How To Change Your Explore Page on Instagram – Explained

You can change your explore page on Instagram by clearing your history and unlinking all posts you have liked. You can also find new stuff and like new interests to make your explore page more personalized. To change your explore page by clearing history, tap on the Profile icon, and then on the three lines icon. Now tap on “Settings” and then on “Security”. Now tap on “Clear Search History” and “Clear All”.

To update your explore page to better reflect your current interests, like the posts on the page that is closest to what you’re looking for. The three dots icon and the option “Not interested” are at the bottom of each post. Tapping on them will tell the algorithm not to show you related posts in the future.

How To Change Your Explore Page On Instagram?

Follow the below methods to change the explore page on Instagram:

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Clear Search History:

One way you can see a change in your explore page is by deleting the search history of your Instagram account.

Open Profile > three lines icon

First, open the Instagram app from your home screen. Now you’re on the homepage. Tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner to reach the profile section. There you can see all your posts and some information about your account. When you’re in the Profile section of Instagram, you’ll see an icon on the top right corner of the screen that looks like three horizontal lines. Tap on that option.

Open Settings> Security

Tapping on the ‘Three lines’ icon will open a tab containing a list of options related to your account activity and settings. The first option on this list is ‘Settings’. By tapping on this option, you will be able to access the Settings page. Instagram will open the settings section where you will see all options related to changes you can make to your account. Select “Security” to open a tab with options related to making your account safer.

Tap on “Clear Search History”> “Clear All”

The security section of Instagram provides an option to clear your search history. This recent search tab is located at the top right corner of your screen. The clear all option provides you with a way to erase your entire search history. When you tap on this option, you’ll get a notification asking if you’re sure you want to clear your history. Tap the “Clear All” option, and your history will be deleted.

Open Profile > three lines icon

To undo all of your liked posts, first, open the Instagram app from your phone. Then, go to your profile icon by tapping on the right-most icon at the bottom of the screen on the menu bar.

In this section, you will see lists of your followers and those you are following, as well as posts you have uploaded in the past. At the top right corner of your profile, you will notice a three-line icon. Tapping on this option will allow you to access your account settings.

Open Settings> Account 

After you tap on the three lines icon, a set of options will appear. Here, you have to tap on the “Settings” option, which is the first or topmost option. The final stop on your guided account settings journey is the “Account” tab. Here, you have the ability to change your username and email address, as well as your password. You can also delete your account entirely from this tab.

Tap on “Posts You’ve Liked” 

After tapping on “Account,” you’ll see an option labeled “Posts You’ve Liked.” Tapping on this will reveal all the posts you’ve liked since creating your account. Now instead of all your posts or just the individual posts, you don’t want to appear on your Explore page, you can elect to see a significant difference when you visit your Explore page.

Video on How to Change your Explore page on Instagram:

Go to Explore 

The first thing you need to do is open the Instagram app from your phone’s home screen. Once the app has opened, you will be taken to the home page of Instagram. Here, you can see posts from people you follow. Now, from the five icons in the menu, tap on the icon that resembles a magnifying lens. This will lead you to the explore page. In the search bar at the top, you will see many posts.

Now that you’re on the Explore page, tap on a post that closely resembles your tastes. Then, like the post by tapping on the heart icon. Go back and select other posts from the Explore page that you’re interested in and double tap on them or tap on the heart icon to like them.

Remove posts that you do not like

It’s easy to find posts you’re interested in on the “Explore” page. To remove posts you’re not interested in, simply tap on the post from the “Explore” page to open it, then tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner of the screen. The next time you see a post you’re not interested in, just tap on the “Not interested” option. The algorithm will take note and you’ll see fewer posts like that in the future. Keep doing this for any posts you’re not interested in and eventually, you’ll see only the posts that interest you when you refresh the explore page.

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