The 7 Best White Gaming Mice for 2023

Best White Gaming Mice, In a recent post we took a look at 10 keyboards that are quite white in color or otherwise have white keycaps.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some mouses that are similarly starkly white in appearance and for the same reasoning behind producing such a list: white gaming mouse if you want to try having as much white space on your desk or battlestation, it can be difficult to figure out where exactly to start as far as peripherals go.

Top Best White Gaming Mice for 2023

Razer Lancehead Tournament Ed

Unique Design

16000 DPI

  • 6 Buttons
  • RGB Lighting
  • Weighs 109 Grams

Our Rating: 8.9/10

The Razer Lancehead Tournament edition mouse was designed for tournament and eSports gaming. It features a 16,000 DPI, optical sensor with true tracking capabilities up to 450-inches per second, allowing the gamer to execute moves faster and more accurately than ever before! Synapse Pro Beta makes this possible.

With this technology, gamers can customize their settings or save them directly to the mouse or desktop cloud. You will be amazed at how cleanly and smoothly your fingers flow across your mousepad.

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition mouse is ideal for gamers looking for the absolute best device in accuracy and precision within their games.

A gamer’s favorite from Razer, best white gaming mouse the Lancehead Tournament Edition is the perfect gaming mouse for those who like a little flair and style.

This sleek and lightweight mouse features an ultra-intuitive ambidextrous form that comfortably fits either your left or right hand, preventing fatigue on wrists when you game on for hours at a time.

The sides of this white mouse are covered in non-slip rubberized grips that serve as both a tactile and visual aid to help guide your fingers through long gaming sessions.

The Razer Lancehead is unlike any other mouse you’ve ever used. The LED stripes along the sides provide multicolor and pattern customizations, allowing you to set and save specific settings for various games.

Through these customized LED color and pattern options, you can illuminate your night-time game plays, enhancing your overall experience of being in control. The scroll wheel provides a slight resistance against over scrolling at the same time preventing it from moving when you don’t want it to move.

The left and right tilt action gives the Razer Lancehead a competitive edge on hand by keeping your grip stable throughout all types of movements. Available in wired and wireless versions, this mouse gives you complete control over how you play.

Logitech G305

Best Wireless Option

  • 12000 DPI
  • 6 Buttons
  • No Backlighting
  • Weighs 96 Grams

Our Rating: 8.8/10

The Logitech G305 Phantom gives you the freedom to play without being restricted by cables. Weighing in at 99 grams, this white mouse uses one AA battery that gives you 250 continuous hours of gaming and blinks red when the batter is getting low (pro-tip: for a longer life lithium batteries are optimal).

For better control and maneuverability, this mouse features a unique design with molded plastic side textured grips that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Aside from being able to use it in your computer without having to hook up any wires, this mouse includes Logitech’s enhanced HERO optical sensor that eliminates unintentional acceleration. Also, the sensor tracks 1 ms movement for lag-free performance.

Its ability to shift or adjust your DPI sensitivity settings from 200-12000 and more accurately translates into speedier reaction time and gameplay accuracy for competitive play.

Using the Logitech Gaming Software, white wireless gaming mouse you can program the mouse with custom button command sets saved in an interactive onboard memory.

You can even calibrate each of the mouse’s six buttons according to color which is great if you have multiple games you like to play!

To start with, Razer has made each of these mouse’s buttons fully programmable. Furthermore, when you’ve customized your mouse using its 3 onboard profiles, you can then store them on the mouse to ensure that your changes are never lost.

The lighting system present on this mouse is also one of a kind. These mice have an embedded light bar inside the scroll wheel, which you can use to customize their lights too.

The best thing though is that all of your saved settings will stay stored in any computer or gaming console that’s compatible.

Logitech’s G305 is not only the title-giving, best performing gaming mouse, it is also one of the best white mice on the market.

Logitech G203

Best Value Option

  • 6000 DPI
  • 6 Buttons
  • RGB Lighting
  • Weighs 86 Grams

Our Rating: 8.7/10

For those of you looking to buy a quality white mouse that doesn’t break the bank, you should consider the Logitech G203 Prodigy. Unlike other white gaming mice on this list, it’s very simplistic and minimalistic in its design.

