How to Keep Your Vacuum Clean

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most essential tools in house cleaning services in Indianapolis. A filthy vacuum will actually make you work harder by spreading dirt rather than vacuuming it up. To keep your vacuum cleaner in top shape, clean it once a year (or every six months if you’re a vacuum addict). You will not only have to work less during each cleaning session, but your vacuum will also live much longer.

Here is the step-by-step guide to cleaning your vacuum.

  1. Disconnect The Vacuum

Unplug the vacuum cleaner after using it. This is critical in order to avoid electrocution. After you unplug it, check your power cord for signs of damage. If you see any frays or nicks in the cord, cover them with electrical tape.

  1. Check The Bin Or Vacuum Bag

In order to generate suction, air must be able to move freely through all of the trash in your vacuum bag or bin. As a result, you should change your bag or empty your bin on a regular basis. Once your bag or bin is half-full, replace it or empty it for best suction and have it ready for your next housekeeping session.

  1. The Bottom Plate Must Be Removed.

This is a bottom-mounted cover for your vacuum cleaner. Before the plate may be removed, locks or screws may need to be unlocked or removed, depending on your model. You’ll be able to access the brush roll once it’s been removed.

  1. Brush Roll Cleaning

This is the spinning component of your vacuum’s bottom that collects extra dirt and dust. Hair and carpet fibers might become tangled in the rollover time, reducing the vacuum cleaner’s effectiveness. Remove anything wrapped around the roller by pulling the brush roll-off (this can typically be done with just your hands).

  1. Check The Belt

The belt will loop around the brush roll’s edge as well as the driveshaft, a thin, circular metal rod. Examine the belt for fractures, unevenness, melting, or any other symptoms of wear. It should be replaced if it is loose or severely damaged. Vacuum cleaner belts are inexpensive and can be found online or at your local hardware shop.

7. Air Passage Must Be Cleaned

It’s hidden beneath the brush roll. Before using it for your housekeeping session, use a clean cloth, and wipe away any excess dirt or debris. If you have a lot of build-ups, you might find it easier to do this step with a firm brush.

8. Brush Roll And Bottom Cover Must Be Replaced.

Reverse the procedure you used to get rid of them.

9. Filter Cleaning

To trap excess debris, most vacuum cleaners incorporate a filter above the exhaust outlet. Because filter types differ, clean yours according to the recommendations in the manual.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your vacuum cleaner is like maintaining any other appliance in your home so that it works as efficiently as possible. Due to its many parts, it sometimes requires extra care and thorough cleaning. You can easily accomplish this when you know what it requires and how to do it. You don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining your vacuum cleaner. Maintaining it can increase its lifespan by a few years. If you follow the tips above, keeping your vacuum cleaner in good working order can be relatively painless and quick. So, suppose your vacuum still has little suction after cleaning it. In that case, we think it would be better to have it repaired by a professional in a vacuum shop, or simply hire someone from Maggy Maid house cleaning services in Los Angeles to do the whole job of cleaning on your behalf.

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