Gaming Desk VS Regular Desk – Differences

When it comes to choosing between a gaming desk and a regular desk, some people get confused, and maybe that is why you are here. Right?

There are few main differences between these two types of desks, and their advantages vary from user to user. 

It does not require a whole lot of research to make sure what type of desk is good for you. So, here is a quick difference between Gaming Desk vs Regular Desk: 

Gaming desks are special desks with special features to cater the needs of a gamer, like headphone hook, cup holder, the aesthetic design, and sometimes a DVD/controller holder. Regular desks have regular designs for regular use. For me, the main reason is usually the design.

Gaming desks offer offer an ergonomic design, few extra features, and has a good looking design for your ultimate battle station. 

Regular desks are rather simple in design and may lack those special features for your gaming accessories. Now, lets compare different factors before you make a decision.

1. Aesthetics of the Desk

The main difference between gaming desks and regular office desks is in the design. Gaming desks are usually bought for their design and looks. 

You can easily differentiate between these desks by just looking at them.

Gaming desks have an attractive look and aesthetic design. On the other hand regular desks have a traditional look.

2. Dimension and Shape

There is not much difference between the dimensions of these desks because there are many options available and you can get a desk with desired dimension in both these types.

However, many gaming desks have a curved front and rounded edges for long gaming sessions.

Most of the gaming desks come in rectangular shape and only few are made in L-shape.So, if you are looking for a large desk for your multi-monitor setup then a simple L-shaped computer will be better.

However, there are plenty of large 60-inch gaming desks available in the market.

Some gaming desks have plastic trim with RGB on the sides for enhanced look but that can take up some space. On the other hand regular desks don’t have such design.

Regular desks are mostly used in offices and home office environments with less peripherals. These desks can also have storage capabilities like cabinets and drawers, which lacks in gaming desks.

3. Durability

I would not say that one is more durable than the other because it all varies on different designs, brands and their quality.

Usually the design plays an important role in the durability of a desk.

When it comes to regular desks, they have a simple four legged design, with each leg on each corner.Personally, I like this design because it gives maximum strength to a desk and you can even stand on it.

On the other hand if you look at a gaming desk with Z-shaped or T-shaped legged design then it is not possible to stand on them unless you are very careful with where your feet.

You might be thinking on who stands on their desks? It can happen sometime. The main reason of saying this is that a simple design can withstand more weight then those T, Z or K shaped base. It should also not wobble once fully loaded with CPU on top with all the accessories.

4. Comfort

Being comfortable while working or gaming is an importable factor to consider. Since, gamers spend a lot of time sitting in front of their desk gaming or doing other tasks, it is important that a desk is comfortable.

There are few things to look in a desk that will make it more comfortable.

Some of the latest gaming desks come with a curved design to make everything accessible in your reach. They also make the edges and vertices round so they won’t be uncomfortable while you lay your arms on them for a time.

I would say you buy this type of gaming desk to avoid inconvenience during long hours. 

Other than that, make sure the height of a desk is right for your height. If you are a tall person then consider a desk with a monitor shelf so the height of the desk is according to your height and it doesn’t put strain on your neck.

They also allow you more customization to your desk because they come with special features, smooth edges, and height adjustability.

But with regular desks or office desks, you can’t expect this level of comfort.

Office desks are designed only by keeping your working needs in mind. They are neither ergonomically well-suited nor comfortable.

They only provide durability, strength to hold computer devices on it, and some amount of comfort due to smooth edges.

5. Adjustability

Usually the only adjustability option in these desks is the feet adjustability. It is only used where the floor is uneven or you are placing your desk on a carpet.

Make sure you read the specifications of a desk if it has adjustable.

There are only a few gaming desks that have height adjustability feature, like Respawn 1010. Also, it can be done manually and don’t have a motor. Most of the gaming desks and regular desks lack height adjustability.

For this feature you will need to spend over $400 on a standing desk. And these standing desks are simple in design and I won’t call them gaming desks.

6. Storage and Additional Features

A regular desk have more storage options to store office files, notes, and other work-related stuff. On the other hand gaming desks have added features to accommodate a gamer like, headphone hook, cup holder, monitor shelf etc.

With a gaming desk, storage is optional but additional features are necessary.

  • Price

Price is something that varies from desk to desk. However, gaming desks are usually more expensive because they are targeted towards a specific audience.

The added features and the enhanced look add to the cost. The price range of a good gaming desk is $150 – $300. On the other hand you can get a good regular desk in $80 – $150. 

However, it mostly depends on the finishing and quality. 

Final Words

I have discussed some major factors to help you make the right decision. 

In short, If you are a gamer who spends most of the time gaming and obsessed with his gaming setup then gaming desk is surely the right choice.

Otherwise, regular desk can serve the same purpose without having you to spend extra money.

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