With no messy feet or protruding parts getting in your way, this is one mouse you’ll love to use whether gaming or doing something else casually with your device.

The Logitech G203 has a total of six programmable buttons along with a rubberized back that helps keep the mouse steady without any slipping elements like with most plastic mouses today.

And what’s more is that it’s notched center wheel allows for better scrolling than ever before. Add to these its incredible responsiveness and click feel from its buttons and what we have here is truly an affordable gem – especially for any true gamer who appreciates reliability!

More so, with Logitech’s innovative software, you can save all of your button settings to the onboard memory for up to 5 uncustomizable profiles.

You can also choose from up to 16.8 million colors for your mouse’s LED lighting running down both sides of the mouse, inside the top logo, and underneath the scroll wheel for a stylish addition to any gaming session during late night.

While changing or creating a lighting pattern, it adjusts by increasing or decreasing in brightness but not in speed so that creates some different sequences depending on if you are getting used to a certain game and like certain lighting patterns on specific games based on what they offer within them.

Logitech markets their mice as the best possible option for gamers because of their much-higher DPI.

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core eliminates that issue by employing an 8,200 DPI optical sensor which is much higher than anything offered on other gaming mice in the market today. Even without this key component, this mouse offers precision accuracy and ultra fast tracking speeds.

VicTsing Pro

Budget White Gaming Mouse

  • 7250 DPI
  • 6 Buttons
  • RGB Lighting
  • Weighs 172 Grams

Our Rating: 8.6/10

Thermal Take is a manufacturer that has been producing computer components and gaming peripherals since 1998. They initially entered the world of manufacturing by crafting water cooling systems and continued to do so until 2014, when they decided it was time to branch out into other areas.

VicTsing’s Pro mouse brings a lot to the table for its price range. It has six levels of DPI, reaches a max of 7,250 DPI via its pro-gaming optical sensor, best white mouses and records up to 20 G acceleration – there’s no twitchiness when you need to make a quick move.

Additionally, this mouse offers an amazing customizable light show, a driver that lets you adjust lighting modes and brightness from millions of colour combinations. With the RGB customization option, you can take your style with each game by adjusting your lights to match in real time.

There are many reasons why the VicTsing Pro stands out from other gaming mice on the market. Firstly, it’s versatile as it gives gamers complete control over their game settings and allows them to fully customize their gaming environment.

It also has a unique design that offers all sorts of flexibility for those who are left-handed or right-handed. Its variety of color options adds an amazing flair to its overall appearance. As for compatibility it supports game play on Windows 7 through 10, Vista, Mac, and WinXP giving gamers multiple platforms to choose from.


Honorable Mention #1

  • 7000 DPI
  • 6 Buttons
  • RGB Lighting
  • Weighs 99 Grams

Our Rating: 8.5/10

ROCCAT’s Kova might have a slick design and smooth surface detail, but it is because of these fine details that the mouse has an excellent feel in your hand offering comfort while you maximize your potential. From acquiring victory to staying focused, you will enjoy integrating this precision tool into your personal arsenal.

The ROCCAT Swarm gives you the power to personalize your gaming experience. Save up to five different player profiles for all your favorite games on the mouse itself or on your PC.

Customize this stunning MMO gaming mouse with an integrated LED light display that’s fully adjustable through ROCCAT’s software suite, giving you a limitless amount of creative freedom to illuminate your mouse in a way that suits you best.

With the Talk FX and Alien FX lighting effects, you can more seriously customize your buttons with some uplifting advice such as “We Can Do It!” or some epic screen action like being sucked into a flying saucer!

ROCCAT Kova gaming mouse is sure not to disappoint. This latest product in the lineup features a 32-bit Turbo Core v2 32-bit MCU enabling up to 3500 DPI and up to 7000 DPI.

Not only that, but the R6 optical sensor comes with pro-optic precision while advanced software allows customization of buttons (programmable). white wireless mouse With 20G acceleration and 1000 HZ polling rates, you can be sure your every action will be handled promptly.

