Y2Mate Crunchyroll Video Downloader | Download The Faraway Paladin

Y2Mate Crunchyroll Video Downloader | Download The Faraway Paladin

Crunchyroll is a popular marketplace for high-quality Japanese and all types of anime series. Launched in 2006, it became a popular on-demand video and anime streaming service, which took children and adults by stride. The streaming service is available across the globe and provides the most extensive streaming catalog of state-of-the-art licensed anime series. As per Wikipedia 2021 statistics, Crunchyroll has over 120 Million registered users and almost 5 million paid subscribers in the present situation.

Crunchyroll is packed with state-of-the-art features that allow the new age anime buffs to choose from the comprehensive selection of full-length anime movies and the anime series. Whether you talk about the stone-cold classics or like to watch those very stubborn under-the-radar flicks, Crunchyroll has a lot to explore. With the Y2mate Crunchyroll Video Downloader, entertainment and top-grade anime series are available. With easy-to-use features and video content without ads, the downloader is the right tool to provide a unique entertainment technology experience not possible in other OTT platforms.

The Faraway Paladin: Unearthing the Human Way of Living amidst the Essence of Knowing the Roots of Existence

The Faraway Paladin

The Faraway Paladin is a Japanese anime series produced TV and written by Kanata Yanagino with creative illustrations from KususagaRin.

The Faraway Paladin isn’t dealing with the high tech way of living; the entire anime series has humanly love, touch, and emotions that play a crucial role in framing the life and career of Will, who has grown up learning the thick and thin of the society and its blatant hacks as taught to him by the three undead. 

The plot of this anime series is simple and hovers around family love and human composure. The times depicted in anime series are incredibly gruesome. These are the times when almost the entire human civilization has come to a dead end. The whole city is dead with no trace of humankind, and amidst this darkness lives the only poor human soul- Will. He is being raised by the company of three undead personalities comprising – the enthusiastic skeletal warrior, Blood; the elegant mummified nun, Mary; and finally the grumpy phantom sorcerer, named Gus.

All three undead strive hard each day to make the poor boy learn how to live in a world full of evil and ignoble people. It is a world with no value and absolutely no peace at all. The character of Paladin is well represented as he begins to experience the big, bad, and broken world. The world is continuously changing before him, and he must understand every sense of it. He is growing gradually in the company of the undead people, but what he is learning is going to shape his opinions and every other thing.

The dead man’s land is imbued in several types of big and small mysteries, as well as the secrets that the undead have upheld deep inside them. Will is taking steps to become the Paladin, and people of the undead world nurture these steps.

Whatever teaching and learnings that Will imbibes in his brain, he is jostled or instead forced to know about his past. Was his history disconcerting? Who was his family? Where is his family now? Is the family dead like the others? And simultaneously, he should be taught the good and merciful living and the balance that needs to be created by the intolerance and lunacy, which is already out there in the immoral world.

This anime series is far more exciting and spectacular than the other TV series on other OTT channels. The entire artwork and plot of the anime series are several ladders ahead of being the typical good. Explaining the good and the imperfect world, the black and the white, and the dichotomy created thereof is exciting and properly leveled by the characters. The exceptional storyline further powers the actions, and together with the sound effects, the entire series turns up into a welcoming feature.

Well, there are cringe moments for the anime lovers in between, and again the balance these moments create within the movie seems more than spectacular. You may find the scenarios changing between what the undead think or speak of and the way a human mind begins to perceive things. Such perceptions often create a dichotomy.

At times, the plot of The Faraway Paladin also becomes quite intrigued by the actions of the undead and the reactions of the Paladin himself. The world will change for Paladin, and this is for sure, but the change agent is aloof. What and when will such changes occur? It still seems to be beyond the reason. The world is changing for the poor Will, which is quite clear from different perspectives.

Crunchyroll is among the few best OTT streaming services around, offering the superb anime series of the class, The Faraway Paladin. If you are an anime buff and want to experience high voltage anime action on your mobile screens, don’t wait in akimbo. With y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader, you and many more anime series lovers like you can quickly download Crunchyroll videos anytime.

Insight into the y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader

Insight into the y2mate Crunchyroll

Y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader gives subscribers a goodie opportunity to download Crunchyroll videos while bypassing the official Crunchyroll download functionality restrictions. The best part is that you can easily download and watch anime series off the grid. Here is a quick run-through of the advantages of this superb downloader:

#1 – Download Japanese Crunchyroll Anime Series with High-Quality Audio and Video

The subscribers benefit from downloading the anime series with a cinematic soundtrack and crystal clear picture quality. The third-party tool does not provide low audio quality, which is familiar with other tools.

#2 – Watch the anime series without ads

Contiguous and regular flashing of advertisements can make the entertainment quite problematic. Y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader allows you Ad-Free entertainment and keeps the involvement in the animated movies always and ever.

#3 – MP4 Format Anime Series

Y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader allows anime lovers to rip the movies from Crunchyroll into MP4 formats without causing any loss in the audio and the video quality. With the anime series in MP4 format, the entertainment continues across platforms and devices. 

#4 – Select the Subtitling and Audio Preferences

You can easily bypass the pre-installed download settings, which allows you to modify the subtitling and the audio settings. You can watch the anime series the way you want.

# 5- Always the clean entertainment

Clean entertainment means clean audio with high-quality video quality, where every little action is perceivable. Download the anime series with Y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader, and welcome the pure entertainment on your mobile screens.

How to Download Movies with Crunchyroll video downloader

Subscribers can now quickly download the movies by using the features of the Crunchyroll video downloader in 5 easy steps: 


Download and start installing the Crunchyroll Downloader

Download and start installing the Crunchyroll Downloader



Look out for the URL of the video that you want to download and then copy the URL


Paste the URL of the video into the box

Paste the URL of the video into the box



Select the folder where you want to download the Crunchyroll anime series


Select the folder where you want to download the Crunchyroll anime series

Save the series for posterity on your mobile device.

With this third-party tool, you not only enjoy watching your favorite anime series, but you also have the convenience to watch the series in your preferred language too.

What is the Pricing of the y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader?

Are you smitten with the idea of catching the performance and action of your anime character live as it happening?   y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader is the right option to get you going. This video downloader is priced economically, which means it is within your budget.

The monthly plan is available at the US $ 19.9 and comes with 1 PC license.

It has a seven-day money-back guarantee. The annual plan is the US $ 59.9 with an average of US $ 4.99 (monthly). It comes with 1 PC License. The Lifetime Plan is available for the US $ 149.9 and 3 PC Licenses. The lifetime plan is open for 14 days money-back guarantee. The monthly plan and annual plan can be canceled anytime. Make the decision today and start enjoying qualitative entertainment? 


The Y2mate Crunchyroll Video Downloader is a first-rate and secured tool that allows die-hard anime fans like you to download and then rip the favorite anime actions for off-the-grid viewing. And above all, this third-party video downloader is valuable for every dime spent simply because it comes with helpful features that will make offline viewing entertaining. Now you can quickly download The Faraway Paladin and many other real-time streaming videos anytime and enjoy the zealous movie-watching experience like never before. 

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