Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming? Yes, But Only For Some

Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming, when it comes to buying the best gaming monitor for your computer, you have to be sure that the specs meet or even exceed your expectations.

Luckily, tech reporters like myself have been tasked with testing monitors and knowing which ones are worth purchasing and which ones won’t cut it in terms of handling high level graphics.

This is a tricky question because the definition of “good” depends on whom you ask. Some will say 60hz monitors are good for gaming, while others swear by 100hz monitors.

The truth is that either sort of screen can provide a fun experience as long as they have all of the other features you require and can be enjoyed in both single player and competitive multiplayer settings.

Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming, let’s talk about higher refresh rates and why some gamers may not need them at all.

As someone who does A LOT of reading on new video technology, after deciding a while back to invest in GSYNC for my desktop setup, I wanted to read up as much as I could on the subject.

Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming?

If you play games that don’t require that split-second advantage over your opponent, a 60hz monitor is perfect for your needs.

Most people upgrade to a higher refresh rate in order to get smoother visuals, Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming but that is more expensive than upgrading your refresh rate to a standard one.

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider upgrading your connectors and solid-state drives instead.

Also, the refresh rate will only benefit you if your PC can push games that produce those frames at a steady rate.

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While the refresh rate measures how often frames have to be refreshed and displayed, Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming this is done in cycles. The number of frames the monitor can display in 60 seconds is its frame rate.

You therefore don’t have to have a much powerful PC to take full advantage of higher frequencies such as 144Hz or 240Hz – all you need is a good enough processor with a lot of graphics power for your needs, e.g., important games, videos, etc.

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If you have a budget PC, 60 FPS should be easy to achieve whether it’s on 1080p or 1440p for games. If you want even faster speeds, turn some graphics settings down such as shadows or resolution.

Moving towards what genres are perfect at 60hz and don’t need any more:

  • Racing games
  • Strategy
  • Story-Driven
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • MMO

Sure, some of these may feel better or give you a slightly better looking and feeling experience with higher refresh rates, but we believe that it isn’t essential to get a fantastic experience.

If you’re in the market for a budget monitor for casual gaming, Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming then the BenQ RL2755HM should definitely be on your radar.

The 60Hz refresh rate is located just above the average of 75Hz and 100Hz comparable monitors which is better suited for simple FPS games rather than fast-paced competitive ones.

I would highly recommend investing in an IPS monitor. They have a 60HZ refresh rate which is a drastic improvement from the standard monitors on the market today. There are many added benefits beyond that though.

IPs stands for “Inches Per Second” and is a unit of measurement used in film editing.

It refers to the number of feet or inches recorded by each frame as it passes in front of the camera, Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming which translates to the number of frames per second that the film is shot at.

For example, a scene shot on 24fps means that for every second in real life, 24 individual frames are captured to create one video clip, where each frame shows 1/24th part of what happened during that second.

When it comes to competitive multiplayer games that tend to require a lot of fast-paced work and movement on-screen such as Overwatch , CSGO , Rainbow Six Siege, and Valorant, having a higher gaming monitor can give you the best possible experience with your monitor set at least to 100 Hz (refresh rate).

As an example, I play Rainbow Six Siege at 100 hertz or frames per second, and with some customization when it comes to lighting effects, I’m able to maintain a constant frame rate without dropping below that number.

I’ve reached Platinum, and I am very proud of the fact that my game play is much smoother when I’m gaming at 100hz vs. 60hz.

Why Are Higher Refresh Rates Better For Competitive Gaming?

Other than the previously mentioned benefits, like smoother gameplay and being able to more readily spot targets as they appear on your screen, higher refresh rate monitors also make it a lot easier to track enemies.

A higher refresh rate allows your monitor to display images or frames at a faster rate. Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming This makes your enemy on-screen for a longer time interval, thus making it look like they are moving their characters around the game more quickly.

Because you’re tracking your enemy’s movements more frequently, there is a smaller delay between each frame.

On a 60Hz monitor running at 60 FPS, you will see a new frame approximately 16.7 milliseconds after the last one appeared. For comparison, on a 30FPS screen in 60Hz mode, you will wait for about 33.3ms in between each frame.

