How To Check If Someone Bought Instagram Followers or Likes – Guide

The account that purchased the followers and likes has a few notable features: A fake account will most likely have a profile picture of a celebrity or an animated photo. It almost never uses the real photo as DP. The username will have a random name with more than 2 – 3 special characters. Also, the username would not be a real name.

The comments under the posts will be generic, and not related to the posted content. It will be full of love, positivity, and a lot of comments. The people who follow the fake account will also have a high follower count and follow too many other people, but if no one is actually following that account, it will be ineffective.

Lastly, there are third-party tools, which can help you to validate your findings as accurate. The most popular tools for this matter are -: trend HERO & Fake check. co. These tools will give you an indication of fake accounts and followers, by showing changes in statics of account growth.

How To Check If Someone Bought Instagram Followers or Likes?

It is difficult to determine whether an Instagram user has a large number of followers and likes because they have bought them or have gained them genuinely. However, there are some criteria that can be used to check if a person has gained their followers and likes through genuine means.

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Look at the Followers & Likes on your Account

First of all, start by finding such people from your list of followers. To do that, go to your profile page and open the ‘Followers’ list. Scroll through the list of followers slowly and take a look at their username, profile picture, etc. Most people’s profile photos, follower and following counts, and post counts are similar, with some notable exceptions for popular influencers and celebrities. This raises suspicion for users who don’t meet these criteria.

Find out some indications

After checking your follower list, open the profile of the user you’ve found suspicious. Check their Instagram profile for the following indications:

Profile Photo:

The person with a fake account usually doesn’t keep their profile picture as a photo of themselves. Instead, they add pictures of celebrities or edited, morphed pictures of a girl to make other users believe that the account is not fake. This can attract other users who then accept the following request and start following them.

Posts on Account:

There are not many posts on a fake account. You will find a maximum of 2 to 3 posts, that are random pictures. They never post pictures of themselves on Instagram, or anything related to them. You will always find senseless posts on fake accounts.

Random Username:

An unusual, random name in their username is a sure sign of a fake account. These days, fake followers and likers have become very smart, so you’ll need to be on the lookout for other clues as well. Scammers try their best to make their accounts seem genuine by using a username that looks real. For example, they might use a real name with a username and add special characters.

Look at the fake account’s followers as well:

Secondly, compare the number of followers and followings on the suspicious profile. The follower’s count is usually more than the following count because he/she has bought the followers. Also, if you check the following list, you will find too many genuine users.

Next, click on the ‘Followers’ tab and scroll through the list. Click on the profile of any user from the fake account’s followers list at random and check their followers and following lists. If you find they are following too many people and also have a good number of followers, then the account is almost certainly fake. This is because it is very simple logic that a fake account would surely have fake followers.

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Use third-party Tools: trend HERO,

Before you share or post anything online, you should check to see if it’s fake. There are lots of ways to do this, but one easy way is to use a third-party tool. Just enter the URL of the item you’re checking into the tool, and it will let you know if it’s real or not.

The most popular tools for analyzing an account’s growth patterns and determining if it is fake are Trend HERO and Fake check. co. These tools will show you changes in an account’s growth statistics that can indicate fake accounts and followers. Just enter the details of any account into the tools and they will generate a growth graph with statistics.


The best way to detect a fake account or to predict if someone has bought their followers is to look at their profile picture, username, and a number of posts. This will give you a 60-65% chance of knowing if the account is real or not. To be surer, look at his/her Instagram profile and compare the number of followers, the number of likes between posts, and read the comments.

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