A guide to EMR and Medical billing for small practice

Electronic medical record (EMR) systems are capable and designed purely to improve how diseases are managed in the health sector including complicated sicknesses and disease-related. 

The introduction of the EMR reduces the potential danger of medication mistakes and malfunctions including wrong clinical record keeping and documentation. EMR for small practice will surely go a long way to improve medication turnaround and the improvement of patient care in small practice.

When it comes to finding the best electronic medical records (EMR) system for a small practice, one needs to consider the right price and understand what needs that the small practice needs and what it does not need. Some EMRs are expensive while the rest are affordable or have average price rates.

Based on the market study by a couple of organizations, small practices regard EMR as being affordable if it appears within a certain price jurisdiction. For example, under $500 every month and still provides the possible necessary features for a small practice. 

This is because most people in small practices are only willing and able to pay less than $500 or less in a month toward the cost of EMR.  The question now is, which EMR system can one get for that price and how will they properly help the small practice to achieve better results at a low price? 

Billing for small practices is one of the essential and integral aspects of small medical practice. However, several small practices in the medical field are yet to figure out the perfect way to handle this cumbersome and overwhelming aspect of the medical service.  Most small medical practices usually hire hands outside the organization to handle this number crunching for them. 

Most small practice staff usually employ the services of revenue cycle management(RCM) services for this billing purpose and assignment of tasks instead of handling it themselves. 

One thing is certain, EMR and billing are integral and necessary aspects of the financial strength of any small medical practice, Medical billing simply details the manner that healthcare workers in the small practice submit their concerns to the insurance companies. 

The most efficient medical billing systems for small practice accurately calculate and facilitates the claims and demands that small practice makes to their insurance service providers. 

Through the set of rules that are set by these insurance companies, there is an increase and the chance of receiving full payments. This enables the practice to also enjoy the benefit of cash flow for maintaining the small medical practice operations and facility. 

Medical billing for small practices in general handles the billing services for patients in addition to calculating the billing for insurance claims. Now, small methods can also accurately calculate and collect the portion of the bills of the patient without putting the burden on your untrained staff.

When it involves billing for a small practice, every process must be handled with the utmost depth and level of care. This is a quick guide to show you the comprehensive list of EMR and medical billing services for small practices. Let’s get to it. 

A comprehensive list of EMRs for a small practice


NeueMD offers a cloud-associated service for small medical practices. The company provides EMR, EHR, medical billing services, and also practice management including their app for mobile users. Users have access to mobile features like online prescriptions, scheduling of patient visits, and a portal. 

NueMD makes it easy to be customized for over a hundred people and makes it suitable for small practices and other sizes too. The monthly cost for NueMD is $99 for each user. However, users can have access to enjoy the demo before the monthly full payment. 

Users refer to the software’s adaptability feature for medical practice, the affordability of $99 per month for each user, and the bundles of EHR and medical billing services in the same place. Thus, it is considered good spending of money and investment in the right direction.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion also functions as a could solution for EMR and EHR offering online prescriptions (e-prescribing), scheduling of visits for patients, imaging and lab services, voice recognition features including other useful services and features on the software. 

When Practice Fusion was first launched in January 2018, they provided a demo version for their users but now the users have to pay a cost price of $99 per month to have access t the software.  

The upside of Practice Fusion is that the ONC-ATCB has certified it for purposeful uses and access to healthcare organizations. Also, it is regarded as a HIPAA complaint for small practices. and health organizations of any size. At $99 per month for each user, Practice Fusion offers a free trial before making a full subscription. 


PrognoCIS is a fully integrated EMR, cloud base, and EHR software designed to handle practice management and billing solutions too. The PrognoCIS software is ONC-ATCB certified for small practices and medical practices of all sizes. 

They have other features such as patient charting for doctors, appointments, patient scheduling, handwriting, recognition, online prescriptions, and a patient-dedicated portal.

PrognoCIS is perfect for use in small medical practices including large multi-specialty health clinics around the world. At a starting cost of $250 per month for each user, the software provides a free trial and demo service for buyers.

