How To Find Someone on Instagram Without Account

To find someone’s Instagram profile without an account, go to Google or Safari and search the person’s Instagram URL. If you don’t have the profile URL, you can search for the person’s username on Instagram. Another method of finding someone on Instagram is to use their username. You can search for their username on Google or Safari, followed by the word “Instagram.” If you have the username, this should allow you to find the person’s account.

If you’re trying to find someone on Instagram, one of the first places you should look is their profile name. If you don’t know the targeted person’s Instagram username, this method will help you. Search engine results show that Tim Cook was an officer on LinkedIn’s board of directors Here, you just have to type the profile name of the person, i.e., Tim Cook, and type LinkedIn in the end and search. Scroll the results and find the one you are searching for.

How To Find Someone on Instagram Without An Account?

If you want to find someone on Instagram but don’t have an account yourself, it can be tricky. Here are three effective ways to do it.

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The best way to search for an Instagram profile is to use the direct link. The first method is to use the direct link to an Instagram profile. Type the link into the Google/Safari web browser. Whenever an individual creates a social media account that requires a Gmail address, automatically gets links to Google.

A Gmail account is simply a way to access Google’s various services. Your social media account will have a presence on Google if you create a Gmail account. Your Instagram account and all the users who have an Instagram account can be found on Google. However, your data and personal information are limited to your device only and do not appear on Google.

If you have the Instagram profile link of the user you’re looking for, you can go to Google/Safari and paste it in to find their account. To find someone on Instagram using their username, go to the search bar and type in In place of ‘username’, type in the username of the person you’re looking for. This method only works if you know the exact username of the person you’re looking for.

So, this is how you can find someone on Google, using their Instagram profile link. 

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Search for Instagram username on Google

The second method is to search for the person on Google using their username. All you have to do is open the Google or Safari web browser, type in the targeted person’s Instagram Username in the search box, and search for them. You’re bound to find them if they’re an active Instagram user.’

However, this method only works if you know the correct username of the person you’re looking for. Without the right username, you’ll end up on someone else’s Instagram profile. So, if you know the username, this method will work for sure.

Now, let’s see what exactly you have to do on Google/Safari search box: First, open a web browser on your device and go to the search box. Type in the username of the person you are looking for, followed by “Instagram.” This should bring up the person’s profile page on the social media site.

Search name on profile on Google

The best method, if you know nothing about the targeted person’s Instagram profile and username, is to use the third and last method.

As finding the exact Instagram username of someone can be difficult, knowing the person’s Instagram profile URL can be helpful. However, if you don’t know this information, don’t worry. This method will still work.

In this method, simply open Google and search for the person using his/her name. The name means their real name or the name which they would use for their Instagram account. As you know, once an individual enters the internet world, it is difficult to wash off his/her existence from the internet. Hence, by the name, you can find anybody’s Instagram profile.

In order to find someone’s Instagram profile using their name, all you have to do is go to Google or Safari and type in the person’s name followed by the word “Instagram.” This will bring up all of the profiles with that name in the search results. Scroll through the results until you find the person you are looking for.


Finding someone on Instagram can be a difficult task if you’re not on the platform, but there are a few methods you can use to try and find them. The best methods are mentioned above in the article.

The best way to find someone’s Instagram profile is to search for their username, profile URL, or profile name on Google. You can also try searching for their full name if you know it. These methods are all tested and reliable. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully for the best results.

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