All You Need to Know About Spa Chemicals

If you have a spa, you need to make sure that you treat it regularly with chemicals. There are different chemicals that you need to use to make sure that you and your spa are safe. You need some information about these chemicals before you use them. 

You can get chemicals and information about them in many places. You can go to a specialty hot tub chemicals store or another type of store that might have them. You could even get some of these chemicals at your local big box store. 

This article will give you some information about all types of pool treatments that you need to use. It will help you to know which ones are best for your hot tub and your setting. You could also do some more research to see how they help in your individual situation.

Hot Tub Treatments

There are three major types of hot tub treatments that you can use. These are sanitizers, oxidizers or shock treatments, and pH balancers. This article will tell you the difference between them and how to use them. 

Sanitizers are what you can use to keep your spa sparkly and clean. It kills all the germs and bacteria, as well as the algae that might be in your spa. They help your spa to stay as clean as possible. The major chemicals that are used to sanitize your hot tub are chlorine and bromine. Learn more about these chemicals here: They can help to keep your spa clean and sanitized. 

Most people have heard of chlorine and have used it in their pools and spas. Bromine is very similar to chlorine except that it has a pH balance that is higher. Both chemicals are good for destroying things like body oils and sweat.

You use these substances by first determining how much water is in your hot tub. You need to have the number of gallons readily available when you begin to add the treatments. You will have the directions on the packages, and you can follow them exactly as they are written. If you are not sure how much water is in your spa, call a professional and they can help you out with this. You want the free chlorine levels to be around three ppm and the bromine levels to be around three and five ppm. You can use test strips to make sure that you are at the right levels. 

Shock treatments are also called oxidizers and they help to clear the water and make it fresher. These chemicals are stronger than chlorine and bromine and are for the more heavy-duty jobs. You will need oxidizers after the rain or other storms to shock the water clean again. You also need them if you have a lot of people in your spa. 

You can use chlorine-based oxidizers in hot tubs that are treated with chlorine and bromine-based oxidizers with spas that are treated with other substances. These can be purchased in either granular form or liquid form. The liquid form is easy to use, you just pour it into the spa and let it warm up. There is a little more work with the granular form, though. It is more difficult to get the right dose of the granular form, so you need to read the directions very carefully and follow them just as carefully. Too much of the granular form will irritate your skin.

There are products called pH balancers that will help keep the pH levels, alkalinity levels, and calcium hardness at the perfect levels. You want the pH levels to be around 7.2 and 7.8 because water that is beyond that is more difficult to clean. Read here to learn more about pH levels.  The right pH balancers will help to keep your sanitizers working more effectively. 

Before you use these balancers, you need to test the alkaline levels in your hot tub. You can do this using test strips that you can get from your pool store or even a big box store. You use these test strips after you have used your spa. The directions on the test strip box tell you exactly how to use them. 

You need to follow regular maintenance of your spa to make sure that the chemicals will work correctly. You need to sanitize your hot tup at least once a week to make sure that it stays clean. You will then use an oxidizer after the sanitization. You will want to check your pH levels at least once or twice a week to make sure that they are where they need to be. You want to cover your spa if you are not using it so that leaves and other debris stay out of it. You will also want to clean the shell every once in awhile so that you clean off all the buildup.


There are many chemicals that you can use to keep your hot tub clean and sanitized. These chemicals are readily available at pool and spa stores or big box stores. You will need to make sure that you use the chemicals correctly because you can cause skin irritation if you don’t. 

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