Mobile Strategy Games To Supercharge Your Brainpower

Mobile phones have simultaneously opened infinite possibilities for our species while chaining us down even more to modern technology. It’s challenging to put down smartphones nowadays, especially with addicting 21st-century concepts like social media or instant messaging available 24/7. It’s not all bad, though, as mobile phones also carry numerous potential benefits. 

One of the best examples is mobile strategy games. Among the first mobile games to hit the commercial world, things like Solitaire or Snake provided on-the-go enjoyment and vital brain training activities. There are countless mobile strategy games out there in 2022, all capable of genuinely improving your cognition, critical thinking, memory, and logic. Stay with us as we explore some of the best mobile strategy games to supercharge your brainpower. 

A History of Mobile Strategy Games 

Snake on the Nokia 6110 was the first widely available mobile game, demonstrating how enjoyable these pocket-sized entertainment choices could be. Other options, like solitaire mobile titles, were popular in the late 1990s as mobile phone developers started to see the endless potential of mobile gaming. 

Things reached a zenith with the Nokia N-Gage, an attempt to combine a mobile phone and a handheld gaming console in one unit. Unfortunately, it was a commercial failure, although Nokia did pave the way for evermore complex mobile games. As the first touchscreen smartphones were released, strategy games began to make way for more dynamic options like Candy Crush or Fruit Ninja. Nevertheless, modern games like Clash of Clans and Plants vs. Zombies continued carrying the torch for tactical games. 

Some of The Best Modern Mobile Strategy Games 

It can be difficult to choose a mobile strategy game to play nowadays, with an extensive range of choices available. While the quality standard is pretty high across the board, getting clued up on the best options is still a good idea. You can find a selection of our favorites below: 

Online Poker 

Poker is one of the longest-standing strategy games still played today. Modern technology has allowed players to enjoy the famous card game on their mobiles, with countless apps or online platforms available. Countries such as Thailand are experiencing a huge online poker popularity surge as an increasing number of smartphones become available.

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Learning how to choose the top Thai online poker platform is essential. You must take into account factors like legality, security, welcome bonus offers, worldwide reach, and poker tournament availability. The best online poker (โป๊กเกอร์ออนไลน์) platforms in Thailand can offer welcome promotions like a $88 no-deposit bonus alongside several poker varieties and access to popular contests such as the Asian Pacific Poker Tour. Undoubtedly a strategy game not to miss! 


Chess has been a popular mobile strategy game since the early 2000s, but modern smartphone technology has made it much more enjoyable over the last decade. 

Market-leading platforms like have enjoyed exponential growth over the last few years, particularly boosted due to programmes like The Queen’s Gambit. Chess trains several areas of the brain, from memory to critical decision-making and creativity. Mobile chess sites like allow you to play against a computer or real-life players. There’s no end to the potential fun available! 

Smartphone Military Strategy Games

Although there are tons of traditional strategy games available on smartphones, many younger players prefer the high-octane military strategy experience. 

Games like Clash of Clans are characterized by fast-paced gameplay, often revolving around defending a city under siege or attacking one for yourself. These titles force you to make snap decisions while simultaneously developing longer-term tactics regularly. It’s a juggling act similar to playing chess, with more of a high-octane thrill. 

How Mobile Strategy Games Can Enhance Your Brainpower 

Mobile strategy games are proven to help improve things like cognition, memory, and decision-making. For many people, they are some of the only things in day-to-day life that train these parts of your brain. Recognising this is incredibly important, especially if you spend hours on social media apps. Why not trade out some endless doom scrolling for educational strategy game action? It’s a minor change, but one that can pay serious dividends. 

Other brain training strategy apps include Maths Workout and 100 Logic Games. There is something for everyone nowadays. Whether you want pure maths-related brain games or futuristic military strategy titles, the world is your oyster! 

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