How To Find Someone On Instagram Without Knowing Username

Searching for someone on Instagram without knowing their username? Try searching their name on Google using ‘quotation’ marks. This will help you find the exact keyword, and it may redirect you to their Instagram profile (if possible). By checking the mutual followers/following lists of a person’s close friends, it is highly likely that they will follow each other.

If you have the person’s phone number on your contact list, then you can upload the contact list on Instagram. Find other people in the “Discover people” section. You can also check out the likes and posts of the person’s close friends to find them.

How To Find Someone On Instagram Without Knowing Username:

Finding someone on Instagram without knowing their username is possible, although it may not be easy. There are a huge number of users worldwide who are active on the app, making it difficult to find someone specific. However, there are a few methods you can use to search for someone on Instagram without their username.

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There are these methods mentioned below:

Search with the name on Google:

Firstly, you can start with the very old and very common process that is searching. If any person has a social media account, then there is a chance that the person’s name can come under Google searches.

If you have a profile picture on your account, then Google will generate it and put it into their server search engine. So if you open the Google Chrome browser and search for the person’s name, then there is a chance that you can find their photo in the ‘Images’ section, where after a click on this photo, it will redirect you to the person’s Instagram profile (if the photo is linked with Instagram, you can check the web address just below the photo to check whether it is indicating Instagram or any social media).

While “searching, you can also use some tricks like a double quotation. If you write the name inside the double quotation, then Google will show an exact match of the keyword you’re searching for. If the person has added a full name on Instagram, then the search results will appear better if you use the person’s full name.

Open Instagram and select search at the top of your screen. Type the name or username of the person you’re looking for into the search bar. If you don’t see their name or profile, try their full name. If the name is unique, you’ll probably find them. If it’s common, it might be a little more difficult to find them.

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Connect your Contact List:

Instagram offers a great way to connect with people you know – and people you don’t know – by using your contact list. If you connect your contacts with Instagram, you can access their contact list and find people without knowing their username. The only prerequisite you need is you should have the person’s phone number in your contact list. From the ‘Discover people’ section, you can access this option.

Steps To Follow:

  • First, open Instagram, log in to your account and click on the profile icon from the bottom right corner.
  • After you enter the profile page, you will see the “Discover people” option below the “Edit profile” option. To see all of the people that the “Discover people” option includes, tap on the “See All” option that is on the right side of that option.
  • Here you can see the ‘Connect contacts’ option. Tap on ‘Connect’ and then tap ‘Allow access’, then tap ‘Allow’, and your contacts will be connected.

In order to disconnect your contacts from Instagram, open the ‘Settings’ and then open ‘Apps’. Select ‘Instagram’ and open ‘Permissions’. Tap the ‘Contacts’ option and hit the ‘Deny’ button.

From Instagram Discover:

Discover people also helps you find anyone’s account without knowing their username. The process of reaching the ‘Discover people’ option is similar to the previous part we have just discussed.

The “Discover People” list on Instagram is divided into three sections: “Top Suggestions”, “Most Mutual Connections”, and “New to Instagram”. The Instagram algorithm is designed to prioritize people with mutual connections at the top of the list.

The list of new users and mutual connections are available on the profile page. You can check the person’s profile to see if they are the same person, you are looking for. The “New to Instagram” label will be removed after 30 days of creating the account.

Check likes on Close Friend’s Posts:

The last method, but not the least, is checking the likes on a close friend’s post. If you know the targeted person’s close friends and if they are on your Instagram friends list, then you can find out the person by checking the likes on his post.

Steps To Follow:

  • To do that, first, open the close friend’s profile and go to the posts section.
  • Select any of the posts and tap on the likes that the post has.
  • The entire list of people who like your posts is displayed on the screen. You can search for a person’s name, or if he or she hasn’t linked their name with Instagram, you can check the profile pictures to find them.
  • It is also very helpful to reach the targeted person’s profile.

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