How Can BBA Degree Shape Your Future Career?

BBA is a professional degree, that recruiters look for while hiring candidates for management job roles. And this is the reason why this degree is getting popularity among commerce students for undergraduate courses. Furthermore, this degree not only helps students in getting better career opportunities but also help in shaping their future career.

And if you are a BBA aspirant, with the help of this blog let’s understand how the BBA course will shape your career and which BBA colleges in Jaipur will be suitable to study this course. 

BBA Degree- Course Overview

Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate course in the field of Management. Students interested in establishing a career in the business or managerial field can choose to pursue this course. Various BBA colleges in Jaipur offer this course program to prepare students with managerial & leadership abilities for the corporate world.

Course Highlights of the BBA course:

Course NameBachelor of Business Administration
Course LevelUndergraduate
Course Duration3 years
Minimum EligibilityApplicants need to clear class 12th with a minimum of 50% marks from an accredited board of education.
Availability of seats60
Recruiting SectorBanking, Advertising, Manufacturing, Real-Estate, Hotel industry, etc

How BBA Course will help you in shaping your career

  1. Industry-oriented Course– The best BBA colleges in India prepare students with the skills & knowledge demanded by the industry. With a blend of theoretical and practical approaches, students learn how to handle various roles & responsibilities in an organisation.
  1. Versatile degree- The course curriculum of BBA Colleges in Rajasthan includes various concepts of management such as finance, marketing, human resource, etc. And this degree will prepare you to make a career in different departments of the organisation. Additionally, this course will not only prepare you for corporate jobs, but it will also prepare you for participating in government competitive examination and starting your entrepreneurship firm.
  1. Professional degree- The majority of students pursue professional degrees once they have completed their undergraduate studies, but with a BBA degree from one of the top colleges in India, you can start learning about being a professional right away. You acquire a variety of professional abilities that can help you in your professional life, including analytical and strategic thinking.
  1. Helps in developing Managerial skills- Managerial roles are a bit challenging but BBA colleges in Jaipur, will prepare you to develop managerial skills such as strategy management, ethics, Marketing, sales, finance, etc.
  1. A stepping stone for MBA– Students can pursue F2F or online MBA after completing graduation from any stream, but BBA graduates have an added advantage over others in choosing a specialisation and performing better in MBA as they have clarity of foundational subjects through their BBA course.
  1. Start earning early– Unlike other undergraduate degrees, with a BBA degree, you can easily find good employment opportunities. And if you happen to be a student of one of the best BBA colleges in Rajasthan like Arya College, they’ll also help you in finding a job through campus placement in leading organisations.
  1. Personality Development- Leading BBA colleges in Jaipur not only teach management concepts but also helps students in developing soft skills such as leadership skills, team management, communication skills, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, etc. that will benefit you in grooming your personality for professional job roles.
  1. Networking Opportunity- The foundation of a BBA degree is communication, therefore once this critical ability is acquired, it helps to establish a solid professional network. Because one can begin their career sooner than the majority of people with a Bachelor’s degree, and BBA professionals will have more time to establish a strong network, which can be very helpful in the long run.
  1. Higher Earning Potential- A BBA graduate can expect an average salary of Rs. 5,01,000 per annum in India. And with increasing job experience and skills, graduates can expect a good salary. 

Let’s take a look at the salary potential of BBA graduates in different job positions in India-

Job PositionsSalary
Marketing Manager6,94,126
Human Resource Manager6,27,038
Operations Manager6,55,960
Data Analyst4,05,115

Arya College- The best choice for a BBA degree

  • Arya College is a renowned college for providing quality engineering and management courses in Rajasthan.
  • The college organises several academic, cultural, and sports events to help them build management skills.
  • This college helps students in finding suitable job opportunities for them in reputed organisations of the industry.
  • The BBA course curriculum of this college prepares students with novel skills & strategy dynamics used in the business world.

Summing Up,

To make a successful career in the management field, choosing an undergraduate course in business administration is a wise decision. And you can further expand your career possibilities and opportunities by studying this course at any of the top BBA colleges in Jaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which subjects do I need to study in BBA Course?

The list of subjects you’ll need to study at BBA colleges in Jaipur are-

  • Business Economics
  • Principles Of Management
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  1. Is the BBA course better than BCom?

For students who wish to make a career in the management field, BBA is the best course for them. However, for students with an interest in making a career in the finance sector, BCom is a better choice for them. 

  1. Can I become CA after my BBA?

Yes, you can become CA after completing your BBA. It will take you a minimum of 3 years to complete the CA course.

  1. Is BBA good for a banking career?

Yes, BBA is a good course for making a career in the banking industry. BBA includes concepts of accounting, financial management, and banking that help students in securing jobs in private banks. However, to secure jobs in public banks, BBA graduates can apply for competitive examinations.

  1. What skills will I develop through the BBA course?

BBA Course will help you develop technical skills, entrepreneurial skills, communication skills, time management skills, adaptability, leadership skills, etc.

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