How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile Who Are Not Friends

You may have noticed that How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile Who Are Not Friends to you, even if you don’t know them. This is because Facebook is trying to give you suggestions of people who you may know, or who have similar interests as you, based on your profile and activity.

However, if you’re getting suggestions of people who you don’t know, or who you don’t want to be friends with, then this could be a sign that they’ve looked at your profile or stalked you on Facebook. If you’re not comfortable with this, you can change your privacy settings to limit who can see your profile and what information they can see.

You might notice a few people came on your Facebook timeline and these people might possibly see your profile as well on their timeline. The Facebook algorithm works in that way where you can be sure that these are the people who viewed your Facebook profile.

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Should We Use Third-party Tools?

Thereare some tools that claim to show the people who have viewed your Facebook profile.

The tools may ask for your account credentials which may lead to the ban of your Facebook account.

Even though there are some effective and safe tools out there, it can be tough to determine which ones are which. Checking reviews can help give you a better idea of what to look for in a tool.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the safest ways to see who’s been checking out your Facebook profile.

You may ask: Is it the ‘InitialChatFriendsList’ method?

ViewTo view the Facebook profile viewers list using the view page source method, go to the Facebook page you want to view the list for and click on the “View Page Source” option. This will bring up the code for the page, which you can then search for the “InitialChatFriendsList” section. This section will contain the IDs of the people who have viewed your profile.

The reality?…

This does not work.

This is nothing but the source HTML code of that Facebook page and the list reveals nothing but your Facebook chat friends list in a certain order.

As new friends come online, you can see the active chat changing in the list.

The chat can be turned off and the list of matching HTML reveals will be displayed. That’s all.

This method will show your chat friend list instead of the real Facebook profile visitors.

In this article, we’ll show you some methods that can be helpful in your need to see your Facebook profile viewers.

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How To Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile:

If you’re looking for the people who visit your profile most often, you’ll usually see their profile in front of you, according to Facebook’s new algorithm. Facebook knows everything, so it wants you to connect with those who visit your profile frequently. Sometimes people can view your profile but don’t send you a friend request.

The reason the other person cannot see the “Add Friend” button on your profile may be due to your Facebook privacy settings. Any messages they try to send will also go to your filtered messages list. To fix this, go to your privacy settings and make the necessary changes.

Normally, there are two indications that may be helpful to find out the profile viewers:

1. Facebook Timeline Recommendation:

As previously mentioned, Facebook will do anything to quickly connect two people.

Here is the outcome of that this method.

Whenever you open or the Facebook app, you might see a list of people that you can add as friends. These are the people you might know.

You will see that one common factor among these people is that they all have at least one mutual friend. However, there are also people who don’t have any mutual friends at all.


If you come across someone you don’t know in any way (like they don’t go to your school, you have no mutual friends, etc.), then this method can be helpful in finding out who might be stalking you on Facebook.


The only downside of this method is that it can’t reveal the friend’s name who is already on your friend list. You can hardly find a way to do this.

If you want to find out who has been viewing your profile recently, there is a method that will reveal this information.

2. Profile Visitors List from Friend Suggestion:

This new Facebook feature is amazing and should be a top priority for anyone looking for someone on Facebook. When other algorithms don’t work, Facebook has introduced this new feature to help you reach people who are looking for you, or who have never even searched for you before.

Whenever someone views your profile and sees your personal information and updates, Facebook automatically records this. You will receive a notification within 48 hours that says, “You have a new friend suggestion: NAME.”

If you tap on a notification, you’ll be taken to that person’s profile page. Perfect for finding out who’s been checking you out on Facebook.

One more thing of note, the friend suggestion also comes up on Messenger if the person has recently saved your contact number in their mobile, linked to your Facebook account.


The method has answered your question here. This is the super amazing method that works great till now. Obviously, this is done by Facebook automatically. You don’t have to do anything to find the list.

This method not only reveals who frequently visits your profile but also discloses the people who like you the most.


This method cannot show people from your friend list, but it definitely works on people who are not in your friend zone.

How To Find Facebook Page Stalkers From The Non-Friends:

Now what if you want to find out who is visiting your Facebook friend list?In that case, these two easiest ways may help you with finding the guess. These strategies are not demonstrated still you can give them a try because it is worth reading.

NOTE: If you look at the list of people who have liked your page, you’ll notice that beside some names there is an “invite” button. This is because those people have not actually liked your page yet – they’ve just been invited to do so. There are a couple of reasons why this might be the case, which are explained here.

1. Find using Facebook Page Invite List:

To get the most out of this technique, you need to create a Facebook page first. If you have a large friend list, this strategy will work effectively in all respects. As you may know, when you create a Facebook page you can invite your friends to like that page.

The people at the top of your Facebook friends list are the ones who are most likely to like your posts. Facebook orders the list in a way that you have more chances from top to bottom friends in that list.

The list changes all the more often, truly, that may be the indication of individuals at the top are having the most noteworthy enthusiasm for your posts or pages and Facebook decides this from a few components like viewing your posts, sharing, liking, and commenting, as well as looking at your profile for new posts. That is revealed in that page invite list, which is far more advanced and different than what the chat list shows.

2. Friend List order on the Profile page:

If you notice a difference between friends and followers on Facebook, it may be because someone has unfollowed you but kept you on their friends list.

Both you and the person will not see each other’s Facebook timeline. To see each other’s stuff, you will need to go to the other person’s profile.

If you open your friends list, you will likely see people in order of how often you chat and share posts. If you want to see people you don’t talk to much, you can exclude them from the list.

These people may be your profile viewers.

Using as view words from the original as possible for the content, the HTML mode of that page tells actually this thing. So, without making this complicated, just explore the main thing in an easy way.

Who checks your profile the most? Just share your status and wait for the reaction. The frequent profile views should react to this for sure.

The Bottom Lines:

JustIf you want to see who views your Facebook profile, you can guess it by using the aforementioned methods. The fact here included is not an official way to find out but yes, you can make a guess with 99% accuracy if you inspect with these tips. Just one thing to add is if you have saved someone’s mobile number just open your Messenger app and you will see the add friends list displayed with your contacts checklist from your phone.

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