7 Tips to Improve Your Apex Legends Gameplay

Playing games without winning is usually discouraging. But don’t worry too much because even the professionals you admire passed through the hurdles at one time. All you need to do is discover the techniques; best apex legends hacks, the tricks and strategies helping them to win.

With such knowledge and, of course, careful execution of everything you learn, Apex Legends will be easier to play. So, this article has some pro tips to improve your gameplay. With the tips below, you can overcome some of the challenges you’re facing in the game right now.

Check them below.

Pro Tips to Improve in Apex Legends 

  • Experiment with the legends 

One of the ways to improve in this game is to play the legend you understand. That way, you can utilize all your abilities and skills to the fullest. But sometimes, your favorite legend might not be relevant to your squad. In such instances, you might be forced to play as another legend. So, the best way is to experiment playing with all of them to understand them better. That way, you can pick your favorite to play but also know how others work too.

  • Start with low sensitivity. 

Mouse sensitivity affects your performance on Apex Legends. That’s why you must focus on getting it in the best setting for you. But as a beginner aiming to improve, playing with low sensitivity is better.

Lower sensitivity helps you to achieve better precision. You can control the mouse pointer better, and even your crosshair management will be easier. At least you won’t waste ammo on one enemy. Given that your arm will be in use when playing with low sensitivity, your level of accuracy will be better than when the wrist is all you’re using to move your mouse.

  • Learn gun recoil 

Thank God for the training mode. You will have access to test many guns and pick the suitable one for your play style. But once you do, go ahead to learn its recoil system. Every gun has a unique backward movement when it releases a bullet. The force that propels the bullet out of the gun will also propel the shooter backward at the same time.

This is why you must understand how your gun works to prepare for its recoil impact. Such knowledge will improve your gameplay with the gun and ensure better results.  Some guns move uncontrollably after a certain number of shots.

  • Place your Crosshairs right.

Crosshair Placement enables players to achieve accurate shots. A well-placed crosshair will ensure more kills for you while moving about. According to pro players, your crosshairs should be on the enemy’s head or neck to ensure a fatal headshot. When you achieve this placement, there won’t be a need to readjust your aim all the time. Also, try to customize your crosshairs to your liking in terms of color, thickness, dot, size, etc.

  • Practice in-game movement 

How you move in the game will impact your gameplay. That’s why you must practice a lot to master this aspect. There are so many ways to move in this game. You can climb, sprint, and employ Ziplines, balloons, or slides. Walking is also there, and it’s usually the safest as it reduces the noise you make in the game. You can also slide when there is a need because it is always faster than even sprinting. But when you move, utilize the best method that won’t give away your position.

  • Face the fights 

Another amazing way to improve your gameplay is to fight it out with the enemies. If you don’t fight, you’ll not understand your weak points. Also, you won’t learn the style of others to improve your gameplay. So, instead of avoiding the hot zones, land into those spots and fight. But bear in mind that you’ll die more often since you’re a beginner. Also, you might not lay hands on the best weapons, given the tough fights. But at least you will improve after some serious gunfights with the professionals.

  • Don’t fight alone

Apex Legends is a game you will play as a squad of three. So, you’re not expected to fight alone or try to be the lone wolf. Instead, always plan with your team to fight better. Thankfully, there is a ping system that facilitates communication between team members. With that, you must stay in touch with others to make sure that someone has your back.


If you want to improve your gameplay, employ the tips above. Also, grab proven tools from professionals to simplify the game. Always communicate with your team members and be mindful of your movements. Even though you might be afraid of dying too early, jump into the hot zones sometimes to face the fights. That way, you can learn or two things from the professionals.


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