Redragon M901 PERDITION

Honorable Mention #2

  • 16400 DPI
  • 18 Buttons
  • 5-Color Modes
  • Weighs 150 Grams

Our Rating: 8.4/10

The Redragon M901 PERDITION offers you a smooth and solid control over your gaming experience. Its contoured frame and Teflon pads are designed to give it a natural feel in your hand so that you never have to worry about game play interruptions when moving around and getting into action.

It’s gold-plated USB connector is also complemented by its 6 foot braided fiber cable which allows for more flexibility and freedom of movement, which were two things that were considered when designing this mouse.

The gold-plated USB connector gives it a greater response time while maintaining low latency levels between the user and their PC.

This ensures that there is minimal disruption when playing games, since lag can be the biggest hindrance when you’re in the middle of an intense fight sequence!

All of these buttons are programmable. good white gaming mouse You can create up to five distinct game profiles and store your most frequently played games, simplifying game play. Plus, you get the ability to customize your mouse’s LEDs for each profile.

The Hi-Res 16-million-color patterns found along the sides and underneath the scroll wheel will transform your mouse into a unique piece of artwork. Changing between light modes is as simple as pressing a button on the driver – choose from 3D Color Cycle, Pulsing, Breathing, or Solid color choices with no software necessary!

A special blessing of the divine was bestowed upon this gaming mouse, making it a powerful weapon that’s beyond compare. Redragon combines eight comfort features along with premium fragility to create something truly beautiful.

In addition, the REDRAGON M901 Perdition is powered by Avago’s ultimate laser sensor – which allows for ultra-fast competition-ready activities with up to 16400 DPI and more than 1000 Hz polling rates and 30 G acceleration. So if you want an excellent gaming mouse, the PERDITION is perfect for you!


Honorable Mention #3

  • 12000 DPI
  • 8 Buttons
  • RGB Lighting
  • Weighs 115 Grams

Our Rating: 8.4/10

The CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB is the only gaming mouse made with an aluminum frame. And how does that aluminum frame make it well-balanced?

We’ll tell you but first we want to ask you, did you know that for high precision mice need to be both lightweight and heavy at the same time?

So we took the best of both worlds and combined them into one: being lightweight for effortless swiping yet heavy enough for precise movements without friction.

The center wheel consists of a metallic interior wrapped in a rubber coating, providing high-mass scrolling, control, and precision.

The Nixeus Revel is a revolutionary mouse that provides you with the most customizable options in one handy device. First of all, each button (except the side volume buttons) can be easily reconfigured to perform any command you want.

There isn’t even a need to install drivers onto your PC because the Nixeus Revel features built-in memory where the settings are saved directly onto the device.

Also, each button has its own intelligent Omron switch which gives a 20 million click lifespan and will make sure that you experience no lag while playing your favorite game!

The form and function of this mouse is a great asset to those who game. Because players will have the ability to take their profiles onto the go, they can use not just one mouse sometimes but many, carrying them quite easily in a backpack or laptop bag.

Its sleek design adds yet another benefit: it has an integrated RGB lighting system that lets users choose from 16.8 million colors and color combinations, patterns and speeds for every button, wheel, scroll and all of its lighting.

Which White Gaming Mouse is Best for You?

Many gamers opt for a black or dark gray mouse while you’re the opposite and prefer white. Thankfully, if you’re interested in a high-quality white gaming mouse, cheap white gaming mouse there are several choices above to meet your needs like the Razer Mamba which is currently on sale right now.

If you need a wireless option that doesn’t compromise on quality, then check out the Logitech G710+ programmable gaming keyboard with its longstanding reputation and superior comfort.

When shopping around for affordable white gaming mice (as opposed to those well above average prices), I recommend checking out this article from Top Ten Reviews.

While wireless mice may not be as reliable as wired options, black and white gaming mouse they can be convenient if hooking up to a computer is difficult or limited by space.

In addition to getting great deals on laptops and desktops at Dell , it’s important to choose hardware that stands up to rigorous everyday use.

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