Fix Limit of How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram

Instagram users may find their ability to like, comment, post stories, and perform other functions they regularly do on the platform limited. This may feel annoying when you face such situations where Instagram restricts your actions from happening. The “We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake” error may appear when you try to perform an action on your account.

You can fix these issues by knowing the limit for following, unfollowing, posting, liking, and commenting. If you just crossed the limit, you will face such issues on your account. If you limit your use of Instagram, you can avoid such things from happening. Just contact Instagram if you have a situation on your account- they’ll help you out and you can always switch to another account if need be.

Although there are other ways to change passwords, you can fix your Instagram account error by doing so. This article explains where to find the limits on your Instagram account for following, liking, commenting, and other activities.

If you can’t comment on Instagram posts,

  • Open the fixing guide for limiting comments.
  • Go along with the steps.
  • Your comments are now limited.

How Long Does Instagram Limit Last:

The restrictions on your account will be removed automatically within 2 hours to 48 hours, depending on your trust score. If your Instagram account is disabled, don’t worry! In most cases, it can be restored within 24 to 48 hours by contacting Instagram support.

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Why Does Instagram Limit Your Account:

The error is not at all the same as the “Instagram action blocked” error, and in order to fix the “limit” error, you need to know the reasons behind this issue. This error has been preventing the users from scrolling down to their feeds and using Instagram for socializing and networking through their accounts.

This error has been preventing the users from scrolling down to their feeds and using Instagram for socializing and networking through their accounts. This may be due to a bulk following or unfollowing of people, or violating the site’s terms and conditions or privacy policy.

Instagram Wants to Prevent Spam:

If you are using your account to perform actions like commenting, liking posts, or following people in bulk, Instagram may recognize your account as a bot, and take measures to prevent it. This may include limiting the number of actions you can take per day.

Your Account Has a Low Trust Score:

The Instagram algorithm is designed to block accounts that take certain actions that are considered spam. This reduces your engagement with the app. Here are a few methods that you can take to fix this error:

How To Fix ‘We Limit How Often Instagram…’ Error:

If you keep liking posts from random people or following an unlimited number of people on Instagram, your account will eventually get blocked. In order to fix that, you can only contact Instagram.

Report to Instagram to Fix this Error:

After following the above two methods, if the error persists, the last and final thing remaining to do is ‘Report a problem’ to Instagram.

Steps To Follow:

  • You can do so by heading towards the ‘Settings ‘of your profile and then tapping on ‘Help‘.
  • Then tap on the ‘Report a Problem ‘option there.

I’m getting an error when I try to screenshot something. The error says “Can’t take screenshot due to security policies”. I’m not sure why this is happening or how to fix it.

How Many Instagram Posts You Can Add or Delete in A Day:

Ideally, you can delete as many Instagram posts as you want per day, and there’s no limit to the total number of posts you can delete. However, the restriction you face when deleting Instagram posts is that you have to delete them one by one and not altogether at once.

The Instagram app doesn’t allow users to delete posts masse; they can only be deleted one at a time. Here are the steps to delete a post:

Steps To Follow:

  • Open your Instagram account and tap on your profile picture down in the right corner.
  • Tap on the post you want to delete.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots and then tap on ‘Delete‘.

Following these steps, you can delete any post on Instagram: Instagram restricts its users to delete their posts only on a mobile phone. If you wish to delete a post using a web browser, you cannot perform this action. The system automatically shows no such option when using a web browser.

Instagram Comments and Captions Limit Per Day:

There might be certain limits for comments or captions on Instagram,

The comment limits of Instagram:

Instagram has a limit of 180-200 comments per day for all users. However, this number may differ slightly for users with older accounts. The limit for a newly created Instagram account or new user could be less than 180 to 200.

You need to take precautions not to exceed your Instagram limit. We suggest always keeping your count lower than the limit to be on the safer side. If you post or comment on the same comment multiple times, your account will be considered a spam account and will be banned.

It’s important to not use too many emojis in your comment, as this could make your account appear as a spam account. Always support your emojis with some words to avoid this.


This article explains how Instagram takes action to prevent spam by blocking actions on the account. The limit on your Instagram account might last for an hour or up to 48 hours, worst permanently blocked. The system considers mass following and unfollowing, liking many posts all at once, and spam actions.

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