device boots up, you’ll see the Samsung factory binary screen similar to the one shown below. Tap the mosaic icon on the top-left corner of the screen. samsung-factory-binary-mode 8
  4. Doing so will show you the app drawer screen. Navigate to Settings > Developer options and enable USB debugging. If you don’t find that option, here is how you can turn on the Developer option on Samsung devices.
  5. Now, turn off your phone or tablet device by holding the Power button.

Flash Samsung Combination File with Odin

Okay, Remove frp Samsung combination file you now have the Samsung combination file that you copied from the stock firmware available for your Galaxy device.

Ensure that USB debugging is enabled as this will allow you to use Odin to flash firmware files onto your Android device. Your phone or Tab will still be locked by the FRP which can be removed successfully with this following step.

  1. Download the patched version of Odin and extract the Zip file on your desktop.
  2. Odin3 3.14.1 3B PatcheD (for devices released after 2018)
  3. Odin3 3.13.3 3B PatcheD (for older Samsung models)
  4. Download and install the latest Samsung USB Driver on your Windows PC and reboot your system.
  5. Open the Odin folder and launch Odin3.exe as an administrator.
  6. It’s time to boot your Samsung device into the Download Mode.
  7. Connect your device to the computer using a compatible USB cable.
  8. When your phone or tablet is recognized by Odin, the ID:COM port will be highlighted.
  9. Click the Options tab in Odin and make sure that only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are enabled there.
  10. Then click on the AP button and add the Samsung combination file you created earlier. samsung-combination-file-odin 9
  11. Finally, click the Start button to trigger the installation.
  12. Wait until the combination firmware installation finishes and you are greeted by the PASS!! message in Odin. Your Samsung Galaxy device will reboot automatically.

Making your Samsung Galaxy even more cutting edge always been a motivation for you and you also know about the importance of this feature on your device.

Today, Remove frp Samsung combination file we are going to shed light on how you can remove the FRP lock from your phone and how it will upgrade the opportunities waiting for you.

Please get the approval to use factory binary (PIT)

If a security feature of your Samsung Galaxy device is enabled, Remove frp Samsung combination file you might be presented with an error that reads “insufficient storage available” while attempting to install custom firmware on your device.

You need to use binaries to operate the device. Please get this approval before the meetup.

To fix this, please flash the firmware for your device along with the Samsung combination file in Odin.

If you don’t know how to get the correct PIT file or understand what it is – read my tutorial describing the steps to extract Samsung PIT from firmware.

Under Options in ODIN, how to Remove the frp Samsung combination file also check the Re-Partition option first. Also make sure to put the PIT file under the PDA tab in ODIN.

To use this method, you’ll need to download the Samsung flash files according to your model number and extract it, then open up a new text document and place your FRP unlocking code in that one.

Then add the newly created text file and your phone specific flash file into ODIN together with the PIT file before starting the flashing process! Remove frp Samsung combination file You should also try NAND Erase if this method doesn’t help.

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