Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record A Story? – Guide

If you’re wondering if Instagram notifies you if someone screenshotted your story, the answer is no. When someone screen recorded or screenshotted your story, you would not get notified on your Instagram. However, if someone just screen records your Instagram direct message chat, you will see the notification bar on that DM chat section that the person screenshotted your DM.

Now, if you want to screen-record someone’s Instagram story, you can simply open the story and start recording from your mobile phone. The person would not know that. If you want to take a screenshot of a DM without the person being notified, you can turn off the Internet connection before taking the screenshot, clear the cache for the Instagram app, and then turn the Internet back on.

You have a few things to know:

  • Look at the facts you should know while viewing a video.
  • Watch videos according to it so that you don’t get caught.

Does Instagram Notify While You’re Screen Recording Instagram Stories?

It was informed to users previously that if someone took a screen recording or screenshot of their story on Instagram, the user would be notified. Now that the recent update has been made, Instagram is no longer notifying users of activities such as this. If you want to have a recording of someone’s story you can freely do so without them knowing. Instagram doesn’t have any inbuilt system that notifies users when someone records their stories.

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The Instagram app allows you to view the list of people who have viewed your stories, but not the ones who have recorded them. However, this feature is only enabled when you make a recording of someone’s chats from Instagram DMs. The app will immediately notify the person you are recording chats with when you start recording. Taking screenshots and recording chats on direct messages will also notify the users. Just as Instagram does not notify users when you take a screenshot or screen recording of their story or posts, it similarly does not notify its users of when you do either.

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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story?

Instagram doesn’t notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their story. If you like someone’s Instagram story, you can grab a screenshot of it without them knowing. The Instagram app will never notify the person whose story you’ve screenshotted.

The app sends no notification if someone takes a screenshot of your story, so the only way to see who viewed it is by looking at the list of people who have posted stories on Instagram. You can freely take a screenshot of Instagram stories (photos, videos, or reels), save it on your phone, and share it with others.

How To Screen Record Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

Originally posted by welcome to my world You can always take a screenshot of someone’s Instagram story if you want to keep it saved. You don’t need to worry about the person you’re screen shooting or recording knowing about it. The app doesn’t send any notifications to them.

I don’t think we can necessarily say that everyone who uses Instagram is notified when someone takes a screenshot of their content. You can do this without taking any consent from them and without them even knowing about it. Here are the steps that will help you view stories without notification.

To screen record someone’s Instagram Story anonymously,

  • Open your Instagram account and if you are not logged in, simply log in with all your credentials.
  • On your home page, you will see the posts and stories from the Instagram accounts you follow. If someone has posted a story on their Instagram profile, you will see it next to their profile picture at the top left corner.
  • Start the screen recording on your mobile. Then, tap on any story you wish to view.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record A DM?

Yes, Instagram notifies users when someone takes a screenshot or records any disappearing photo or video in DM. This is the app’s default setting, which is in accordance with Instagram’s privacy policy. The app tries to protect the privacy of its users by sending them a notification when someone tries to take a screenshot of their chats, disappearing photos, and videos from Instagram DM. So, before you try to do this, always remember that the other person will receive a notification of your action.

When you see a small hatched circle next to a shared photo or video on Instagram, that means someone has taken a screenshot of it. You’ll also see a Screen Recording notification in your conversation summary on the main page of your Instagram DMs.

How To View the DM Without Notifying the Person?

If you’re concerned that taking a screenshot or screen recording of disappearing photos and videos sent through Instagram DM will notify the sender, you can rest assured that it won’t.

To view the DM without the person knowing that you’ve viewed it,

  • First of all, Enable the airplane mode of your device which you can easily locate in your phone settings.
  • Once you have enabled airplane mode, go to your Instagram account and read the DMs you wish to read.
  • After you’re done reading, go to your phone settings and then go to Apps & notifications settings>App info>Storage & cache.
  • Locate the Instagram app here and click on it.
  • Click on the ‘Clear cache to clear all the cache data.

Finally, disable airplane mode and now, it’s done.


This has all the answers behind the screenshot or screen recording of someone’s Instagram stories or Instagram direct messages. You can just follow the steps in order to screen record or screenshot someone’s Instagram without notifying them.

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