What Happens If Mavic Mini Loses Connection?

Here is a guideline What Happens If Mavic Mini Loses Connection goes out of range Connection? What happens if your DJI drone loses wireless signal with your remote controller? This is a common concern for people who are considering purchasing or currently owning a DJI drone. Furthermore, you’re not the only one.

The most common concern among DJI drone owners – regardless of the model they own – is: what happens when my drone loses signal?

DJI’s failsafe RTH mode is activated automatically if the remote controller loses connection with the drone for more than 11 seconds. If the GPS signal is also lost, the drone will hover to a safe landing in its current position, not it is home location.

What should you do if your DJI drone begins to lose signal? You’ve come to the right place. My guide will cover exactly how to deal with this situation. You’ll also discover why and how these problems occur in the first place. Keep reading to find out more about what to do if your DJI drone won’t connect or disconnects all of a sudden.

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In The Event Of A Signal Failure, What Will The Drone Do?

There’s a risk that your smartphone can run out of battery. The drone will stop and hover if you lose contact with it for a short period. If the signal is lost for more than 20 seconds, the drone will instantly descend to the RTH altitude and return to its RTH home point.

You can choose whether or not to use [Failsafe] functionality by going into the controller settings. If you choose to disable Failsafe, it will be just like a normal phantom drone as it is right now.

When you press Return To Home on the controller, even if you lose signal and have an Android phone lock up / screen freeze / loose connection – due to the failsafe settings, the [Phantom] will fly for about 10 seconds before making its way back home.

DJI drones will automatically move to the position they were at when the controller signal is lost. Advanced options can be configured using DJI Mini 2 keeps losing connection GO, including low- or high-altitude RTH, or simply landing at a particular spot.

In the On Signal Loss section of the Azure app, you can set Continue Mission as an option if you would like an alternative signal loss preset action.

If for any reason the remote controller loses connection with the drone, the flight will continue. This is particularly advantageous for pre-planned missions that need the drone to travel a distance from its controller (but not beyond the drone’s battery capacity).

What Causes A DJI Drone To Lose Communication?

Flying your DJI drone too close to other electronic devices that emit radio waves may affect the signal of your drone. Here are a few examples of instances when this happens.

The USB Cable

There are reports from a handful of users who have purchased inexpensive and low-quality USB cables that come bundled with their drones and drone accessories that these parts cause huge amounts of frustration for people who have bought them.

This might be because these components are often cheap or cheaply made, or they may be damaged before the customer has even had the chance to unpack them.”

There Are Two Sorts Of USB Cables

For those who charge (only) and those who charge and send data, I always suggest the cord that provides both data transfer and charging. Another significant consideration is the presence of a USB port capable of receiving the cable. Dust or filth might cause the connection to fail. Corrosion can also cause the connection to fail.

No Changes Made To Batteries Or Controller

Updating your drone is crucial, especially with all of the new technology that pops up featuring drones that move and shoot video footage. Software upgrades are essential to keep up with because they contain security patches, new features, technical improvements and bug fixes.

You should replace batteries in your remote controller, It sounds like a lot to remember when you look at it step by step like this so do yourself a favour to make your life easier to manage these tasks for you.

If you’re not sure when you should be updating your drone flight computer, first refer to the manufacturer’s website or contact the seller directly. As a general rule, updates will be issued to coincide with new app versions, so check your smartphone on a regular basis as well.

Of course, it may be that something went wrong during your previous flight and forced an emergency landing (in which case you’ll probably want to fly again ASAP).

Too many times have I been unable to connect while on-site. The smart battery was almost always to blame. Whenever updating the battery, make sure to replace the old one with a new one as well.

It should prompt you automatically to do that; otherwise, it can cause problems with flight control software and you might run into issues whilst in flight. Don’t wait until the last moment to practice your manoeuvres; instead, do them from home where you have a strong internet connection.

