Debunking Typical Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Metal Roofing

Nearly three out of every five people believe it is judicious to choose metal roofing for their residence instead of conventional asphalt or composite shingles. Lately, metal roof has gained enormous popularity among residential property owners for numerous irrefutable reasons. Metal has always been the most sought-after roofing material for commercial space. 

However, many homeowners who intend to replace their existing roofing system are not cent percent sure about installing a metal roof. The reason they do not regard metal as a trusted roofing material is because of various metal roofing myths and misconceptions that are widespread. Keep reading this article to learn about the myths as well as the truth pertaining to metal roofs.

You can even get in touch with one of the professional metal roofing contractors to gain knowledge about multiple beneficial aspects of metal roofing. Rest assured that you won’t have any dilemma about whether to install metal roofs for your home once you learn about the effectiveness of metal roofing systems.

Let’s debunk the common myths and misconceptions about metal roofing without further ado.

Myth 1: Noisy Nature of Metal Roofs

Many believe metal roofs make unbearable noise when it storms or rains heavily. Thus, it is not a feasible residential roofing option. However, a metal roof makes much less sound than traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt. 

Right below the underlayment of metal roofs is a robust sheathing layer that adds much-required strength and contributes to noise resistance. Metal roofs come with a roof deck, adding structure to the roof, besides insulating sound. 

Myth 2: Metal Roof Can Catch Fire if Lightning Strikes

No homeowner wants to choose a roofing material prone to catching fire whenever lightning strikes during extreme weather conditions. Many think a metal roof is the worst at safeguarding a home and its inhabitants if lightning strikes. However, the truth is a metal roofing system is an ideal option to invest in if you reside where lightning and thunderstorms are common.

Metal has non-combustible properties, which is why roofs made of metal ensure the utmost protection for a building, even if lightning strikes. Metal roofs are terrible at attracting lightning but excellent at dispersing the energy safely and securely through the structure of a home if lightning strikes. Many conventional roofing materials catch fire quickly. The same won’t happen with a metal roof.

Myth 3: Hail Damages Metal Roofing System

A severe hailstorm is capable of wreaking havoc on a roofing system, regardless of the material. So, unlike many others, do not start to believe that hail causes significant damage to only metal roofs. In reality, metal roofing structure is much more durable than asphalt roofs. Therefore, metal roofs do not sustain severe cracks or dents even when a hailstorm last for many hours. 

The majority of people in locations where extreme climatic conditions are common prefer having metal roofs to stay protected. A metal roof’s durability and long shelf life compel homeowners to select it over other conventional roofing materials. Even small hail can damage the weather-proofing granules of asphalt roofs, diminishing the appearance of a home’s roof.

Myth 4: Metal Roofs Decrease the Market Value of a Home

Many people believe that just because metal roofs are common in warehouse buildings, manufacturing units, production facilities, factories, etc., they are not ideal for residential properties. Everyone unaware of the beneficial nature of advanced metal roofing systems considers them similar to substandard tin roofs. Thus, according to them, these roofs are unattractive and reduce a home’s value.

The truth is leading manufacturers of metal roofs employ advanced technologies and techniques nowadays. They do so to improve metal roofing’s weather-resistance characteristics, increase strength and make them look appealing. Metal roofs are available in a wide range of designs, styles, textures and colors. So, metal roofs are ideal for anyone with a traditional or contemporary style home.

Myth 5: Metal Roof Installation and Repair are Costlier

Unlike many other homeowners who think they need to make larger investments in installing metal roofs, do not fall into this trap. Indeed, compared to conventional roofing systems, metal roofing upfront expenses are slightly higher. 

However, you can save substantial money in the long run. The one-time installation cost is very reasonable, these durable roofs hardly require any repair, and they need minimal maintenance. The average lifespan of quality metal roofs is almost fifty years.

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