Comments On This Post Have Been Limited on Instagram – Guide

The reason you see “Comments on this post have been limited” is because the person whose post you want to comment on does not follow you. If you are unable to see comments on a person’s posts, it is because their “Privacy” settings do not allow for comments from everyone.

If you see this message, it means you’ve posted too many comments from one account. Instagram is trying to protect users from bots, spam, etc. The original text: You can personally text them via the DM section on Instagram and request them to follow you if it’s vital that you can add comments on their videos or photos.

Go to their “Profile” page, tap on the three lines icon, and then on “Settings.” From there, they can change their privacy settings to allow you to comment.

Why Does It Show ‘Comments on This Post Have Been Limited’ On Instagram?

Here are these reasons below:

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Posted too many comments:

If you’ve posted too many comments in a short period of time, you may see the text “Comments on this post have been limited.” The reason for this is that you are seen as a bot, and the Instagram algorithm is made so that it temporarily blocks your account from commenting for a while if you have passed a certain threshold of the number of comments. This is just a measure by Instagram to ensure there is no unnecessary traffic on the app at any given time, allowing the app to run smoothly.

How To Fix ‘Comments on This Post Have Been Limited’ On Instagram?

Follow the methods below:

Ask Him on DM To Follow Back:

The person who wants to comment on the post has to follow the account in order for the comment to go through. If the person is not following the account, the person will get the text “Comments on this post have been limited.” In order to text the person, the person has to go to the DMs section and request to follow the account.

if you’ve spoken to this person before, you need to open the Instagram app from your phone’s home screen, then tap the messaging icon on the top right corner of the screen. then search the person’s username on the list of people you speak to and text them, asking them to follow you back.

If you don’t know the person you’re trying to follow, you can search for their name or username using the Search function. If you already follow them, there will be an option to message them and request that they follow you back.

Video on How to fix ‘Comments on this post have been limited’ on Instagram:

Go to Profile icon > Three lines icon> “Settings”

The first thing you have to do is open the app from the home screen, then go to the “Profile” icon, and finally tap on the three lines icon.

The first option at the bottom of the screen will be “Settings.” You have to tap on it to access the various settings on your device.

Go to “Privacy”> “Comments” section>” Everyone”

In the “Settings” tab, tap on the “Privacy” option to open a new tab. Here, you will see options related to privacy settings. Tap on “Comments” to change your privacy settings for comments. Now, to comment on a post, simply tap on the ” allow comments from ” option and select ” everyone ” in the following tab. Comments are now open for everyone on this post!


Now you know why you might see “Comments on this post have been limited”. You also know how to fix it by texting the person directly via direct message and asking them to follow you back or waiting for them to change their comment-related privacy settings.

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