App For Drones Is Out-Of-Date

When it comes to coding your app, you’re so excited about its new features that you initially forget that in order for the end-user to experience them, their device should be compatible with the app.

It’s important to remember that updating an app before flying your drone could make all the difference between an average flight experience and a great one. If you don’t want to lose users – especially if it’s a free app – then keep in mind that regularly releasing updates is crucial if you want people to come back for more.

DJI has recently released three new drones. The Mavic Pro uses “Wi-Fi”, the Mavic Mini 2 range issues “Lightbridge” and the Phantoms use “OcuSync technology”. These technologies in themselves are proprietary, but each one is designed to address specific needs with regards to the transfer and coexistence of multiple Wi-Fi signals.

Because of this, your chance of retaining a connection between your drone and a smart device decreases when flying in an area riddled with Wi-Fi signals due to the interference caused by overlapping transmission frequencies. Using these proprietary propeller guards can decrease damage while keeping your blades safe at all times.

Even if you’re using Wi-Fi to manage your drone’s progress, it’s possible that you may lose connectivity while flying. This can occur in highly populated areas where there are many neighbouring Wi-Fi signals vying for airspace.

GPS Signals Aren’t Working

GPS signals are a necessary requirement for drones to locate themselves, therefore your drone will not be able to use the RTH function as a result. Hovering or landing in situ will be the default if you do not change by modifying the security settings accordingly.

You may also be able to switch to ATTI mode, which gives you manual control but makes it more difficult to keep your drone under control. For DJI drones, a stable GPS signal necessitates the presence of four to six satellites. App users can see the number of satellite links they have.

Environment Of Flight

How well a drone can communicate with its surroundings depends on what the drone is flying above. If the surface your drone is over has a lot of metal, communication could be warped due to electromagnetic interference.

That is why it’s important for pre-flight calibrations to happen and for you to know if your drone is being affected by EMI when up in the air and experiencing glitches.

When I first tried toMavic Mini lost connection to controller Air from a ship, I found it was hard to fly. Why? Because the metal interfered with the radio signals of my drone. As a result of the ship’s interference, my drone soon began to experience connectivity troubles.

Flying the drone was difficult due to the drone’s connectivity being inconsistent. Just fifty yards after disembarking from the boat I had secured a landing on solid ground.

It is also possible for a Wi-Fi-enabled drone to lose connectivity when flying close to obstructions like power wires and other metallic objects that interfere with its ‘flying’ pattern and functionality with the internet by which it is programmed to connect.

For example, if the ground consists of iron or metal, a drone will have a difficult time finding an accessible route from point A to point B, especially if the wi-fi connection only extends so far and anything additional may leave it unable to gain internet access.


One thing you should always do is to ensure that the battery and drone are working properly. Make sure that the battery is fully charged before the flight, and reset the RTH unit as well.

place the Mavic in ‘Landing Mode’, take off, then hold down the Return To Home button on your remote controller. Release when Mavic descends a bit, and repeat several times while gently lowering it to make sure it responds appropriately.

If this does not solve your problem, try updating the software with DJI GO 4 or above, which will alert you of an update for your given system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the DJI mini 2 loses signal?

There are no other choices. Failsafe RTH kicks in when the remote controller signal is lost for more than 11 seconds if the Home Point was effectively recorded and the compass is working properly.

What happens if the DJI drone’s GPS signal disappears for some reason?

Built-in sensors on a drone allow it to stay in the air without pilot intervention. Flight modes can be set before takeoff, such as.

Do you know what happens if you lose your drone’s communication?

In the event of a signal failure, the drone will first check to see if it is able to reconnect with its controller. If successful, the drone will return to its current altitude and continue on.

If after three attempts to reconnect, the drone still remains unable to connect then it will descend below 100 ft AGL and return to its home point automatically.

When the DJI drone is no longer within range, what happens?

When a change occurs, it can be challenging to make changes at the same time. We know how it feels to want things to keep going in the right direction but each step has to happen one after another – and it can lead us down paths we don’t expect.

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