On a monitor set to 144 Hz, Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming you can have visual frames rendered at a rate of about 140 FPS.

The delay between the reaction time for human eyes and the time taken for the frame to appear will be 1/5th that of 30 FPS and no more than half that when maxed out at 60 frames per second.

The time taken to reload your gun has been reduced significantly, giving you more time to breathe between shots and more opportunities to be the next big thing in eSports.

For one thing, when using a widescreen monitor, you’ll see changes in the image you’re trying to capture much more quickly because other areas are being added and updated without having to refresh the entire screen like you’d have to do with a standard monitor.

Also, you won’t have to struggle to keep up with their movements because you can make them go where you want with the click of a button.

The longer it takes your monitor to register changes, Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming the more significant the difference between where your enemy was and where they are now will be. Look out for a new post on the blog soon.

Ideally, making this delay shorter and upping the number of frames in a single second enables you to see your enemy’s changes much faster and better.

You’ll be able to click on it and track it more quickly than ever before – making you feel like a true human hunter.

Of course, gamers have a wide variety of options when it comes down to choosing from the best gaming monitors available.

However, we’d like to remind you that if you’re looking for one that you should ideally aim for at least a 144-hertz monitor since they are ideal for competitive players who need all the speed they can get their hands on.

To dominate a game, Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming you must purchase the right monitor for the right job.

Ensure that you can achieve 144 frames per second and also remember to choose a monitor that has good response time, so even if you are having trouble with your computer or graphics cards, it won’t affect your performance too much.

‘Comfort’ is our primary concern when recommending graphics performance and it’s especially important that what you see on screen is to your liking and not too much of a strain when it comes to working in multiple applications or playing more demanding games.

An excellent way to do this is to turn off V-Sync or any other FPS limiters and play your favorite competitive games with an FPS counter on.

There will be screen tearing if you test your build out on a display that is only capable of running at 60fps. Instead, try your game on a device with a monitor that can run at 60hz and see how high of an FPS you can achieve.

What Response Time Is Good For A Gaming Monitor?

Response time a gauge that tells you how long it takes for a monitor to change from one color to another. If you don’t know what response time is, it’s basically how long one has to wait before the images or colors on the monitor move.

With prices, a 50-60Hz refresh rate is reasonable at a screen size of 22″ and above. However, don’t let that limit you – find the right model for your needs.

When the valve for a color monitor goes down, the screen can flicker because of the longer time it takes to change colors.

This is so important for gaming because you character never stops moving and neither does the environment.

A high response time means it takes too long to change the colors or refresh. Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming The colors will bleed because of a very slow refresh rate. Color transitions might also look blurry if they’re not transitioned properly.

This is called ‘ghosting’ and it’s a nasty occurrence that can be quite distracting while also showing very poorly on your monitor, thereby affecting your game as you’re shooting at enemies.

Ideally, you should try to have a response time that is less than 5ms. In a perfect world you could get the lowest possible response time being 1ms.

However, a CRT monitor with screen refresh rate of 1-5 ms and an image frequency of 60Hz boasts excellent image quality.

Wrap Up: Is Getting A 60hz Monitor For Gaming A Good Idea?

60hz monitors are just fine for most types of gaming. Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming If you’re into competitive gaming, you might be able to get away with using a 60hz monitor if you have the right hardware that’s optimized enough to perform well in your advanced games.

When contemplating the refresh rate of a monitor you may want to consider something that is always important to keep in mind – what your computer can handle specifically when it comes to running games.

144hz refresh rate is only useful when the monitor itself reaches 144 FPS and you are playing a game with 144 FPS available for your viewing pleasure.

If you are a competitive gamer with a mid-range to high-end PC, Are 60hz Monitors Good For Gaming I recommend using a 1080p, 144hz monitor because you will see advantages in the games you play.

The smoother feeling of the game and the rapidly changing images will make playing video games more comfortable. It was simply an idea that came to us rather unexpectedly.

But we realized it could be a great addition to our repertoire of genres so we wanted to give it a try while further streamlining our user experience formula.

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