Top 5 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Controller Tips

Modern Warfare players use SCUF controllers for many reasons, which could be to simplify the game and increase their results. Controllers help to reduce hand movements which have proven to be uncomfortable for many people. They also reduce latency and even improve your performance. But it is always better to set the controller to match your playstyle to achieve a better result.

However, using controllers require some tips and undetected modern warfare hacks and cheats. That’s why we want to discuss some of them below to help you in the game. So keep reading to discover them.

Controller Tips to Dominate Modern Warfare  

  • Set the Controller rightly

We said earlier that using a controller should improve your performance and not mar it. That’s why you must tweak the settings a bit. The most important one will be to remove vibration from it if such a feature is available. The reason is to ensure more accurate aim and good shots.

If your controller is vibrating, you will likely end up with a shaky aim and a missed shot. So even though many players love the module’s feedback, you should disable it and instead win the game than lose it. But it all depends on what you’re playing for, winning or entertainment only.

  • Tweak the Sensitivity and Trigger 

Another important tip to consider is making sure that the sensitivity and trigger are okay for you. When it comes to sensitivity for most controllers, you’ll either use ADS or Stick. If you want to increase the sensitivity a bit, set the ADS to 1. But for if you’re using the standard setting, you can use the stick sensitivity.

As for the trigger, every controller has it. But if you can customize it, you might have to set the trigger stops or hair triggers. The trigger stop is important when you’re not on a vehicle. Moreover, the trigger hair can also help to ensure that you can fire and aim with one tap only. The paddles also allow you to lock your enemy, swap weapons and defend yourself.

  • Don’t sprint carelessly. 

If you’re playing with a controller, try to minimize the number of times you sprint in Modern Warfare. This movement can expose your location and attract enemies to you. Running is always noisy in the game. Once others hear your footsteps, they’ll wait for you to appear and shoot you.

Thankfully, SCUF allows you to set your movement. You can set your thumbsticks as you want and improve your performance accordingly. With the right setting, you can even achieve more kills. According to professionals, make sure that the left side uses the short concave type while the tall doomed type will be at the right. This arrangement will ensure improved aiming precision and many sure kills.

Moreover, if you also use a low sensitivity with these thumbstick placements, your accuracy will skyrocket. This is for players who love to take their time for more positive results. But if you love things faster and aggressively, increase the sensitivity and use the short doomed thumbstick for shotgun confrontations.

  • Don’t reload but Swap

Reloading your weapon when using a controller will take more time than swapping to another weapon. Given that Modern Warfare is deadly and also fast, with many players trying to kill one another, you don’t have any leisure time to waste. The split-seconds it will take you to complete the process is enough for an enemy to bring you down.

Therefore, instead of wasting time trying to push ammo clip into the weapon, change to another weapon and keep firing. All it takes is a press of the inner paddle at the right side of the controller.

  • You need to utilize cover a lot.

No matter how enthralled you are with shooting and killing enemies, don’t expose yourself carelessly. Always search for cover to operate from as you play. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or how hot the shooting gets; even when changing your positions, it is better to do it behind cover.

Thankfully, the controller paddles help you in this regard. If you want to drop down or crouch while firing at your opponents, this feature is what you need. Paddles help you to Mount and also enable you to drop shot. All these capabilities will help a lot to improve your performance in Modern Warfare.


Playing with a Controller can be fun and even very comfortable. Many gamers love them and if you’re considering using one, find the best one for you. Before you play, make sure that the settings are suitable for your playstyle. Also, check the sensitivity, triggers, and paddles. Finally, don’t forget to reduce your sprinting in the game and also operate from behind cover on the map.

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