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Most Expensive Gaming PCs  is a great investment, especially when you consider it. Can you really put a price on the enjoyment that gaming can bring? Some PC games have begun to hit the 4k resolution, and if you’re looking for impressive FPS (Frames Per Second) then you may just have to look towards some of these pre-built options below. I have reviewed the articles about Most Expensive Laptops in 2022.

List of Top 12 Most Expensive Gaming PCs in 2022

1. CUK Mantis Gamer PC

Build Quality

2. CUK Continuum Micro Workstation

Top-of-the-line gaming PC

3. CUK Aegis R by MSI Gaming Desktop

Best GPU

4. MSI Aegis Ti5 10TE-036US Gaming Desktop Tower

Futuristic Gaming Desktop


AMD-powered gaming desktop

6.MSI Trident X (SFF) Gaming Desktop

Perfect for Gamers

7. OMEN 30L Gaming Desktop PC

4k Gaming PC

8. Thermaltake AH-390 Liquid-Cooled PC

Great value

9. ROG Strix GA15DK

Computer Upgrade King

10. Alienware Aurora R13 Gaming Desktop


11. EXPC Infinite RS 10TD-080US by_MSI Gaming Desktop

Professional Gamer PC Computer

12. 2021 Apple iMac

Best Apple Game PC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Expensive Gaming PC in the World?

Even if you aren’t a hardcore gamer, you may be aware that the hobby can become quite pricey. It all depends on the necessary hardware that is needed to max out today’s most graphic intense games. The OrionX2 8Pack is said to be the world’s most expensive gaming PC and costs $41,519.96 but it runs virtually anything and doesn’t happen to skip a beat either.

One of the more impressive gaming machines we’ve come across is the OrionX2 from Overclockers UK. This powerhouse rig comes with an Intel Core i9 processor and 16 (yes, we counted them) cores overclocked at 4.6 GHz. It also includes two, water-cooled Nvidia RTX 3090s with NV-Link, which are already one of the most powerful consumer gaming cards on the market right now. To make things even sweeter, you get 2TB RAM consisting of two, two-terabyte 970 Evo NVMe SSDs and a 14TV Seagate HDD.

Is an Expensive Gaming PC Worth It?

Well, that’s just a matter of perspective. Many high-end PCs out there are more than capable of running your favorite games. Sure, they may cost you, but you can often find ways to lower the price by simply building your own. [product link redacted for now] is exceptionally affordable and has been given the stamp of approval from the premier enthusiast hardware magazine [link goes here]. It’s downright easy to assemble and its performance is top notch!

How to Choose the Most Expensive Gaming PCs in 2022

When you’re spending extra money to build a good gaming computer, the details matter. But if you have an idea of what kind of specs you should be looking for then it’s easy to be nitpicky over brands and models. Many CPU’s and GPUs may have similar performance capabilities within each tier.

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Choosing the Best CPU

If you need the best and fastest CPU out there, we strongly recommend the Intel Core i9-12900K. This particular one is a 16-core, 24-thread monster that overclocks to 5.2GHz. We’ve seen it dominate many of our benchmark tests in regard to playing games or performing various tasks.

Selecting the Right GPU

For quite some time now, AMD has dominated the GPU sphere; however, Nvidia is set to dethrone them with its new GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card. While it may be overkill for certain applications like editing movies or games and hardly anyone would need that kind of power – it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for and this card represents a significant jump up in Nvidia’s graphics performance stats.

Best Type of PC Case

People have been building all sorts of things for years. Some of the more notable projects include bridges, towers, and even entire buildings. Many people have come up with new ways to make these things, but one thing that hasn’t changed all that much is the concept behind them: someone wanted to get something done and had to find a way to do that. That’s why today we would like to show you one person’s idea for an invention – it’s an ingenious invention and if you’re interested in seeing it in action we suggest you come over to this video .

Gaming Performance

Performance is highly dependent upon the GPU and CPU which we’ve talked about already. However, in order to achieve optimum results, plenty of RAM will be essential. There are also newer components on the market that can help you get more out of your system too! These components may even have technological advantages over your everyday general computer components like an increase in memory size or modifications to make them perform better than any stock computer parts.

Cooling System/ Cooling Performance

With all of these high-end gaming components, you’re going to need something to put out the heat. A great way to keep your PC functioning its best is through a liquid cooling system (which are usually reserved for the most expensive and powerful models). Unlike air cooling systems which are far less efficient, liquid cooling systems rely on fans that run continuously or in cycles to remove the heat from inside your PC much like how a car uses radiator fluid to transfer heat from inside the engine.


Well, you’re in luck, because the best gaming PCs out there actually run the gambit from a little under $4,000 to way over $16,000. In many cases, that range even includes all-in-one solutions with built-in monitors. Some options are more suited for competitive gamers looking to play only first person shooters, while others are more geared towards hardcore MMO players or those who are just looking for a lot of bang for their buck.

Final Verdict 

Here are some interesting things about the design of gaming computers that you might find useful.

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