How To Charge Mavic Air Controller Without Adapter?

Extra power backup How To Charge Mavic Air Controller Without Adapter is essential if you’ve ever spent two weeks or more on a long expedition that’s so remote that the chances are high that the distance between where you are and where civilization lies will make it so your task can’t be completed. How To How to charge Mavic Air 2 controller Without Adapter?

You can charge the remote controller with any Micro USB cable. You don’t need to use a specific cable or connector.

When you first open the DJI Mavic Air 2 box, don’t be surprised if you can’t charge it to start. The adaptor used for DJI Spark and P4P remote controllers won’t fit.

The problem is compounded if you find hidden cables that don’t match what you see on the outside of the box.

How To Charge Mavic Air Controller Without Adapter

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Without An Adapter, How Do You Charge The Mavic Air Controller?

Pilot difficulties charging the remote controller for the Mavic Air. Right now, pilots who do not have an adapter charging their remote controllers are struggling to find a solution to their dilemma. If you’ve tried utilizing power banks but it isn’t enough, there is still a way to charge your controller with full capacity.

In fact, this safety feature means that after seven days of non-use, the battery will discharge itself by 65% on its own! Make sure you always use high quality batteries and don’t overcharge them.

The DJI How to charge Mavic Mini controller comes with a rechargeable battery, meaning that the power will eventually run out and you’ll have to top it up. Realistically, you’ll use your drone mainly when you’re on the go – so while you’re travelling, chances are you won’t have access to a power source as reliable as a wall socket.

That’s why we suggest bringing your own portable charger or investing in an external Battery for longer flight times and enjoyment. To charge your Charging Mavic Air controller without using an adapter, follow these steps below.

  1. Prepare your power bank and remote controller.
  2. Connect the power bank to a USB-C connector.
  3. The charging process begins once the RC is plugged in.

Without An Adapter, How Do You Charge The Mavic Air Controller

USB-A, On The Bottom Of The Mavic Air Remote

The first thing I look for when tearing open the package is a USB-A cable to charge the controller. Unfortunately, there isn’t one included in the box with the Xbox One S.

That’s a bit of an oversight on Microsoft’s part and makes me wonder if they’re planning on replacing the proprietary disc drive and controllers with USB-connected peripherals at some point down the line.

As someone who grew up playing video games, it’s a bit weird thinking about even having to step out of my living room and go buy a replacement cable (it’s actually more expensive than prepping for Christmas) just because Microsoft decided to not include one in the box.


especially when this bundle only comes with 4K video: no UHD BD player? No UHD comic book adapter to make use of that Kevin Smith series?

Using The Supplied USB-C Cable

Since the Mavic Air comes with a USB-C cable, my next thinking is to check out the remote control for a USB-C slot. I don’t find one on there but checking out their website, it shows how Mavic Air can be connected with DJI Goggles.

Micro USB To Charge

Besides the IR port, the Mavic Air remote controller has a micro-USB plug for connecting your phone to the controller via Bluetooth. The remote control’s side micro-USB connector is used to charge your Mavic Air .

You are required to remove the USB charging cable from your smartphone, and connect it to the Mavic Air’s controller before inserting the hybrid adapter into your phone.

The charging time of a fully depleted Mavic Air to 100 percent is 2.5 hours, after having connected its remote control with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and simultaneously having adjusted one of its hardware buttons to begin the recharge time recording process.

Why DJI did not use a USB-C port to charge the Mavic Air remote is strange. I wish they had put more thought into it, and I wish you could use micro USB instead because you’d need fewer wires if that were the case. Maybe it was done for saving money? Or maybe it was done just to be different?

In any case, they did give the remote a USB-C port on the back which means you can still charge it using either a cable with a micro USB connector or one with a USB-C plug – as long as there’s an adapter or converter of sorts that comes with it of course, so there’s less turnover.


This is all about How To How long to charge Mavic Mini controller Without Cable? You may use any micro USB cord to charge your remote controller. That cable and connection are not required to be used together. When charging your Remote FAQs, the prior reply post is correct: you may use a standard micro USB cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a USB port on the Mavic Air?

You can now power up your mobile devices with an Mavic Air battery, as long as you have a DJI USB Power Bank Adapter attached to it which means you’re no longer restricted to charging your phone using traditional outlets – all with access to Mavic Air batteries.

What does the Mavic controller’s USB port serve?

Mobile devices can be connected to a USB on the remote controller’s bottom. Different phones can connect to the RC via their side or bottom ports/jacks.

The DJI Mavic Air 2 can be charged via USB?

To charge your remote controller, connect it to your drone with the USB-C connector included in the box. Connect the other end of the USB-C cable to any 5V 2A USB power brick for fast charging.

What is the best method to charge a DJI smart controller?

Please use the USB-C port to charge the remote controller. The DJI  Mavic Mini controller charging lights Pro official charger is used to charge the battery and it requires a 12 V/2 A power adapter. Buy extra batteries, they don’t last long at all.

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