4 Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts – Explanation Guide

To restore a photo from Instagram, check the Bin folder on Google Photos if you deleted the picture from your phone’s gallery. Otherwise, check your phone gallery for the photo. If you want to restore an archived photo from Instagram, go to the ‘Archive’ section in your account settings. You can find the photo in this section in the ‘Posts archive’ section.

If you’ve posted something on Instagram and want to make sure it’s saved in your Google Photos, simply check the folder to see if it’s there. If you’ve accidentally deleted a photo from your iPhone, don’t worry – you may still be able to recover it. Just check the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder and see if the photo is still there. If it is, you can restore it within 30 days.

To recover deleted Instagram posts, you have a few options available to you. You can check your mobile device’s “Recently Deleted” feature, where customarily deleted photos are stored for 30 days. From the Instagram “Archive” feature, you can also restore any archived pictures. If you’re using an iPhone, you can find these photos within the ” Recently Deleted” folder within your phone’s gallery app. All of these methods will allow you to retrieve your photos within 30 days of them being deleted.

Ways To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts:

Try the following methods:

Check Recently Deleted Folder on the Mobile App:

If you’re trying to post something on Instagram but can’t seem to restore deleted posts, don’t fret! There’s an easy workaround. Instead of doing anything on the app, simply use a different method: post from your mobile gallery. It’s only natural that when you post something on Instagram, it should be in your camera roll as well. This way, you can either post from your gallery or by taking a new photo altogether.

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If you’ve taken a photo or video on your phone, it will be stored in your phone’s gallery. So, if you’re trying to access the photo later and it’s not there, it means you’ve deleted it from your phone. 1

There are two types of deleting you can do on your Android phone. Either you permanently delete the photo from your device, or you can typically delete it, which will be stored in your ‘Recycle Bin’ folder. In the former case, you have nothing to do, and you cannot get it back, but in the latter case, you can see when you open your Google photos, in the ‘Library’ section, there is a ‘Recycle Bin’ folder, where all the photos you usually delete are stored.

You can restore any deleted photos within 30 days as long as it’s still in the ‘Recycle Bin’ folder. To do this, simply select the photo you want to restore and tap ‘Restore’. If the photo has been deleted for longer than 30 days, it will be automatically removed from the Instagram ‘Recycle Bin’ folder. 2 3

From Instagram Archive Feature:

If you want to view a post from your Instagram Archive, you first need to make sure that you’ve actually archived the post. Archiving a post on Instagram is a lot like deleting a post in the sense that it will be removed from your profile’s posts section. The only difference is that you can restore an archived post, 4 Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts whereas a deleted post is gone for good. If you want to archive a post, simply click the three dots next to the post and select ‘Archive’ from the list of options. Your post will then be moved to the ‘Archive’ section where you can choose to restore it at any time within 30 days. After the 30-day period, however, the story will be permanently deleted.

Steps To Follow:

  • Open the Instagram app and log in to your account by entering your credentials, where the Instagram homepage will open on your screen.
  • In the bottom bar at the extreme right of the screen, tap on your profile picture to enter your Instagram profile page. 4
  • Click on the Three lines icon from the top right corner, and then a pop-up will come from the bottom containing some options. 5
  • Tap on the second option, ‘Archive’, and your story archives will appear after entering the page. 6
  • You can see a downward arrow next to the ‘Stories archive’ option at the top of the page. If you click on it, you’ll see three different options: ‘Stories archive’, ‘Posts archive’, and ‘Live Archive’. 7
  • To Restore archived posts from your Instagram profile, simply click on the ‘Posts Archive’ options, open the post you want to restore, and click on the three dots. From there, select ‘Show on Profile’ and this will make the post visible on your profile again. 8 9

Video on How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos:

iPhone’s ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder:

If you’ve accidentally deleted an Instagram post on your iPhone, you can check your phone’s Photos section to restore it. If you can’t find the photo in the Photos section, scroll down to the Recently Deleted folder under Utilities. 10

To restore a photo, open the folder, tap the photo, and select the ‘Recover’ option. Click on it, then click ‘Recover Photo’. The iPhone sets the time limit to restore a photo to 40 days, 4 Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts but it is better to restore it within 30 days; otherwise, the photo will be permanently removed from the ‘Recently Deleted folder. 11

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Restoring a post from Instagram is an easy process as long as you know where to look. Most people don’t realize that there are actually a lot of places where the photo is stored; you just need to know the way. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know the way, and you can restore the photos.

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