How to Become an Optimist: 6 Effective Tips That Works

It’s not easy to always be positive in facing life. That’s why, there are more people who easily complain than those who have an optimistic attitude. Even so, you should not be influenced by other people who are easily pessimistic. Because having an attitude that is always optimistic has many good benefits!

Being optimistic can be learned, trained, and accustomed to. If you are still confused about how to start being an optimistic person, consider the following tips below!

  1. Change your point of view

The first thing you can do to cultivate an optimistic attitude is to check your point of view. Have you always seen things from a positive or negative perspective?

Challenge yourself by trying to start changing your point of view, starting with the simplest things. For example, if you used to think your boss was putting too much pressure on you, now try to think about it from a different perspective. Maybe your boss thinks that you are someone who can be trusted and can do a better job of completing the task. 

Changing your point of view to always see the positive side of any situation, can certainly make you more optimistic in life.

  1. Don’t be afraid to dream

One of the characteristics of people who have an optimistic attitude is the courage to have big dreams. This dream will be an encouragement in your every action.  Even though the dream is not easy to achieve, you will not give up on pursuing it.

For example, you want to become a well-known culinary entrepreneur. You can try to start chasing that dream by taking a few small steps. From figuring out the types of dishes you want to sell, then developing the recipes.

Never doubt your abilities or even feel pessimistic about the dreams you have.  Also, don’t be afraid to fail and assume that it is the end of everything. Remember that failure is part of the journey that must be enjoyed because it will be a wonderful lesson for you.

  1. Find things that can make you happy

A positive attitude is greatly influenced by our perspective. If you think that everything can make you suffer, of course, you will always feel bad and cannot have an optimistic attitude. That is why, to always be optimistic – it is necessary to look for things that can make you happy.

To feel happy, you don’t have to always have a lot of money or a high position. Because we can find happiness in the simple things around us. For example, by gathering with your family or just spending time with your pet. By always doing things that make you happy, it will be easier to keep your spirits up and stay optimistic about life.

  1. Maintain relation with the right people

How you lead your life can be greatly influenced by the people that you’ve surrounded yourself with. If you prefer to be around people who like to think negatively, as a result, you will also be easily influenced. You will see everything from the negative side, and become easily discouraged from doing things.

Thus, it’s necessary to re-evaluate the people closest to you. If you want to have an optimistic attitude, you should find friends who also have that attitude. Behaviors such as being optimistic and always thinking positively are quite easy to transmit to other people. So, be smart in choosing your social circle because it can greatly influence your attitude and way of thinking.

  1. Journaling

There are many benefits of journaling and one of them is to keep us feeling optimistic. Journaling can be used as an easy way to practice an optimistic attitude and always be grateful. This statement is corroborated by studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and the Journal of Happiness Studies. The two studies state that journaling can encourage a more optimistic attitude.

Therefore, if you want to try to be more optimistic and cultivate gratefulness better, there’s nothing wrong with trying journaling and writing down your experiences.

  1. Give Self Reward

A self-reward is a form of activity to appreciate and respect yourself for the achievements that have been obtained. When you set a target or goal and say to yourself that you will give a reward – if the goal is succeeded, it will make you feel much more optimistic as well as enthusiastic. This will build and increase our sense of ambition to be even more productive.

For example, your goal is to score the one hardest client that you ever met, and you promise upon getting it – you will let yourself spend the weekend thoroughly resting and hire a housemaid from to do the house chore instead. 

Life will not always run smoothly and according to our expectations. However, that doesn’t mean you have to lose your optimistic attitude when facing reality. The following information above, hopefully, can help you to become a more optimistic person!  By always being optimistic and never giving up, surely you will find it easier to deal with any circumstances.

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