How To Add Line Breaks in Instagram on iPhone – Explained

You can add line breaks to your Instagram posts by using the return key on your iPhone’s keyboard. Instagram doesn’t have many direct ways to add line breaks, so you can use periods or symbols to create them between two lines. You can also add emoticons in between lines to make the post more stylish and engaging.

However, if you want to keep it classy and simple, you can add invisible line breaks using spaces. You need to copy the space from this article and then paste it on the Instagram caption wall to add the line breaks. But did you know that you can add line breaks to your Instagram caption using just your keyboard? You can even use the Instagram Creator Studio to add line breaks to your Instagram caption. But to use the tool, you’ll need to have a Facebook account and a business Instagram profile which should be linked with each other.

However, you can also write the entire caption on the Note app and then paste it on the Instagram wall. Peachy You can also use IMH’s Instagram Line Break tool to add line breaks to the Instagram caption. Third-party apps, such as Gram spacer, can be helpful in adding line breaks to Instagram bios and captions.

How To Add Line Breaks In Instagram On iPhone?

There are some methods that you can try to add lines breaks on Instagram:

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Clicking ‘return’

Adding spaces to your Instagram captions on an iPhone is easy, once you know the tricks and tips. When you’re typing any caption for your Instagram post, you may not see the return key that would help you add line breaks. However, simply pressing the 123 key on the bottom left of your keyboard will make the return key appear.

When writing Instagram captions, you can just press the return key twice to put two breaks before writing the next sentence. It would add a line break between the lines and the caption would look more formatted. Here are the steps you need to follow to put line breaks on the Instagram caption:

Steps To Follow:

  • On the caption page of Instagram, you’ll need to write the first sentence.
  • Then press the 123 key (to go to numeric mode then will see the ‘return’ key) on the keyboard of your iPhone.
  • You’ll be able to see the return  Press it twice.
  • It would create breaks. Again, start typing the next sentence.
  • You can use this method for line breaks as many times as you want.

Video on How to add line breaks on Instagram:

Instagram Creator Studio

The Instagram Creator Studio lets you add line breaks to your caption. However, to use it, you’ll need a professional or business account on Instagram, and you’ll need to link your Instagram page and Facebook profile together. This tool lets you monitor your account activity and monetize your content. You can also schedule your Instagram posts.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Steps To Follow:

  • You can link your Instagram account to your Facebook account from Settings in the Instagram app.
  • Head on over to Instagram Creator Studio and connect your Instagram account to the Creator Studio by clicking on the Instagram option at the top panel of the page.
  • Then click on Connect Your Account. Select your account.
  • After you’re connected to your Instagram account, you’ll need to click on the Content Library.
  • Next, you can start to upload a photo by clicking on the Create Post option.
  • Then click on the Instagram Feed 
  • You need to type the caption in the Write your caption box using line breaks and post it on your Instagram account.

Use symbols (emoticons)

The most common and basic method for line breaks on Instagram is using symbols or emoticons. You can use a period, bullets, etc. This format the captions of the Instagram post and make it look more readable to the viewers. No need to type out captions for your Instagram posts anymore! Now you can just paste them in directly from your notes app.

However, you can also use emoticons or emojis to make the line breaks look more engaging. You’ll just need to complete one sentence, then go to the next line and add one emoji there as a line break and then again go to the next line to continue with the caption.

Here are the exact steps you need to follow:

Steps To Follow:

  • Start writing the Instagram caption on the Caption page of the Instagram posts.
  • Then after one sentence is done, click on the 123 key (to go to numeric mode then will see the ‘return’ key) and then click on the return 
  • It would take you to the next line.
  • Press any symbol or add any emoji to add a line break and then again click on the return button to get to the next line and continue with the captions.

Gram Spacer: 

Another app you can use is Gram Spacer. You can download it on your iOS device and use it for free. This app allows you to type your caption with line breaks and spaces. You can format the caption just as you want it on Instagram, then copy and paste it on your Caption page.

Steps To Follow:

  • Open the Gram spacer application by downloading it.
  • Next, you’ll need to type the caption in the white box.
  • After typing the entire caption click on the blue Copy Caption 
  • The whole thing will get copied on your device’s clipboard.
  • You just need to paste it on the Instagram wall as the caption to your post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add line breaks on Instagram?

There’s no need to be fancy | You can add line breaks using emojis, symbols, or blank spaces On Instagram, if you’re posting a picture, the caption should be formatted in a readable way If you want to add line breaks in between two lines, you can also write down the caption in the Notes app of your device and then paste it on the Instagram Caption page.

How to put a vertical line in your Instagram bio?

If you want to add vertical lines to your Instagram bio, you’ll need to copy the spaces that are given below and then add them to the bio while you’re editing it.


Type the line space under the bracket and move on to the next line. Here you’ll need to add the space after copying it. After you’re done copying the space from the above line, paste it on the Instagram bio.

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