Compared to other EMR service-based operations and services, the PrognoCIS is up and running at a considerable cost for the purposes and functions that it offers. Users are also in love with their customer care support and functional assistance at all times, 24/7.

Kareo Clinical EHR 

Kareo Clinical EHR is a cloud-focused and designed provider for a comprehensive set of service offerings and provision of tools such as EHR for health organizations, billings of small practices, and practice management. 

The software also offers scheduling for patient visits, appointments for doctor management, a customized dedicated dashboard, data visualizations, reporting, and analysis of the data too. 

A lot of specialties make use of the provisions from Kareo Clinical EHR including family medicine practice, chiropractic, small practices, cardiology, and the rest. Most small practices are known to subscribe to this software.

At a starting cost of $80 per month for each user, You can register for a free trial session and demo of the software before making a full purchase and investment.

Kareo Clinical EHR is considered a cost-friendly service and tools solution for a small practice. Users rate it to be an efficient process for all the offerings it provides. Karo Clincal offers separate services for their EMR and billing provisions and they are both considerably affordable for small practice uses. 

A comprehensive list of medical billing for small practice

Advanced MD

Small medical practices that desire the highest chance of succeeding with their insurance claims need to consider Advanced MD as a sure passage software for their services. 

Rated to be a 95% successful and powerful performer, Advanced MD provides one of the strongest rates of success and earns the approval of many in the small practice. In a few years, they might exceed the number in real-life situations. 

The software’s interface is pretty designed to be simple, and easy to understand, and use provides the user with every tool they need for billing and invoicing to be simple and free of the stress of their use. 

AdvancedMD EMR is available for use too by every staff in the small medical practice and other larger medical practices for the sake of accurate billing functionalities. 

The only downside is that the service does not code the insurance claims for the users so the practice will have to handle it by itself. 

The pros of Advanced MD include a high percentage of the success rate of 99%. Insurance claims and coding errors retrieve denied insurance claims of the users, suitable for all types and sizes of practices. 

The downside includes that the software does not handle coding services for the users so you may need to hire an in-house coder at some extra fees.


AthenaCollector helps the staff of medical practice to handle the majority of their billing needs with the provision and simplified guides and tips. The software is considerably designed to handle automated medical billing for the medical staff thereby catching errors while at it. 

The AthenaCollector medical billing software is also pretty easy to use because of the design method. This means that your staff can easily find their way around and use it effectively without major issues and roadblocks. 

Athena collector Pros include a 90-day contract for a free trial without the major financial commitment, easy use, and application, The software is designed to assist your staff with house services and medical billing calculation without errors, 

The only con is that it is not designed for people who need a separate and dedicated third-party billing tool. 


CareCloud is an easy go-to option for medical billing services for small practices. This is because the software is designed to tailor your pricing needs to match each medical practice. The prices are not one size for all. CareCloud structures and designs its billing services according to tot the frequency and complex nature of every claim.

CareCloud users receive a percentage cost below the average based on their monthly billing rate but stature fees are equity huge for medical services.

Users that wish to customize their EMR software with their billing can also do so with the Carecloud system. 

The advantages of CareCloud are numerous including multiple pricing tiers over an overall one size fits all pricing, a strong EMR service provision, a contract length of one year for trial periods, and fantastic coding impact. On the downside, the startup fees for new clients are considerably high and demand a designated monthly fee guarantee.


Last but not the least, we have Cerner for complicated billing services and needs. The software is surely and purely designed for handling the billing needs of a small practice, Not just small practice but larger organizations and hospitals that appreciate the robust system of the software.

Due to the way that the software is designed, and the complex backend, the administration may need to organize a series of training for their staff and administrators to enable easy usage. 

Once the training is mastered, Cerner is suitable for handling the billing needs of small practices from beginning to end including the insurance claims and denied claim resubmissions plus collecting accounts from patients. 


The EMR and billing solutions listed here are sufficient for small medical practices.

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