1080p Vs. 1440p Comparison! Which Resolution Is Best for Gaming Monitor

Whenever it comes to selecting the best resolution you can’t think of neglecting the popular 1080p and 1440p. Besides, the monitors and latest LCD comes with this configuration importance for sure. 

But what is the actual difference between these two and which resolution is the best for gaming is the real concern. Certainly, 1440p is one of the highest gains in the market that offers jaw-dropping and impressive results without any further thought. 

It’s doubled up value picks up detail and lets out the flawless result that keeps your sight highly picky.  But what about the 1080p resolution! Does this mean we shouldn’t opt for 1080p at all? And if it’s better in any way, what is it for?

Well, all these questions are going to be put into light in a few moments. If you are a gamer or a game developer, keep your eyes on the article and get yourself the perfect resolution bliss without much annoyance.

Let’s talk about these both in detail to help you understand the difference correctly.

1920 × 1080p:

1080p is the resolution that you will come across most often. Its fine and classy output keeps the regular and majority of users satisfied fully. Also known as Full HD or FHD, this resolution parameter is a standard of recent times especially in Blu-Ray content, computer, television and most displays of mobile devices. The arrangement of 1,920 pixels displayed horizontally and 1,080 pixels down the screen vertically is observed.

In addition to that, the 1080p display screen demands rather less storage and CPU power that add to its display approach. 

Certainly, when comparing it with 1440 it has a half pixels ratio for which the power consumption becomes low as well. For lower CPU power you should always prefer 1080p. So, If your CPU is not powerful enough, you might see a lag if you are using a higher resolution display, that is 1440p or more.

Pros of 1080p

  • It’s best for gaming due to being widely compatible with larger media i.e. display monitors and LCDs. With the 16:9 aspect ratio 1080p offers you the Full HD detail that is highly lauded.
  • It goes well in 24’’ inches of display hence gamers don’t have to move head to pick precise detail while playing games.

2560 x 1440p

1440p is a sure shot resolution that has become the ultimate desire for every gamer. Due to its ultra-clarity and the best output in terms of colors, gamut and pixel approach you have no reason to deny its professional result. 1440p is also known as 2K, WQHD, and QHD.  With its 2560 x 1440 pixels the image in each frame is always the best one.

Pros of 1440p

  • One of the best advantages of 144p resolution is that it’s affordable. That’s why it has become highly in-demand for competitive gamers.
  • 1440p is best for offering anti-aliasing image and graphics for which the gaming play becomes super-smooth and seamless for when frame changes.

Cons of 1440p

  • Requirements to run the 1440p at smooth frame rate are quite tough or you can say high-end. If you want to play games that goes butter-smooth on FPS and refresh rate
  • Its costly approach can be a drawback if you have a tight budget.

Which resolution is the best choice for gaming?

It goes without saying that 1440p is two times higher than 1080p. Although the choice really depends on the choice of games you play on the display screen, 1440p is always on the heavier side. 

Generally, 1080p is ubiquitous, but if you want gaming that is really professional you should prefer the one that offers you more pixels such as 1440p.

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It’s clear and sharpest image formation and makes sure the gaming experience becomes high-end. In addition the refresh rate with these resolutions. However, it also depends on your display monitor and its aspect ratio. But as a whole 1440p is always a great choice for gaming.

With that 1440p offer you 240 Hz of refresh rate that again enhances its preference for gaming. It would be the best choice for you to be a professional gamer or a game developer. Obviously 1440p lets out clear and great quality.

Why 1080p is best if 1440p is offering the best resolution?

Although the above-mentioned detail should be enough to elucidate the best resolution for gaming yet again, 1080p is best for gaming which is not ‘that much’ intensive. Besides its cost-effective approach with larger screen support is something that welcomes everybody.

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